Coded Spoilers

Kingdom Hearts Coded may never reach overseas audiences since it is a game for mobile devices, yet it plays a major role within the Kingdom Hearts storyline because it is the only new game revealing post-KHII information.

Therefore we have translated and compiled all the major points and scenes taking place within it that are new to the plot. Please do not repost translations without crediting to HEARTSTATION.ORG

  • As the world of data is restored, more about the KH1 back story is revealed.
  • The King’s Keyblade returns to the Starseeker.
  • Heartless appear at Disney Castle. They [The King, Donald, Goofy] try to check the castle’s situation, but for some unexplained reason the door won’t open and they can’t get out.

Episode 1

  • This scene immediately follows the KH1 scene on Destiny Islands after Sora fights Darkside and darkness is engulfing the island. The island is on the brink of collapse and Riku appears there. The Heartless of Xehanort, who is clothed in a brownish robe and face is hidden, reaches a hand out to Riku. Riku appears surprised for an instant, but smiles as if understanding the situation. Then in “unconsciousness” he opens a Corridor of Darkness and leaves the island as it is consumed by darkness.

Episode 2

  • This scene takes place when Sora, Donald, and Goofy decide to travel together in KH1 and they put their hands on top of each other’s and say, “We are friends!” In the alley next to Merlin’s Study, Pluto appears. He goes through a Corridor of Darkness while chasing the scent of someone. He flies into the Corridor of Darkness as if he knew the person who opened it.

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