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Birth by Sleep Official Site Update – Action Command and Shoot Lock Command

The official Birth by Sleep site has added two new things to the SYSTEM section.  I went ahead and translated the explanations for the Action Command and Shoot Lock Command:


Birth by Sleep Official Site Update

The Birth by Sleep Official Site was updated again recently with two new worlds (and a new way to explore them) and the revealing of the Kingdom Hearts Edition PSP!

Aqua says "Answer me! What did you hear from Master Xehanort?"

One of the new worlds introduced in the WORLD section is Enchanted Dominion, also known as Princess Aurora’s world.  The description tells of Maleficent who wasn’t invited and cast a spell on the newborn Aurora where pricking her finger in the spindle of a spinning wheel would kill her until she turned 16 years old.  The fairies decreased the severity of it by changing the curse from death to sleep but  it’s a mystery as to when the spell shall befall on her.  The characters introduced here are Princess Aurora, Prince Phillip, Maleficent, and the Three Fairies.

Master Xehanort says "It's not to erase the darkness in the heart but to control with power"

The second world added is The Land of Departure.  The description tells of Ventus, Terra, and Aqua who are aiming to become keyblade masters and train under Master Eraqus.  In the middle of that, strange occurrences happen and Master Eraqus, who knew about the disappearance of Master Xehanort, gives his disciples a decree.  The characters that are introduced here are Master Eraqus, Master Xehanort, and Vanitas.


And the thing we have all been waiting for!  Like 358/2 Days, there will be a bundle pack for Birth by Sleep which will include the game and the PSP.  The release date is set for 01/09/2010 and the price is 22,000 yen (tax included).  Preorder is open on Amazon Japan for those who are anxious and want to use a shopping service.  Play Asia has the bundle pack on their site and should have preorder open in the near future; the game itself is available for preorder there.  If anyone knows of anywhere else that is selling the bundle pack internationally, please let us know!

Official KH Birth by Sleep and KH Mobile Site Updates

The official Birth by Sleep site has added two new worlds to the WORLD section:  Dwarf Woodlands and Never Land.

Picture 2

Snow White says "If you're a friend of Ven's then you wouldn't do that sort of thing right?"

The description tells of the Queen who is angered by the Magic Mirror telling her that there is someone more beautiful than her and is after Snow White’s life.  Snow White runs away to the forest where she encounters the Seven Dwarfs and lives with them, but the Queen’s evil magic is still to be dealt with.  The characters introduced here are Snow White, The Queen, the Magic Mirror, and the Seven Dwarfs.

Picture 3

Peter Pan says "Light? What are you talking about?"

Never Land makes another appearance and the description tells us of Peter Pan who leads the kids on an adventure with the pirates and his important friend Tinker Bell who gets capured by Captain Hook in the middle of it all.  The characters introduced here are Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, and Captain Hook.

And a minor update for us who have no access to KH Mobile, the official site has put up the rankings for the KH Card Struggle and KH Rhythm Parade mini games.

Birth by Sleep Official Site Updates

Hello everyone!  This is Krystal bringing you some news about the official Japanese Birth by Sleep site!  You may remember me from my podcast Kingdom Hearts Korner.  Since I have been unable to make any new podcasts, I’ve come here to Heartstation to join the staff in bringing you all news and content.   Hopefully in the near future we’ll be able to see the return of the podcasts.  :)  Now on to the update!

Terra and Stitch

The official Japanese Birth by Sleep site has added two new worlds to the WORLD section:  Stitch’s world “Deep Space”, and Cinderella’s world “Castle of Dreams”.  The description for Deep Space tells us that our heroes will be on a space ship far away in space where they encounter Experiment 626, aka Stitch, who has escaped.  The characters that are introduced here are Experiment 626 (Stitch), Gantu, Dr. Jumba, and Experiment 221.

In Castle of Dreams, we meet Cinderella who, despite always receiving cruel treatment from her stepmother and stepsisters, continues to easily believe in her dreams and our heroes help them come true.  The characters that are introduced for this world are Cinderella, Jaq, the Fairy Godmother, Lucifer, and Prince Charming.

