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KH Avatar Mascot Straps vol.2

The SQUARE ENIX Online Shop (Japan) has the new avatar mascot straps.  The new set includes Halloween Town version Sora, Leon, Sephiroth, Vivi, and Axel:


New Sora and King Mickey Play Arts

Two new Play Arts will be releasing in April of 2010.  One is the Kingdom Hearts II version of King Mickey:

And the other is the Christmas Town version of Sora from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+:

They each cost about $40 and are available for preorder at Kotobukiya.  Thanks FF-Reunion!

New Birth by Sleep Scans and SE Online Shop New Items

RPGLand has posted scans from the latest issue of Dengeki Playstation which talk about The Land of Departure and Enchanted Dominion:


And KH Insider’s Lissar has provided a translation:

The truth behind these mysteries will soon be revealed!

Lots of new information about the story and system have been revealed by these new screenshots and illustrations. They’ve finally decided on a release date, so we’re closing in on finding out what is behind all these mysteries in this new game.

World Guide 1
-Land of Departure-

Our heroes’ long grim adventure starts from here.

The story starts in a new original world. Here is where the heroes train in hopes of becoming a Keyblade Master. The latest movie that was shown at TGS09 showed them taking the “Master Qualification Exam”. It was revealed that Master Xehanort watched them take the test, though we’ll have to wait and see how the story will unfold from there.


Master Xehanort [er… the scan cuts off about half of the words, but it’s essentially the same as before. I will guess:]

Master Xehanort is a powerful Keyblade Master, as well as an acquaintance of Master Eraqus. He looks very different from the Xehanort we have seen in previous games. Just who is he?

Master Xehanort is giving advice to someone. Had he been planning something at this time as well?


He is the only apprentice of Master Xehanort, and his name has only just been revealed. In the movie that was shown at TGS09 we were able to see him talking and hear his voice. Just what face is he hiding behind the mask?


He talks about the princesses of light! Where the princesses of light something that people sought after even in the past?

Our three heroes in training This is the world where they start out on. But perhaps the picture shown here is not from the very beginning of the game?


Let’s look take a look at some of the things in the story we’re wondering about!

It’s quite interesting that in this game that the important characters already seem to know each other. We get to see scenes of them all talking before the problems start, and these will be the key that connects the rest of the story together. The things Master Xehanort says also have quite a few connections to previous games in the series.

Point 1 Terra and Master Xehanort
It seems that Terra trusts Master Xehanort. We see that he obeys him, but it seems that in the end he betrays him!? What is Master Xehanort after?

Point 2 Ventus and Vanitas
Is it just a coincidence, or is there some connection? We see quite a few scenes with them together. Their names also sound similar. Just what is between the two of them!

Point 3 Aqua’s Good Luck Charm
Aqua gives them charms to make sure they’ll see each other again. The charms look just like the one that Kairi made in KH!

Point 4 The search begins
The three of them are ordered to go searching for Master Xehanort, but in this scene we don’t see Ventus anywhere. Where could he be?

Point 5 What is Ventus doing?
What is Master Eraqus and Aqua looking at? It almost seems as though Ventus is acting violent…


From Tetsuya Nomura
Their adventure begins here.

Though not all scenes are, most of these screenshots show the prologue to the story, in Land of Departure, where they start their journey. What exactly were Terra and Master Xehanort talking about? What is Ven doing? You’ll have to find out more in the game. Master Eraqus is Ven, Terra and Aqua’s master, and he will have a lot to do with the story. He is a new character for the series, so I’d like you to watch him closely. —–

Master Eraqus

He is a Keyblade Master with three apprentices. We don’t know much about him yet, but he seems like a calm and collected “samurai” type. The armor around his middle and his boots look similar to the other three. Perhaps he can change into armor as well? His keyblade design is rather interesting.

“Now we will be having the Master Qualification Exam.”

The Three Apprentices


A young man who is always calm and cool even under pressure. He fights with power, and can pack a lot of destruction into one attack.


