CLOUD Message Coded Section

The second volume of the Square Enix special book 「CLOUD message」has officially hit Japanese shelves. The book contains articles on all three new installments to the Kingdom Hearts series. They also contained short interviews with Director Tetsuya Nomura, Co. Director Tai Yasue, and Producer Yoichi Yoshimoto. Thanks to The Light in Chaos for typing up the Japanese text from the articles, it made translating it much easier. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.


How do you express “KH coded” in a word?

Nomura: The components were carefully selected simply throughout it.

Tabata: Anyone can play it at their own pace, it’s the Kingdom Hearts game that continues and expands on the story people are looking forward to.

—What does “KH codedmean for you?

Nomura: Including the portal site, it’s a compilation of information on the mobile phone.

Tabata: The portal site becomes a compilation of know how through the mobile game.

How is “KH coded” different than other games?

Nomura: It’s the front for linking to the Mobile portal site. Also, I want to hype it up as a place for communication for fans of Kingdom Hearts.

Tabata: Linking not only through KH coded, but also through the Mobile portal site, all the players of Kingdom Hearts can come together in the Mobile world and enjoy it together.