Episode Two – Traverse Town

The original content comes from Arika at her blog The Light in Chaos and was translated by HEARTSTATION.ORG’s gold_panner. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

Episode Two

As previously announced, Traverse Town came, too! :D

For some reason this was easier (ehh)

Traverse Town.
It seems like Sora was made to come flying out of Destiny Islands. Confirming the state of affairs with the King, exploration of the town commences.
Discovering Cid in front of the accessory shop, you speak to him, and he says he wants you to look for three kids that have gotten lost…

This is full-blown story mode. If you do it without skipping cutscenes, it might take over an hour. First of all I played for an hour without stopping ^^; I finally stopped at hone hour, on the third battle ^^;

Some of the events of Tokyo Game Show were included (rather, it means the Tokyo Game Show has an overly gentle way, lol), and save points and the like appear. I think there can only be one save file…?

As the only save point of the first district there is a hologram moogle, and it is possible to not only save, but to recover HP, use the moogle shop, and customise.

But, this time you are only able to save and recover health, and you cannot use the moogle shop or customise.

From the moogle beside it, you can hear about the controls that were explained in detail at Olympus Colosseum. By the way, if you choose ‘no thanks, I’m fine’ (?), he replies with ‘what a pity, kupo…’ lol

Also, you can receive a potion once from the woman in front of the café near the moogle.

At this point in time, the door to the third district is locked, and so first you head to second district.

Huey is in the second district, but, unlike the time in Tokyo Game Show, you control Sora getting there on your own. Yet, at this point in time you are stopped if you try to go anywhere but first district from here.

There are random encounters on the way, but, it’s only something like two to three Shadows, so let’s calm down and cope with it.

As soon as you first see Huey, you’ll have to battle: Shadow x3 > Large Body > Shadow x5 in succession.

The Large Body will call up bugs, but HP balls fall out if you hit the bugs, so you can use them as a way to recover. However, please be careful, as they’ll disappear if the Large Body rams into you. This is the same in other settings.

And, for the first time you play, the only debug ability you have at this point in time is ‘high speed’.

After the battle, Huey says ‘I’ll give it to you because it’s glittering’, and you take a block-like item called ‘Mystery Shard’. And then, following the words ‘I wonder if the other two aren’t at the back of the alley?’, you head for the back of the alley.

Upon entering the back of the alley, Dewey can be heard from the hotel’s veranda, and so let’s find a place to climb and try climbing. Search for it by relying on his countless calls of ‘here!’ and ‘over here!’. (If you pass it by he says, ‘ooooi’, and if you pass it again, this time Sora says ‘it wasn’t here, was it’. Lol

Once you’ve found Dewey, you get a hi-potion as thanks. After that, a very important thing was dropped, and it went off in the direction of the second district, so you have to follow it.

Upon returning to second district you can see Dewey straight away, however, a monster (a bug snake) makes an entrance, and you have to defeat it.

You can break the bug snake if you attack it in the usual way, (though you must hit it on the very end) however, its movements repeat to change from attack quickly > cannot attack > can attack… and so, it becomes necessary to make sure of the timing. Also, because it’s split apart by attacking when in the space between, the end that wasn’t pointed stays moving in the able-to-attack state. It catches up with the pointed end and returns, and so when it’s in the divided state you can destroy bugs well… and it’s good, maybe.

Also, as you are attacking, there are times when the blocks divide and arrange piece-by-piece. At these times, heartless are mixed up among the bugs, and so it’s important to be careful. Arranged at random, attack one of them, and it returns to the original state (you cannot remove bugs in the state where they are divided block-by-block).

And, a VP prize enters upon one being broken, and you can obtain more or less 400 VPs in the end.

Defeat them all, and you learn ‘homing’ (only the first time), and so you get a mystery shard from Dewey. After that, you return to first district in order to escort Dewey home (this is also controlled yourself, unlike as in the Tokyo Game Show).

Send Dewey off, and the conversation turns to ‘where did Louie go?’, and you search for third district. At this time, Sora is showing Cid his shards, however, it seems like they are ‘raw materials’ that Cid has ‘never seen’, or so he says.

