Famitsu Article August 5 2009

Chapter 3 of Kingdom Hearts Coded has been released!


A disaster in Alice’s world, Wonderland!
 The third instalment of Kingdom Hearts Coded, on release since the 8th August 2009, is set in a data-created world of ‘Alice in Wonderland’.  We were expecting a reproduction of the adventure from the first Kingdom Hearts, but, with the influence of a mysterious person in a black coat and ‘bugs’, an unknown story develops!

 Also, Coded can move from ‘Kingdom Hearts Mobile’, the  mobile phone portal site of the Kingdom Hearts series. Because you can browse the portal site itself as a ‘guest’ for free, check it out if you’re interested.   


Mickey: Maybe we still haven’t healed the pain of the world in the journal… 

It began when an inscription reading ‘you must return to heal their pain’ was found in Jiminy’s Journal, which recorded the story of the journey up until now. In order to solve the riddle of the line that no one remembered writing, the King reproduced the records in Jiminy’s Journal in data, and sent in protagonist Sora, changed into data in the same way, but…



Sora: What were you doing in a place like this?
White Rabbit: A weird shadow appeared and I panicked. So, I was hiding. 



Queen of Hearts: You, keep guarding this area!


 Cheshire Cat: Everyone’s memories have scattered, because of the bug.



Alice: I definitely went into a flower garden… found ‘something’, and chased after it.


You received Memory/Alice

Alice has lost her memories. Get her memories, scattered all over Wonderland, and give them back to her. Maybe she’ll tell you something.




There are various challenges to expect in the Queen’s Garden, such as moving so that you aren’t discovered by the playing cards and deleting the bug blocks that spawn in large quantities!




The boss fight is in a unique stage, which faces into the screen and scrolls automatically. Bullets of light fired from the Keyblade that Sora wields destroy enemies and bug blocks.



After clearing each chapter, you can do things such as increase the difficulty level to Proud Mode using VP (Version-up Points). Also, if you clear Chapter 3 with specific results (rank), you can get things like avatar items and items for use in your own room, the ‘Vignette Room’, with the Wonderland motif, for use in Kingdom Hearts Mobile!

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