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Jump Festa ’10

As usual SQUARE ENIX will be at Jump Festa and this year SE will have several different booths including one for Birth by Sleep and one for KH Mobile.  They will be showcasing videos for both games and attendees will be able to play a demo of Birth by Sleep.

Also available at Jump Festa will be Christmas card sets featuring Final Fantasy XIII and Birth by Sleep.  SQUARE ENIX Members (Japan) will be putting up Christmas cards as an exchange item for those who are unable to attend the event.  Thanks FF-Reunion!


Latest Message from the KINGDOM from Director Tetsuya Nomura

Our friends over at Kingdom Hearts Insider have posted a translation of Nomura’s latest blog post.  Thanks Lissar!

Creator Message – Tetsuya Nomura

A blog? How modern. Or, no… I guess it’s a little late for that. Nevermind. I’m the director Nomura.

The staff asked us to write our first entry, but I was just too busy. But it was around TGS that Yasue was going to update, so I put a stop to it. I’m very sorry.

Between then and now we’ve already announced the release date. Now all we have to do is finish it. But we still have tons of things to do, and we’re in the middle of running around trying to get everything finished. Right now on my desktop I have 5 files containing work for Birth by Sleep, 4 for Coded, and 7 for other titles.

They’re listed in order of precedence, and now as I’m writing this the time for these files has finally come.

Of course there are not only written documents, but pictures I have been needing to draw have been waiting for me to get around to it. Right now the most important being the package art for Birth by Sleep.

Today I have to go to edit the Staff Roll. Since there are three main characters in Birth by Sleep, we also have different Staff Rolls for each one. We already have experience making two for Chain of Memories, but this time it’s a little bit different and we have a little bit of a trick with each, so it’s quite difficult.

In the Kingdom Hearts series when we put the music into the Staff Roll, we aren’t just lining up the music second by second, but frame by frame. So we’re working hard to find a good way to time it.

We also still have the Opening Movie, the Secret Movie, the CM and the PV to edit. But that will be on a later day. Next week we will be working on the CM for FFXIII.

So we’re working quite hard now, and I have to get going. I have to get to the editing studio. When I have another opportunity I will write again soon. Thank you.

Tetsuya Nomura

Kingdom Hearts Merchandise + Disney Company

Square Enix has revealed two new sets of merchandise for Kingdom Hearts fans to enjoy while awaiting the upcoming release of the newest title, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Get ready to accessorize with new keychains as well as Volume 2 of the Mobile Mascot straps! Thanks to ReBirth Wings for the info!

Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mini Stuffed Keychains

Release Date: December 2009

CGD-5029 CGD-5030

Sora & Roxas

Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mascot Straps Volume 2

Release Date: January 25, 2010

CGD-5102 CGD-5100 CGD-5103 CGD-5101 CGD-5104

There is also news to report for Disney fans concerning the company’s contract with Square Enix. According to Dengeki Online, Square Enix confirmed today that they will now be selling Disney games and software domestically in Japan in order to increase the company’s sales. However software on Microsoft platforms will not be included in this deal.

According to this deal, Square Enix will sell Disney Interactive‘s latest game, “Stitch! DS Ohana and Rhythm Big Adventure” releasing December 3 2009 in Japan. Square Enix commented about the contract saying, “By using the best knowledge from our gaming industry, it’s possible to contribute to Disney’s software sales.” Please do not repost translations without crediting HEARTSTATION.ORG.

Also Disney fans! Have you heard the news about the Epic Mickey project? It sounds like this mysterious title from Warren Spector will be releasing on the Wii platform! Check out more details on!