Also, you also (definitely) receive the accessory ‘protect chain’ from Cid during this cutscene.

The door to third district is unusable, just like before, and so you head there via second district, however, the door to second district is closed and covered by a bug, and you get yourself out with ‘area debug mode’.

<Area Debug Mode>

A mode in which you make jelly-form bugs disappear (chase them outside the area) within a time limit. You can’t use debug abilities.

In this mode, instead of the bugs disappearing upon being attacked, if you don’t chase it into corners as much as possible in order to split them into three sides, it will take an extremely large amount of time. And, there is also a tentative chance of being able to attack them from an angle, and in that case, can you make them disappear without splitting them up?

And, in the case that there are bugs before you divide them, the bugs will disappear (it will become a bug-less state) upon being hit.

Also, the bugs increase, make over four bugs disappear at once and there’s a possibility that an orange bug will appear. Attack that, and an eight-sided bug comes together, which can be made to disappear without being divided, and so let’s make the most of it.

By the way, sometimes red > green flickering bugs come out, whack these and you will take damage, but twice? Attack them, make them disappear, and HP balls come out.

When cleared, the ‘remaining time’ and ‘obtained VP’ is displayed. And, there are occasions where it occurs successively, but, then the obtained VP is calculated from the total remaining time.

And, in the case that you couldn’t clear it, you re-do the same stage once more (to confirm the time Louie is rescued later).

This time the time limit is 3 minutes.

Clear this, and you are able to enter second district again. The bugs have increased a little in second district, too, and cases will come when you won’t be able to progress if you don’t attack them or jump over them or something.

And, prize bugs are set up in places high in the sky, but, it’s okay if you go by crossing over grey bugs. You can reach the edge of a platform slightly apart in the middle of the plaza if you jump and swing your keyblade once.

But with this timing, I couldn’t get the three that are put on top of the roof in front of the second district’s Gizmo Shop, no matter what I did… maybe there’s some kind of method…? orz

Go into third district from the back of second district, and a cutscene occurs when you leave the fountain plaza, and you battle: Soldier x4 > Soldier x4 & Large Body.

One part of the Soldier’s attack makes them invincible for a time, and so let’s make sure to evade them and time attacks.

Defeat this, and a black-coated man (Mystery Man) appears, and opens and goes through the door to first district, and so you chase him. And, once you’ve seen this scene, you won’t be able to return to second district, however, it’s possible to take a stroll in third district.

Return to first district (at this point in time, it becomes possible to pass through the door between third and first districts) and you see Mystery Man straight away, but, he summons a huge number of bugs and heartless, confines Sora, and disappears off somewhere. In this battle, with all the bugs being grey (cannot attack) or prize bugs, set time appears > repeatedly disappear. There are times when the edge on which bugs appear, the heartless chase you to a high place, however, there were also many times when they fell on their companions.

Fight Shadow x3 > Shadow x4 > Soldier x2 > Solider x3, and a huge number of Shadows (10 in total), however, at the point in time at which this group appears, the upside-down platforms disappear, and so let’s compose ourselves and defeat them.

After all is said and done、Mystery Man has gone away. Cid, Huey and Dewey also ‘didn’t see a thing’.

First of all, you stop chasing after the man temporarily, and go off searching for Louie, who still hasn’t been found.

You can use both doors, however, crucial Louie is in the Gizmo Shop, so it’s faster to head for the side facing second district. However, you can get ‘Power Chain’ from the prize bug in the air above third district, and so in the occasion that you want to raise your offensive power, I recommend going here (though, perhaps you can get them in some other place too… ^^;)

And, at this time the arrangement bug block in second district changes, and there are prize bugs in places like platforms in the air nearby that you don’t see. These can perhaps be thought of as only possible to collect after you have rescued Louie (later).

Go as far as the area around the Gizmo Shop, and Louie calls out. You cannot enter the Gizmo Shop, and so aim for the bug blocks on the rooftop in transit.

Arrive on top of the roof, and you are closed off again, entering area debug mode. There are three stages (2 minute time limits each), and clear them all to find Louie (strictly speaking, you find him on the third stage).

