Dengeki Coded Demo Impression

A Panasonic store in Tokyo, Japan, had demos for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep and Coded available for the public to play November 2008. Japanese gaming sites Dengeki and Famitsu both were present at the event, and Dengeki has written a very detailed impression report, which you can check out below. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

DENGEKI ONLINE – On November 12th, an event introducing new mobile phone products was held at Panasonic in Tokyo. Since there were demos of the three new Kingdom Hearts titles exhibited at the event, here are the impression reports.

The three RPG titles were exhibited at the event: Kingdom Hearts Coded beginning service in spring 2009, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Three Five Eight Over Two Days) releasing February 2009 for the Nintendo DS, and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep releasing 2009 for PSP. Out of them, Coded will come preinstalled on the “docomo PRIME series P-01A” (below, P-01A) releasing this November from NTT DoCoMo.

On the preinstallation, you can begin by playing the short story mainly involving battles “Olympus Coliseum -Side Episode-” where Hercules appears. This seems to be an original episode that won’t be available for download after the service starts and the main chapters become available. By upgrading it more, you can enjoy various features of the original story in the “Traverse Town -Special Edit Version-” feature where you can enjoy cut scenes from the series.

This time I played with the “Traverse Town -Special Edit Version-” feature, as well as 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep. For those people looking forward to the releases and are a little worried about the titles, please by all means check out my demo impressions.


This title is compatible with the Docomo PRIME Series P-01A and other related systems. Also, the series portal site with Kingdom Hearts Mobile is planned to open before the 2008 year ends. The service plan is to distribute one new episode every month after the service begins.

The story surrounds a page written in Jiminy’s Journal, the place where Jiminy Cricket wrote down the records of all their travels. It unfolds as the journal is converted into data and the traced worlds are exhibited as stages. Awakening in this data world, a Sora made up of data becomes the main character as a new journey begins.

Since you hold the wide open style mobile horizontally to play, you use the arrow keys located on the left side to move and can perform actions using the 6, 9, 0, and * keys on the right side. Because I’m the kinda person who generally plays only RPG and SLG on the mobile phone, I honestly thought considering the number of buttons, “Kingdom Hearts is an action packed RPG, but can you play it properly with this kind of complicatedness?”

In conclusion, I’m sorry. Since as I explained you move using your left hand and operate the button commands using your right hand, it’s very much like playing with a game controller. The game itself has a very conventional Kingdom Hearts feel to it too. Basically, in spite of relentlessly using “Attack” and “Examine” with the 0 key, it advances at a good tempo. Of course the map has various gimmicks prepared. With action oriented puzzles that make full use of the jump function with the * key, the element of puzzle solving is good as well.

Additionally, the 6 key does the Guard function and the 9 key does the Dodge Roll function. Besides, if you make full use of the jump function, you can enjoy a feature not conventional to most mobile phone RPGs. Furthermore, when you are continually attacking an enemy, an “!” will appear over their heads. Then directional arrows appear at the bottom of the screen and you input the the correct keys according to time and sequence. A new element of acquiring items is introduced; if you do the commands correctly and consecutively, depending on the number of combos you achieve, you get items.

Moreover since the P-01A’s 3.1 inch wide screen has adopted VGA liquid crystal technology, it truly has the finest digital grain display screens of any other gaming mobile phone. The images below show this title making use of those capabilities.

I felt the impression I had after playing it was along the lines of: “Already there is hardly any difference between mobile phone games and regular games.” Still, it is not on a game console and I felt dissatisfaction waiting for the loading and what not, but overall the result is a genuine Kingdom Hearts title.