In the SYSTEM section, they’ve added “What is KHBbS” and “Battle System”.  In “What is KHBbS”, we can read about the basic story of the three main characters which is what we already know:  the three of them go through different points of view through the same storyline and the player can choose which character to play.  As the player clears the game with their chosen character, the other characters can be chosen.  This section also tells us about how the three characters differ in battle style and you can even watch short video clips of each of them in action with speedy Ventus in Castle of Dreams, powerful Terra in what appears to be Aurora’s world, and magical Aqua in what appears to be Neverland.

In Battle System, with the help of short videos the Base Command, Deck Command, Command Gauge, Finish Command, and Command Style are explained.

Last, but not least, in the MOVIES section we can watch the trailer that was shown at Tokyo Game Show 2009!

Check it all out at the official KHBbS site!

Birth by Sleep Fan Dub

The team who brought you the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days fan dub has officially announced their next project, the English dubbing of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep! The team has done great work in the past and this project is a great chance for Kingdom Hearts fans to become involved in the fan community.

The team is looking for voice actors as well as a graphics designer to help promote the project. If you are interested in joining, you can click here for detailed information. HEARTSTATION.ORG will be providing the translations for the video footage, so we are encouraging fans to participate.

Birth by Sleep Updates + More

In our down time, there has been much media on the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Thanks to special guest translator anikoku who will be joining the HEARTSTATION.ORG team, we have some of the latest content from Famitsu magazine to share!

Details from the Birth by Sleep article


Terra – A young man who wields the keyblade. The oldest among the trio, serving as their leader. A brother-like presence to Ven. Possesses a cool, composed personality, but hides a passionate side that would fight hard in order to protect his friends.

Ventus – Preferred nickname is “Ven”. Being the youngest in their trio, he is always interested in things happening around him. Though he greatly resembles Roxas, their connection is as yet unknown.

Aqua – One of the knights chosen by the keyblade, learning under the same master as Terra and Ven. Extremely serious demeanor, and the most level-headed of the trio. Constantly worries about her two friends, and takes care of them.

Click here to read the rest!

Details from the interview with director Tetsuya Nomura

In the beginning of the game, the player chooses which protagonist to play as. You must control this same character until you clear the game. Depending on who you choose, you may see aspects of the storyline that wouldn’t be revealed through playing as the other two protagonists.

Each world has three peoples worth of scenarios to play, and because all the bosses are different, it is the equivalent of owning three games.

Nomura: “Please be careful of spoilers when you’re playing with your friends, as the game can differ depending on the character you’re playing with.”

And to the question of KH3…

Nomura: “What comes next is what comes next. (Laugh)”

Click here to read the rest! has updated with an online article featuring much of the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep content mentioned in the magazine. It also contains 15 high quality screenshots, which have been added to the Screenshot gallery.

Click here to see the rest!

The Prologue as well as Character Bios of the video game novel Kingdom Hearts 2: Vol. 1 Roxas—Seven Days have been added to the Novels section thanks to gold_panner! There is still no word about these novels being published in English officially, so please check out these translations in the mean time.

Also, the HEARTSTATION.ORG Gallery is in the process of being restored, but is back for the most part. I am still working on compiling the rest of the images from the past few months including the 358/2 Days Ultimania scans so please be patient while we complete that.

Please excuse the mess!

Sorry to report that HEARTSTATION.ORG has been experienced some technical errors over the past few weeks.

The long story goes the site endured another server transfer due to monetary issues and along the way the databases for the forums and gallery were lost. This, followed by my own hard drive suddenly breaking and becoming unaccessible only added to the problem.

Fortunately the gallery has been somewhat backed up online and can be restored. Unfortunately the forums cannot be restored and since to bring them back would require everyone to register again, I am not going to try restoring them. Many other Kingdom Hearts fansites have very active forums, so please check our affiliates page for other discussion venues.

I hate to report such bad news, but the highlight is that goldpanner and I are not going to give up our work here on HEARTSTATION.ORG and we will continue doing our best to report the latest Kingdom Hearts news!

Thank you for your patience as we fix up the site and catch up on the things we’ve missed.