Pre-Install Episode – Olympus Coliseum

The original footage came from a user off Nico Video. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.


The player selects the Olympus Coliseum feature from the main menu. The game then loads and the level begins with the title of the world screen. Sora is then shown, looking for his friends when Phil appears.

Sora: “Hercules!”
Sora: “Phil!”
Sora: “…Eh? Those two aren’t around?”

Phil: “Hey! Sora!”

Sora: “Phil!”
Sora: “Heartless!? What are those things doing here…?”
Sora: “Phil! It’s terrible!”

Phil: “You’re telling me! The Heartless have appeared!”

Sora: “Hercules isn’t around?”

Phil: “Herc is out at the moment.”
Phil: “What bad timing to not be around…”
Phil: “Lately that guy Herc has been skipping his training…”
Phil: “This problem’s really getting to me…”

Sora: “Phil, we don’t have time for that!”
Sora: “Alright! Leave the Heartless to me!”

Phil: “Hmph alright, I’ll leave it up to you Sora.”
Phil: “I just got two words of advice.”
Phil: “Fight! Fight! And keep fighting!”

After chatting with Phil, Sora runs into the Coliseum and begins the battle sequences. The first battle begins with a fight against one Heartless, and the sequences progressively increase. Between battles, there are screens explaining the different commands that are used in the game.

Defeat 1 Heartless!

Once the player defeats the first Heartless, Phil yells to Sora.

Phil: “Sora! They’re still coming! Don’t relax!”

After Phil’s interjection, the “About Dodge Roll” screen appears.

★About Dodge Roll★
You can avoid attacks from the Heartless with the Dodge Roll ability.
If you become surrounded by Heartless, using the Dodge Roll will help.
To Dodge Roll, press the 9 key or push the directional arrow twice in the direction you want to go.

Press the decision key or 0 key to return to the game.

Defeat 3 Heartless!

★About Guard★
You can use Guard to defend against Heartless attacks.
Try to use Guard to defend yourself when Heartless surround you.
To use Guard, press the 6 key.

Furthermore, after guarding an attack from a Heartless, if you have good timing there is a chance to use Counter.
The command bar will change from saying “Attack” to “Counter”.
Watch your timing as you fight.

Press the decision key or 0 key to return to the game.

Defeat 5 Heartless!

★About Combos★
It’s easy to make a Heartless faint by attacking it from behind.
When you’re near a fainted Heartless, you can use combos.
The number of Combos increases by inputing the directional arrows correctly as displayed on the bottom of the screen.

When the number of consecutive Combos reaches 5, you obtain a Potion.
To see the items you have, select “Item” from the command menu.
The Potion will restore health to your HP gauge.

Press the decision key or 0 key to return to the game.

Defeat 7 Heartless!

★About Debug Abilities★
Debug balls (the blue ones) drop after defeating an enemy.
The Debug Gauge increases as you collect more balls.
When you accumulate enough points in the Gauge, you can use the Debug Ability.

Select “D Ability” from the Command menu and it will list the abilities.
Choose which ability you want and then press “OK” to use it.

Press the decision key or 0 key to return to the game.

Defeat 7 Heartless!


In this battle, the player selects the Homing ability from thee Debug abilities to defeat the Heartless. Before the battle is over, the player selects the Title Screen option from the Command menu. The prompt asks “Return the the Title Screen?” with the options Yes and No, and then the player selects Yes. After that, they select New Game from the Title Screen. Another screen pops up with information on the movie mode.

★About Movie Controls★
Left Arrow Key: Volume UP
Right Arrow Key: Volume DOWN
FB Key: Volume MUTE / Pauses and displays the Menu
Decision Key: Pause/Continue
Clear Key: Skip
a Key: Display size conversion

The volume setting of the application does not influence the movie.

Press the decision key to continue.

After the info screen, the opening movie begins.

“The worlds with unsolved secrets are spreading out.”

This line is shown first. Then Jiminy Cricket continues narrating.

Jiminy Cricket: “Two notebooks remain containing our travel records.”
Jiminy Cricket: “Inside the first book recording our journey, only one line is written.”

Upon the first page, ‘Thank Namine’ is all that is written.

Jiminy Cricket: “A duty…”
Jiminy Cricket: “Was it carried out?”

‘We must return to free them from their torment’ is written.

Jiminy brings the journals to the King and they look over the sentence together.

King Mickey: “Trouble remembering that sentence…”
King Mickey: “There is only one qualified to solve this mystery!”

The footage then switches to Digital Sora running across the bridge on Destiny Island. The screen goes black after that and text appears within a yellow border. Here’s what it says.

~Summary of the Story Thus Far~

A mysterious message was left in Jiminy’s Journal.

In order to investigate it, the King turned the journal into data, but the journals were undermined by unidentifiable bugs.

Therefore, they’re relying on Sora to enter that data world and eliminate the bugs infecting it.

While investigating the “bug blocks” that popped up on the island, Sora met a mysterious person wearing a black coat.

“If the wound is healed, the path will open.”

Leading to these words, Sora fought against a large Heartless that appeared in the darkness, then swallowed him up.

Sora lost consciousness, arriving somewhere after the struggle, leading to the next scene–

After that, Sora is shown being woken up by Pluto in a Traverse Town alleyway. Sora can hear King Mickey talking to him.

Sora: “This place…”

King Mickey: “Sora, are you alright?”

Sora: “King, what is this place? What happened to me?”

King Mickey: “You seem to have landed somewhere. From there, what can you see?”
Sora: “Seems to be some sort of town…”
Sora: “Oh yeah! My island? What happened to my island?”

King Mickey: “Thanks to your actions, seems all the blocks have disappeared.”

Sora: “Is that so…? Seems things have settled for the time being.”
Sora: “But what about this place? This town isn’t familiar…”
Sora: “Is there a disaster happening here too?”

King Mickey: “Yes, seems like it. Sora, could you please check out the town?”
Sora: “Understood! I’ll go look at the state of the town.”

Sora then runs from the alleyway and into the 1st District of Traverse Town. Cid is to his right, standing in front of his shop. The player then chooses to stop playing and returns to the title screen.