Famitsu Online Mobile Interview

During Tokyo Game Show 2008, Director Tetsuya Nomura gave an interview with Famitsu.com with details on the games being featured at the event. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.


  • Famitsu Interview with Nomura (KH Mobile)──Seems like the start of the Mobile site service is quickly approaching.
  • Nomura: Indeed. It’s being gone over daily to make sure there are no bugs in it. The avatars are even more interesting than you could imagine. In the promotional video, if Sora is Sora, and Riku is Riku, they could rearrange their appearances so one avatar has the head of Sora and the body of Riku, and vice versa. Actually, every part will be able to be customized freely. The impression in the trailer we wanted to display is that te feature is packed with a wide variety of contents.──Do you have your own avatar?

    Nomura: Would you like to see it?

    ──Of course!

    ──It’s cute with a devilish nature. (Laughs) So can you play with it?

  • Nomura: I made a new type of heartless. (Laughs) There is a demo with playable mini games in the mobile corner, please stop by there if you get the chance.
  • KH Mobile Demo Impressions From FF&KH Onlinfo
  • I made it to the KH Mobile demo!The playable save file has a lot of munny/points. You can play in Traverse Town, Olympus, or Castle Oblivion. Each player operates Sora, and in each mini game there are 3 characters relating to their worlds. Together it makes a competition of 4 characters.Traverse Town: Leon, Cloud, and Aeris
    Olympus: Hercules, Phil, and Hades
    Castle Oblivion: Larxene, Axel, and Vexen

    While playing, special rules like “Cut 8” and “Joker” are enforced when playing against the members of Castle Oblivion. When you have the weakest (lowest) card out of 3, you put out two more. Then Larxene will say something like: “You’re really bad at this!” or Vexen will cackle a little. By the way, the pattern on the joker card has a moogle on it.