After this, you also receive a block from Louie, however, it seems that something is still a little lacking, and we don’t know anything more than it’s ‘in the shape of a keyhole’. Return to first district with Louie.

So, the prize bug floating in the air that I wrote about a little while ago.

After this scene, jump to a place a little to the left of the roof of the Gizmo Shop, and if you swing your keyblade in the air as you go, it’s possible to make it.

Because there aren’t usually many places you can stand, let’s challenge it persistently. And, when there is no platform where you jumped from the left edge, you land on the ground.

Return to first district, and a scene occurs, for Mystery Man makes an entrance again. Louie escapes, and Sora faces him alone… or so you think, but the man goes and stops sending blocks at Sora.

Reaching complete form with these blocks, a keyhole, which Sora says ‘fits the shape of the keyhole this guy (=Mystery Man) sent out’, appears. Upon opening this, the boss stage begins (it opens during a cut scene. By the way, you can save when you go).
<Boss Stage>

There are three stages in total. It’s essentially Mario. You cannot use Debug Abilities or Reaction Combo (key input combo).

In the case where you didn’t follow the scrolls that fall from the stage (Sora disappeared from the screen), you take damage and return to the centre of the screen. By the way, you take a fair amount of damage, so caution is necessary (at level 10, I bit it and got game over three times).

Vanquish bug blocks and defeat enemies, and points (HP balls) come in. As for erasing bug blocks, normal bug blocks are 30Pt, prize bugs are 1000Pt (when the bonus indicator comes up. As of now, I haven’t been able to confirm cases other than these).
As for the points when enemies are defeated, Shadows are 50Pt, Soldiers are 200Pt, Large Bodies are 500Pt, Red Nocturnes are unconfirmed, and the boss, Guard Armour, doesn’t seem to give any.
Because any remaining HP becomes a point bonus, you’ll be wanting to have as much HP remaining as possible. And, you can make a lot of profit if you use items and HP balls to recover health.

Also, if you break multiple bug blocks at the same time you get a bonus. The points you get at that time is 2(60pt), 3(90Pt)… it seems. (I can’t confirm exact numbers in this area ^^;)

And, whether you can get a high score or not means whether or not you can jump up and ride a platform at the end of the first and second stages, it seems.

Maybe you’ll be okay if you think of it as: can’t ride either of them, or C if you can hit the standard of the first stage, or B if you can hit the standard of the second stage, and A if you can hit both of the stages

Also, you can get 1000Pt in total from the prize bug in the setting where the scroll is stopped on the third stage. Because you move to the boss area when the places serving as footholds fall down, let’s try as hard as possible to do it before then.

The boss, Guard Armour, cannot be hit on the feet, however, you can deal damage to his body by jumping and riding the bugs he calls up. And, if you ride bugs and get away from him his shock wave jump won’t hit you.

If you hit until a combo finish, he will break up and be unable to move for a short while, and so this is your chance to attack.

And, when he is in his un-separated state, his arms will fly around, and he summons heartless to the ground (I confirmed that there were Shadows and Soldiers), so let’s be careful.
Defeat this, and you get a stage clear, the points and rank are displayed, and you can get the rank bonus items. At Clear Rank C (~40 000 points) you get a hi-potion, at Clear Rank B (40 000~50 000 points) you get an ether, and at Clear Rank A (50 000 points~) you can get a protect chain. There is also possibly an S Rank, but it’s really hard to get more than that orz
Also, the first time you clear it, at this point it time you get a debug ability, ‘thunder’.

Thunder is a technique in which lightening strikes in range (2×2) while you are casting it. The number of times this hits enemies (it does not affect bug blocks) appears at the lower right, and when casting is over, lightening strikes at random for only this number of times. And, even while casting it’s power is low, however, it deals damage.

It feels like something to use when you’re in trouble. Also, the number of hits are counted as a bonus, and if the number of hits is great, you can get a huge number of VP.
Here is the end of the episode, and you can save your episode clear data.

Play from this clear data, and you can play from the beginning, inheriting your level, HP, debug gauge, equipment, and items (however, influence to the Olympus Episode, and inheritance from the original story are not).


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