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Special Signed Ventus Version PSP and KH Mobile Site Update

A special PSP that was signed and drawn on by Nomura Tetsuya will be given to one lucky person who submits an enquete from the new issue of Dengeki Playstation that will release tomorrow.  Thanks!

A drawing of Ventus and signature from Nomura Testuya

And just a little mention for those who are interested that on 12/8 the KH Mobile site put up the rankings for the GUMMISHIP STUDIO, SPIDER SOLITAIRE, and RHYTHM PARADE mini games.


KH3: The Return of Sora? + Scans

The issue of Dengeki PS going on sale this weekend contains an interview with Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura and apparently it Kingdom Hearts 3! Thanks to FF7AC Reunion for the tip! Here are some quotes from the interview:


  • “Once all three currently announced Kingdom Hearts titles are complete, maybe Sora’s turn will come.”
  • “It was said that Coded is made through Disney.”
  • “Birth by Sleep is in a terrible state of affairs schedule-wise, but [we] will give up our holiday aiming to make it by the end of the year.”*
  • “Of the three new titles, Birth by Sleep has the most volume and full voice acting.”
  • And there is also talk of “Birth by Sleep being a prelude to Kingdom Hearts 3.”
  • New chapters of Coded begin releasing June 3rd 2009.

*Revised thanks to gold_panner <3

Can’t wait to read that issue! In the mean time, I got my copies of Famitsu Wii + DS and Dengeki Wii&DS, check out the scans below!

famitsu_wii_may famitsu_wii_may-001 famitsu_wii_may-002 famitsu_wii_may-003 famitsu_wii_may-004 famitsu_wii_may-006 famitsu_wii_may-007 20090525093939961

dengeki_wii_may dengeki_wii_may-001 dengeki_wii_may-002 dengeki_wii_may-003 dengeki_wii_may-004 dengeki_wii_may-005 dengeki_wii_may-006 dengeki_wii_may-007 dengeki_wii_may-008 dengeki_wii_may-009 dengeki_wii_may-010 dengeki_wii_may-011 dengeki_wii_may-012 dengeki_wii_may-013dengeki_wii_may-014 dengeki_wii_may-015 dengeki_wii_may-017 dengeki_wii_may-018 dengeki_wii_may-019

Lastly, the Weekly Famitsu issue releasing May 29th features Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on the cover, with the Famitsu mascot cosplaying as Roxas! It’s an entertaining image to say the least; you can check it out to below.