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This new feature has the same name as a previous cellphone game that surrounded the story of the first Kingdom Hearts back in 2005, but it’s completely unrelated to that game. This one is mainly cellphone features like ringtones and wallpapers, with added mini-games as a bonus. It is currently a Japan only feature as well, but who knows what will happen if Coded is ported to North America.

Here is the translation of the Official Mobile site. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

The smallest Kingdom Hearts.

A gathering of everything Kingdom Hearts

In a few days the mobile portal site will open.

In the “Avatar Kingdom”, one can obtain avatar items,

Enjoy coordinating them in your own unique way!

Among the town shops, of course there are item shops for avatars.

Enjoy your free time at the game shop, invite your friends,

You can even participate in special events, it’s fully loaded with fun things!

Obtain expecting mail and decorated mail features from the art gallery

And ringtones from the melody shop are being prepared!

Also, the distribution of Kingdom Hearts Coded is planned from here!

Product Summary
Name Kingdom Hearts Mobile (Portal Site)
Supporting Models
NTT docomo FOMA 703i, 903i
Planned for this model and everyone after.

(Some non-compatible models available.)
Opening Day This Fall
Price TBA
Copyright ©Disney. Developed by SQUARE ENIX
©SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

December 5 2008 Update

The official site for Kingdom Hearts Mobile is now open! The mobile phone service will begin December 15th, available for all NTT DoCoMo models after the 703i & 903i, including the P-01a. The prices range from 315, 525, 840, and 1050 yen. Keep in mind that this is a Japan only service, there isn’t any word of a similar service being released overseas.

There are numerous little houses to visit on the webpage, two of which are under construction. The rest of the place are:

  • Kingdom Hearts Coded – A plug for the mobile game.
  • Event Hall – Connect with people from your friends list and participate together in little events.
  • Point Bank – Place where you can save Points or Munny.
  • Mini Item Shop – Use the Munny you earn from mini games or events to purchase items here.
  • Point Item Shop – Use your Points to purchase clothing for your avatar.
  • Mini Game Shop – Buy mini games where you can earn Munny or rare avatar clothes.
  • Information Center – Place explaining the features of Mobile.
  • V Net Room – Customize your profile page, view your friends list, etc.
  • Point Melody Shop – Use Points to buy Kingdom Hearts ringtones and other phone sounds.
  • Point Art Gallery – Use Points to purchase official art from the KH series.