Episode One – Destiny Islands

The original content comes from Arika at her blog The Light in Chaos and was translated by HEARTSTATION.ORG’s gold_panner. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

Episode One

This time, the addition is Destiny Island. It also acts as the tutorial world in which you awaken.

Once you begin, first a movie plays. The quality not being much different to usual, I accidentally yelled out ‘awesome’! And, Chip and Dale are cute :D

In order to analyse letters that have been written in Jiminy’s journal, the King and the others were turned into data to try and investigate. But, there’s a storm of bugs in there!

It is necessary to remove them from the inside, and so, they ask the Sora of the world inside the journal.

And so, first is the world you wake up in. You start together with the King, who has become a voice from the heavens.

Like KH, it’s necessary to choose one to keep and one to give away from the blade, shield and staff, however, this time, different to usual (or rather, not knowing how the staff affects things), I tried choosing the blade and giving away the staff. Of course

But here, a black-coated person who wouldn’t normally be expected to appear makes an entrance. Here, the road silently opened. After that, the blade I’d chosen turned into a keyblade, battle with shadowsàsave point appears, that’s the way it flows. You can also select a world at the save point.

By the way, because of the demo version I’d thought it would be possible to save the game even mid-battle, but, it looks like it can’t be done in the end DX

↑It’s become impossible to open the menu mid-battle, but saving is possible.

After that, before your eyes a door opens, to Destiny Island.

The bugs are already eroding Destiny Island. Selphie and Wakka are thinking pretty worriedly, though Tidus says ‘fight!’ with a rather carefree feeling :D

By the way, at the point in time at which you enter, there was also a cut scene in which Sora asked of the true character of the voice from the heavens (=the King). ‘Because I know you, and you also know me’ is the answer he is given and in the end I was tilting my head to one side… XD

From a prize bug next to Wakka I got a potion, and I got synthesis raw materials (random?) from prize bugs beside the shed that connects the little island, and in a nook on the little island. Also, after a cut scene in which you talk to Selphie, if you talk to her one more time she asks you to ‘destroy the bug!’, once you’ve reported that you’ve destroyed all of them, you can receive a potion.

By the way, whatever ‘twilight dust’ is, it’s one of the synthesis raw materials…

After the speaking, I went straight to the secret place hinted at by Tidus. But, here an area debugging mode was underway.

This time, inevitably it has the same gist as the demo version because there’s no debug mode, but, during the explanation there are the words ‘there are restrictions’. …In other words, there are unrestricted things too?

There are three stages, clear them all to learn scan. By the way, confirmation appears on whether or not you can equip the abilities you learn straight away.

The secret place.

In the beginning there’s no one there, but a person in a black coat appears, whispering things a lot like that Mr. Someone from the start. Once he has presented the keyhole to Sora, he disappears.

And then, Sora heads for the keyhole.

There, was the broken Destiny Islands.

This time, it’s not in side scrolling mode, it rushes into a battle as it is!

In the opening stage, Darkside attacks by summoning shadows and fires bullets of light. While summoning shadows, his arm rests on the ground, so it’s possible to attack him. Also, when he fires bullets of light, countless bugs are summoned at the same time; if you destroy them you can earn points. Because it’s random which one will appear, if you have bad luck in a normal battle situation, there will be occasions where you don’t get much points…

For the second half, he does nothing but call up bugs with thorns to deal damage. He has three types in his attack pattern; when his right arm touches there is a succession of fast bugs; when his left arm touches there are six fast bugs at the same time; when his arms don’t touch, he summons bugs that move relaxedly in a row. Now, even at that time prize bugs appear, however, there are conditions where you can destroy them and where you cannot…?

Here, once its HP reaches zero, 1000 points (? maybe it changes according to your remaining HP) is added to the score, and a bug is left remaining. There is only one bug to destroy, but, because there are thorn bugs surrounding the environment, it is dangerous to approach carelessly. Take a little time and, the thorn bugs are temporarily separated and the real one is left, and so, it is necessary to attack with that timing.

Destroy bugs and it ends, and you get the ‘reaction combo’ ability.

This time I had 3000-6000, for both I was B Rank, and got synthesis raw materials (‘~powder+’/ the type is random?)

By the way, I replayed it after that, earnestly waiting for the bug block and acquired 15000, became S Rank, and got the avatar item ‘wallpaper of the island of fate’.

But, even though Darkside had been defeated, the destruction of the island did not stop, and first-generation Sora was happily absorbed.

On the other side, there is a description that says ‘one wound has been healed’ in Jiminy’s Journal. And then, happening at the same time as this, an image of Riku and Ansem.

Still not knowing what it was, Sora touches down to earth, and continues to Traverse Town.

The episode ends here.

By the way, I had heard that after this you can return to Destiny Island and kill bugs, and battle with Tidus.

It is something I have waited on for a long time, but, I was surprised at the high level of perfection.

The debug gauge had become fairly easy to see, and the menu had changed; it made me feel that it had been fine tuned. I was also pretty happy that the item categories had been especially displayed!
The edges of the face icon have also been changed, and it displays an effect like a puzzle in the background.
Honestly, it’s fairly beautiful DX

And so, I have high hopes for next month’s distribution!