Coded Official Site

Here is a translated version of the Official Kingdom Hearts Coded Site built be Square-Enix. As the website continues to update, I will continue to keep this page updated. I didn’t include the downloads section because it’s rather self explanatory. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.


There were 2 notebooks left recording their trips.
The first should have recorded a journey twice,
But instead there remained one line…

“Thank Namine.”

No, this line… For it to be recorded,
This duty must have carried out…

Jiminy has returned to Disney Castle
While sorting through the travel records, his eyes stopped upon a single page
A mysterious message was written there

(Page 1)

“We must return to free them from their torment.”

However, no matter how he tried,
He could not remember the meaning of it.
Therefore he went to the King to discuss it.

(Page 2)

“Trouble remembering that sentence…

“There is only one person who is qualified to solve this mystery!”

(Page 3)

So the King turns Jiminy’s Journal into data,
and the investigation begins

In the world traced by Jiminy’s Journal
A sleepy boy wakes up on Destiny Islands

This is how Sora’s adventure into a digital world begins…

(Page 4)



In order to solve the mysterious message left in Jiminy’s Journal,
Sora is the main character active in the data world.
He is even transformed into data himself.


Title Name Kingdom Hearts coded
Platform NTT docomo FOMA, Model TBA
Genre RPG
Release Date & Price TBA
CERO Examination Examination Scheduled
Copyright ©Disney. Developed by SQUARE ENIX

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