Kingdom Hearts Coded
For mobile phones

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Japan Release Date: November 18, 2008 (Preinstall)
Future episodes to begin releasing Spring 2009.

North American Release Date: TBA

「触れてはいけない秘密 “A forbidden secret.”

Coded takes place after Kingdom Hearts II and is considered a bridge leading to Kingdom Hearts III, much like Chain of Memories. After Jiminy returns to the castle with King Mickey, he reviews his journals from the past journeys. In the second journal recording the events of Kingdom Hearts II, he finds a single mysterious message reading: “We must return to free them from their torment.”

In order to explore this mystery, Kind Mickey creates a digital world from the data so that their footsteps can be retraced and clues can be found. The main character then becomes a digital version of Sora, who appears as he did in Kingdom Hearts because he is traveling through the past. The truth about King Mickey and Riku’s whereabouts during the time of the first Kingdom Hearts is slowly revealed as they adventure through the journal, eliminating the bugs that have infested it and corrupted its information.

The gameplay is based on 3D cutscenes with graphics comparable to those of the PlayStation 2 titles and puzzle style action sequences. The action sequences feature unique 2D graphics that appear 3D and can range from side scroll style scenes to full 3D plane fields. As he fights heartless and eliminates bugs, Sora uses different modes of fighting, like the Debug Mode and Speed Mode.

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