Dengeki Wii + DS September 2008 Coded & Mobile Section

Dengeki Wii + DS Magazine containing an in depth interview with Kingdom Hearts director, Tetsuya Nomura. Thanks to Leno from Final Eclipse for typing up the original Japanese transcript from the article and posting it on his site. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.


The keywords of Kindom Hearts Coded: “A forbidden secret.”

— KH Coded is the direct sequel of KHII, could you tells about it’s highlights?

Nomura: The content of KH Coded is similar to that of KH Chain of Memories (COM below). Even for players who aren’t aware of the previous story, everyone will be able to deepen their understanding
of the KH series. Therefore people who already fans of KH will really want to play this game by all means.

— What kind of concrete development will it have?

Nomura: The story investigates the mystery message left inside Jiminy’s Journal, so like in COM the characters travel through the past. But like the case of COM, a new drama following KH unfolds, those intervals will enter as original episodes. In the case of KH Coded, they visit the same Traverse Town but something is different. Why is that? Examining those kind of parts close up becomes the content of this game.

— A very deep story seems to unfold.

Nomura: It’s breadth is not so vast, but the inner part of the story becomes deep. At the private event last month the keywords “the forbidden secret” were compiled in the trailer, so generally speaking that becomes the image of this title.

— In recent screenshots, depictions of arrows on the screen are shown, are these instructions for attacking?

Nomura: The arrows indicate the order of input for the direction keys. The system works by inputting the keys in order which results in a simple combo of attacks. Since it’s operations are suited to work on the mobile phone, it becomes similar to ordinary mobile phone operations.

— Will KH Coded also be released via mobile delivery format?

Nomura: That’s right, but it won’t be released in it’s entirety. Because the KH series is based on moving through the worlds while advancing the story, I’m thinking that the new worlds for the title will be distributed gradually.


Make an avatar in KH Mobile and it will become a resident of the world in the palm of you hand!

— Kingdom Hearts Mobile starts on the mobile phone, what kind of service will it be?

The portal site for KH Mobile will be crammed with KH related information and items. You’ll be able to look up information on the games of the KH series, mobile phone screensavers and ringtones will be available, the plan is to have this site contain everything related to KH so that it can easily be accessed on the mobile phone. But in order to keep it from being a dull general information site, users can create avatars. So when the user wants a new screensaver or ring tone, they take their avatar to the town shop and make a purchase (downloading it).

— Will users be able to change their avatars after they’ve made one?

Nomura: As for that, they’ll be able to do it freely. (Smiles) Your avatar could have the face of Sora and body of Riku. With accessories and costumes, and customizing the face and hairstyle little by little, the users can create good variations. In order to do so they’ll have to go to the town shop and purchase these things (download them).

— Other than the avatars, will site information and other buyable items be updated?

Nomura: It’s intended to be updated regularly. As the number of buyable items increase, hopefully event items for every season will become available.

— Will contents of Kingdom Hearts Coded be available on KH Mobile?

Nomura: Well, KH Mobile will be the first out, so from it you’ll be able to choose to play KH Coded.

— When does the service start?

Nomura: It’s announced for this Fall, but the portal site is earnestly being developed so that is ready in time for Tokyo Game Show. There isn’t a particular update yet, but it’ll be an fun place people will want to play at.