A boy who is curious and has a cheerful personality. He fights with speed, and uses light, quick actions.


A serious young woman who both kind and strong. Her style is to fight with magic, so her attacks might be a bit erratic!?

System – Let’s look at two new things that have been revealed!

Command Levels – Important for growth of your commands!

Deck Commands, Action Commands, and Shoot Lock Commands all have levels. You can gain CP (Command Points) from defeated enemies which once you’ve gotten enough will raise the levels of your Commands. Levels will effect just how strong your Commands will become.

Set your Commands before battle
CP will be given to all Commands that you have set in your Deck. When your Commands level up it will tell you on the screen. You can also check their growth on the menu screen.

Support Abilities – Master your abilities to make them more powerful

Some Deck Commands will also have Support Abilities attached to them. When you set the Command you will gain the effect of the Support Ability, but if you unequip it you will lose the effect. But if you set the Command and get the ability to the highest level, your character will then have that ability mastered, and even if the Command is unequipped the effect of the Support Ability will remain.

Support Abilities will grow by gaining CP. Then you will be able to level them up.

Barrage – A Deck Command. You will draw close to the enemy and hit them with a rapid fire multi-hit attack. If you manage to press the buttons with good timing you gain extra hits.

Strike Raid – A Deck Command. You use the keyblade like a boomarang to attack your enemies. Sora has used the same attack before in the KH series.


Vanitas has his face hidden, so he is even more mysterious than other characters. There is a very important reason that his face is covered, but I can’t tell that yet. I will tell you that you won’t see it until the end of the story. I chose his name first through the meaning I wanted, then when I was looking up words this one also sounded similar to Ventus. So the reason I chose this name was because it felt like he was destined for it.

And the Japanese SQUARE ENIX Online Shop has recently added two new scarfs and two new beanies.  Here’s what one of the scarfs looks like:


Check out the Online Shop to see the rest!

Kingdom Hearts Merchandise + Disney Company

Square Enix has revealed two new sets of merchandise for Kingdom Hearts fans to enjoy while awaiting the upcoming release of the newest title, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Get ready to accessorize with new keychains as well as Volume 2 of the Mobile Mascot straps! Thanks to ReBirth Wings for the info!

Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mini Stuffed Keychains

Release Date: December 2009

CGD-5029 CGD-5030

Sora & Roxas

Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mascot Straps Volume 2

Release Date: January 25, 2010

CGD-5102 CGD-5100 CGD-5103 CGD-5101 CGD-5104

There is also news to report for Disney fans concerning the company’s contract with Square Enix. According to Dengeki Online, Square Enix confirmed today that they will now be selling Disney games and software domestically in Japan in order to increase the company’s sales. However software on Microsoft platforms will not be included in this deal.

According to this deal, Square Enix will sell Disney Interactive‘s latest game, “Stitch! DS Ohana and Rhythm Big Adventure” releasing December 3 2009 in Japan. Square Enix commented about the contract saying, “By using the best knowledge from our gaming industry, it’s possible to contribute to Disney’s software sales.” Please do not repost translations without crediting HEARTSTATION.ORG.

Also Disney fans! Have you heard the news about the Epic Mickey project? It sounds like this mysterious title from Warren Spector will be releasing on the Wii platform! Check out more details on!

Tokyo Game Show 2009 Report – Final

Here’s my report from Tokyo Game Show 2009, detailing the features from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts coded. I’ll jeep this post as up to date as possible. Unfortunately no photos or video were allowed near the demo or theater, so you’ll have to settle with my bad illustrations. Onward to the details!

Birth by Sleep Trailer Impression

The trailer opens with the lines, “In the fate of all, there is no such thing as chance.”

The first scene begins with Aqua, Ven, and Terra standing in a starlit area with a castle and town in the background. Judging by the rocks in the area, I assume its Radiant Gardens. Aqua talks about a legend about star shaped objects and how if ever they become separated, they’ll definitely meet again as long as they have their charms. During this, Aqua presents the two guys with good luck charms made up of seashells just like the one Kairi gives Sora, except different colors. Terra’s is orange, Ven’s is green, and Aqua’s is blue. The three stick their hands out in a pact and then the scene switches.

