Pre-Install Episode – Traverse Town

The original footage came from a user off Nico Video. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.


The player selects “Traverse Town SPECIAL EDIT VERSION” from the main menu screen. Then they are given the options Load Game and New Game. They select New Game and the opener begins, Jiminy Cricket is narrating.

Jiminy Cricket: “Two notebooks remain containing our travel records.”
Jiminy Cricket: “Inside the first book recording our journey, only one line is written.”

Upon the first page, ‘Thank Namine’ is all that is written.

Jiminy Cricket: “A duty…”
Jiminy Cricket: “Was it carried out?”

‘We must return to free them from their torment’ is written.

Jiminy brings the journals to the King and they look over the sentence together.

King Mickey: “Trouble remembering that sentence…”
King Mickey: “There is only one qualified to solve this mystery!”

The footage then switches to Digital Sora running across the bridge on Destiny Island. The screen goes black after that and text appears within a yellow border. It’s too fuzzy to read, but I think it’s probably updating the player on the storyline and what is going on in Coded. After that, Sora is shown being woken up by Pluto in a Traverse Town alleyway. Sora can hear King Mickey talking to him.

Sora: “This place…”

King Mickey: “Sora, are you alright?”

Sora: “King, what is this place? What happened to me?”

King Mickey: “You seem to have landed somewhere. From there, what can you see?”
Sora: “Seems to be some sort of town…”
Sora: “Oh yeah! My island? What happened to my island?”

King Mickey: “Thanks to your actions, seems all the blocks have disappeared.”

Sora: “Is that so…? Seems things have settled for the time being.”
Sora: “But what about this place? This town isn’t familiar…”
Sora: “Is there a disaster happening here too?”

King Mickey: “Yes, seems like it. Sora, could you please check out the town?”

Sora: “Understood! I’ll go look at the state of the town.”

Sora then runs from the alleyway and into the 1st District of Traverse Town. Cid is to his right, standing in from of his shop.

Sora: “Is this the outside world?”
Sora: “I’ll go ask that person over there.”
Sora: “Hello.”

Cid: “Hey there, haven’t seen your face around here.”

Sora: “I’m Sora! Nice to meet you.”
Cid: “I’m Cid. I’m the keeper of this shop.”
Cid: “So Sora, when you came here, you didn’t happen to see those guys around, did ya?”

Sora: “Those guys?”

Cid: “Three little brothers.”
Cid: “They said they went to check out the disaster going on in town and they haven’t returned.”

Sora: “The disaster going on in town?”

Cid: “Weird blocks been rapidly showing up. Even if you erase them, they’re not gone for long.”

Sora: “Weird blocks huh?”
Sora: (Are they the same thing that appeared on my island?)
Sora: “Which way do I go to see them?”
Cid: “If you follow this street into the next district, you’ll find’em.”
Cid: “Alright! Think you could keep an eye out for those guys for me?”

Sora: “The three brothers right? What are their names?”

Cid: “The one wearing red is Huey, the one in blue is Dewey, and the one in green is Louie.”

Sora: “Huey, Dewey, and Louie, got it! I’ll try and find them!”

Cid: “Alright then. If there’s something you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask anyone in town.”

Sora: “Understood! Alright, I’m off!”

The player runs Sora about, and then makes their way to the 2nd District. Before entering, the game asks ‘Go into District 2?’ with the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ options. The player selects ‘Yes’ and enters the 2nd District where Sora says to himself:

Sora: “This is the 2nd District. Better look for those three kids.”

The player runs around the district and fighting some Heartless. When they get to the end of the area, they see Huey stuck on top of some blocks and surrounded by Heartless. Sora then goes to his aide.

Sora: “!!”

Huey: “Help me!”
Sora: “It’s dangerous! Don’t move!”

After rescuing the duckling, Sora and Huey talk, but are interrupted by Heartless again.

Sora: “Are you OK? Um… You’re Huey, right?”

Huey: “Yep, that’s right!”
Huey: “The three of us were looking for the cause of the weird blocks!”

Sora: “What about the other two?”

Huey: “We were separated while examining the blocks, but I said I was looking in the alleyway.”

Sora: “Is that so? Well, let’s look around for them.”

Huey: “I’ll go along with you!”
Huey: “Uwa-!!”

Sora: “It’s dangerous! Stay back!”

When the Large Body appears, Sora exclaims: “They still keep coming!?”

During the battle with the Large Body we see the player select the Highspeed Debug mode from the command menu. That’s where the screen went green and the music changed, we could see Sora being trailed by ‘himself’ because of the high speed action. Afterwards, Sora receives a Prize from the enemy. The informative text says:

You can obtain Prizes from Heartless and Bug Blocks. HP Balls restore HP and Debug Balls restore the Debug Gauge. From a Prize Box, you can obtain items, fragments, etc. You can use the fragments to synthesis items in the Moogle Shop. (You can’t select potions from the Moogle Shop.)

Again Sora talks with Huey after the battle.

Sora: “This neighborhood has a ton of Heartless.”
Sora: “Since I went looking for them, Dewey and Louie probably returned to Cid’s shop.”

Huey: “Yeah, I understand. Alright!”
Huey: “When I examined the blocks, I found this! Here!”

The screen then says: “You received a mysterious fragment.”

Sora: “What is this?”

Huey: “I found it when I was checking out the blocks! It was shiny and pretty, so I picked it up!”
Sora: “Ah… Um… Thank you.”
Sora: (Hm… Is this… junk?)
Sora: “Ok! Back to looking around the alleyways!”

At this point the player chooses to exit from the command menu and turn off the game. From the menu it says ‘Return to the title screen?’ with the options ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, the player then selects ‘Yes’ and is prompted again. The screen says ‘The game will save up to this point so next time the game will start from
here. Is that okay?’ with the options ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, the player then selects ‘Yes’ and finishes playing.