Famitsu Article February 27 2009

Famitsu.com updated with a new article on Kingdom Hearts Mobile featuring some screenshots and information on the new features. The translated article with screenshots is below. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

New Features Like Room Customizing and Others Added to i-Mode Kingdom Hearts Mobile

●Get excited about the minigame “KH Pair Card Battle”!

Various elements were added to the iMode distributed Kingdom Hearts Mobile, the comprehensive mobile site for Square Enix’s popular title Kingdom Hearts. What was added this time was a mini game called “KH Pair Card Battle”, a room customizing function, and a commenting function. Check out the details below!

Mini Game “KH Pair Card Battle”

▲In this action puzzle game, cards appear in pairs and the player connects similar cards to eliminate them. There is a free mode where the player can choose the level and clear the stages. There is also a challenge mode where you can compete for the best time score.

Room Customize Function

▲Players are now able to customize their avatar’s room (Vignette Room) in the Avatar Kingdom. Put your favorite furniture and other miscellaneous items to redecorate it into your own personal room.

Single Line Comment Feature

▲You can now edit the comment displayed in the word balloon shown by your own avatar in the screen. This comment is displayed in the Vignette Room for a fixed period of time.



Fee Info (Tax Included):315円、525円、840円、1050円

Access:iMenu→Menu List→Game→Roleplaying→Kingdom Hearts Mobile


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