Aqua: There’s a world somewhere out there that has trees which bear star shaped fruit. That fruit becomes a promise to connect people’s lives. Imitating that fruit with these charms made from seashells, we’ll surely meet again if we ever become separated.

Aqua: Everyone’s match! Con-nec-ted!

Tokyo Game Show 2009 015

The new character that appears to be their Master is shown talking to Aqua and Terra about the “Master Qualification Exam”, there are two large chairs behind him and Master Xehanort sits upon one to the right. He has an aged face and chiseled features, dark hair tied back and wears a dark blue top with silver straps making an X shape across his front. He also wears a white coat with a red lining around the hood. Terra and Aqua are lined up in front of the two masters, the area they’re in looks like a brightly lit palace with stained glass windows.

???: From here we will be administering the Master Qualification Exam. As wielders chosen by the Keyblade, the condition of your heart will be tested. Fortunately, Master Xehanort is extending his trip from a distant place.

Tokyo Game Show 2009 024

Tokyo Game Show 2009 014

After this a scene with Mickey riding on a large book atop a whirlpool of water is shown. He’s wearing the same outfit in previous Birth by Sleep screenshots. There are some broomsticks shown too, which allude to Mickey’s scene in Fantasia.

Tokyo Game Show 2009 013

Then a plethora of cutscenes are shown consecutively. Terra with a very distressed Cinderella, aiding her.

Terra: You possess a strong heart. As long as your heart has strength, you’ll be able to overcome any painfulness.

Ven being awoken by Tinkerbell in Neverland…

Lost Boys: Kick it hard with everything you got!

Also in Neverland, when Hook examines the star fragment.

Ven: Is that Mickey’s star fragment!?

Hook: Hahaha, an unexpected bonus comes along with the shooting star!

In Cinderella’s world, Aqua is inthe middle of the living room of Cinderella’s home. The blue suited monocle wearing dude is there trying the slipper on the ladies.

Aqua: I wonder if I may try on the slipper?

In Snow White’s world, Ven approaches the Witch and gives her the poisoned apple.

Ven: Ma’am!

Witch: Hm?

Ven: You dropped this.

Terra confronting the Queen in Snow White’s world.

Queen: If you heed my request, I’ll allow you to ask my mirror about Xehanort’s whereabouts.

A scene where Ven is talking with the seven dwarves within their cottage.

Ven: It couldn’t have been Terra!

Doc: That guy, did he use the apparitoin that attacked the princess?

The same scene from the Aqua demo is shown too where Aqua approaches the seven dwarves gathered around Snow White’s sleeping case.

Aqua: What happened?

Doc: Snow White…

A scene where Stitch is being purseued by Unverse and Aqua defeats them.

Aqua: Watch out!

Also a small scene where Stich gives Ven a stuffed toy also looking like the lucky charm and exclaims the word “Friend” to him as he does so.

Ven: You know Terra and Aqua?

Stitch: Friend.

Among the action scenes, multiple summons are shown. A combination attack of Aqua and Mickey (Fantasia version), creating the “Holy Charge” attack. Terra and Cinderella together doing the “Dream Waltz” attack. And when Ven summons stitch, they do the “Ohana Beat” attack.

Aqua is also shown fighting within the Indian campsite of Peter Pan’s world. The scene where Ven is wearing his armor and floats after Stitch in Deep Space is very reminiscent of the end of Kingdom Hearts II when fighting Xehanort where Riku is driving the device to chase after Xehanort and Sora does the fighting. Anyways, it looks alot like the thing he is floating on is made from his Keyblade, similar to the fight with the Lingering Sentiment in Final Mix how his Keyblade transforms. Ven fights from fights from atop it in the same manner. There are also scenes of the multiplayer mode where players are fighting within the Arena.

Tokyo Game Show 2009 025

The scenes showing a board game type mini game are shown somewhere within all this. Ven appears standing on this board, there’s also a Jumba nearby, a dice rolls, and his piece moves. A similar scene where Cinderella is moving on the game board and Terra is on another square in the background which finishes with the Fairy Godmother exclaiming “Bippity Boppity Boo!” I’m not sure what’s really going on with it, but there was no explanation in the trailer.

The cutscenes initiate once more with Ven standing across from the masked Keyblade wielder in the wastelands. When the masked wielder speaks, his voice is masculine but not deep, eluding that he may be quite young.

Ven: You…! Terra isn’t Terra anymore, what is meaning of this!?

Masked Wielder: The meaning is the same as stated. The existence known as Terra is gone.

He procures his gear-esque with eyes Keyblade, and moves into a power stance that is the same way Riku holds the Keyblade, with his right arm bent up and the left one to the side. In the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Ultimania, Nomura mentions that when Riku fell into darkness, he did not acquire his outfit by chance.

Ven: A Keyblade!?

Ven takes out his Keyblade too, which happens to have a key chain.

Masked Wielder: Your power, show it to me.

Following this scene, Terra is shown in the courtyard of their castle and Master Xehanort is walking down the stairway leading down.

Terra: Master Xehanort, what should I be learning?

Master Xehanort: You’re good as you are. The darkness in your heart is not erased, but your power keeps it under control.

It’s a strange thing to say since in past trailers, Mastere Xehanort has said, “Those that submit to darkness are not qualified to wield the Keyblade.”

Following that, a short scene showing Aqua looking slighting confused in what looks like the same stained glass windowed palace from the earlier scenes.

Aqua: Terra is expected to succumb to darkness…

Then the scene with Ven being spoken to by Vexen appears, Vexen is wearing a white lab coat like that of Young Xehanort in the flashback scenes of Kingdom Hearts II. They appear to be in Radiant Gardens.

Vexen (Even): From this point, I predict [it’s] likely destined with you.

Tokyo Game Show 2009 023

In front of a large door, Xaldin holds a long black spear and Lexeaus holds a black long poled axe. They move into a defensive stance as they are approached by Ven.

Xaldin (Dilan): What’s your business?

Lexaeus (Aeleus): You can’t enter the castle right now.

All three appear very much the same as they did in Organization XIII, I can’t really recall any differences. But since this takes place 10 years in the past, one assumes it’s Even, Dilan, and Aeleus.

Tokyo Game Show 2009 022

After that, the same scene shown in KH2 Final Mix where the Keyblade graveyard is reanimated in Birth by Sleep graphics, only Terra and company aren’t wearing their armor. Just like before, Master Xehanort is approaching the trio and the masked wielder appears out of him.

Master Xehanort: Look around. The Keyblade’s power is governed by the heart of it’s previous master’s until the end.

Master Xehanort: On this ground a Keyblade battle of light and dark unfolded. These are the remnants of the Keyblade war.

Out of the Keyblades shown, the Sleeping Lion and Fenrir Sora used in Kingdom Hearts II can be recognized.

The trailer ends with the Japanese release date, January 2010.

Tokyo Game Show 2009 021

This isn’t exactly related since the trailer didn’t say as much, but I think that star shaped objects are connected to the character’s growth or something since they seem to reoccur constantly. The first thing is a Star Fragment, the thing Hook has that Ven believes belongs to a friend. The second is the patched up doll Stitch gave to Ven. And the third thing is the lucky charm Aqua made. Maybe they’re connected to their Keyblades or something. Who knows, that’s just my insight.

Coded Trailer Impressions

The highlights of the Coded trailer involved Sora breaking into the library room Mickey and company monitor their computer from. Mickey pulls out his Keyblade in surprise. Lots of gameplay scenes. The last scene shows Riku first with his hood on appear digitally and then once he’s done appearing, he isn’t waring a hood. Sora shouts out to him, “Riku!”, but with his arms crossed and sounding quite sour, he says “I am not Riku.”

Birth by Sleep Demo Impressions

Aqua – Dwarf Woodland

Aqua first appears in a wooded area and approaches the seven dwarves who are surrounding Snow White’s glass box where she is fast asleep. After the seven dwarves each explain to Aqua what a wonderful impact Snow White had on each of them and how sad they are, Aqua offers to help them out by doing what she can.

After this cutscene Aqua is in a walled yard area connected to the castle. I wasn’t sure how much time we’d have to try out the demo, so I hurried about it and didn’t explore very much. The Unverse appear randomly just like Heartless in the past games. They’re quick and obnoxious, except for the fat blue guys. As far as battle style goes, Aqua offers a lot of flair and acrobatics, so she’s a lot of fun to move around. She isn’t as powerful as Terra, but she makes up for it with style. Her Shoot Lock combo is called Rainbow Shower, and like the name implies, it’s very colorful.

Moving out of the courtyard, Aqua enters into the castle through a crack into a sewer type place. Fighting more Unverse while traversing through a foot of water, I again ignored a lot of the area. There were glass vials laid about this area of the level and they’d change colors, and the drop item after destroying them would be different depending on what color it was. Green ones dropped munny, etc. There was a gear type device with a timer; hit it and the barred gate over another tunnel would open up and you’d have a few seconds to get past it before it dropped.

After entering the new tunnel, the cutscene with the magic mirror occurs. With barely enough time to be surprised, Aqua is whisked away inside the mirror. The fight against the Man in the Mirror was very difficult, and since there was only one potion equipped that I wasted earlier in the level, it was made more difficult than necessary. He primarily floated around shooting fireballs at you from his mouth, but was most difficult to attack when he would line up as a wall of faces on either side, shooting fireballs from both sides constantly. I think the best way to avoid that attack was to just keep running down the endless hall of faces until he stopped. When he would surround Aqua in a circle of faces, he was easy to hit since the real face would be the one with the smile and he was quite easy to access.

I ended up breezing through the demo with time to spare, so I tried the multiplayer option called the Arena. I missed the opportunity of playing with other people, but you could enter it one player so I did. I chose Ventus and the level begins on some strange platform, looks like you’re in space or something. This must be Mirage Arena. Anyways, you transport from that platform to the lobby, where you can access the events going on or start a new one, allowing up to 3 people to join. Once you’re ready, you run to the middle and begin.

I didn’t manage to beat it before the demo time ran out, but essentially you’re in a big circular room where Unverse keep appearing in different sets and it’s your job to diminish them. I imagine it’d go by much quicker with two other people, but it was fun to try anyways. It was almost reminiscent of Olympus Coliseum in Kingdom Hearts II without breaks between sets. In that sense it was a little boring, but maybe it’s more fun with more people.

As far as visuals go, Ven was in his armor from the get go, very blue colored. Terra is very yellow and Aqua is very pink by the way, I’m sure this is to help tell them apart. For some reason the three of them look so much larger and daunting in the armor suits, very intimidating.

Ventus – Castle of Dreams

Just like in past demos, Ven’s takes place Cinverella’s world. It opens with a cutscene between Jaq and Ven chatting about the ball taking place at the palace and then Cinderella walks in, “So Jaq, you’ve made friends with Ven?” Her entrance is short lived since her sisters can be heard calling for her through the door. After she leaves, Ven and Jaq start their plan of finishing Cinderella’s dress for the ball. So like before, the main goal is to collect a couple items for the dress.

After running around within the walls and hopping on plenty of spools of thread, you enter through a crack in the wall into a larger room with laundry tossed about. The white lace is sitting atop a cushion on one end and the white ribbon is on the other end. After collecting both items, a boss fight with Lucifer commences. All the while Unverse are attacking here and there but thanks to red balls of yarn, they aren’t any trouble.

Lucifer was fun to fight, though I didn’t succeed at defeating him. His primary mode of attack was to swipe and then pounce upon Ven from high places in the room. I died a few times, but eventually I figured the best way to attack him was using Ven’s Shoot Lock mode since those hits were guaranteed and to use the action command initiated while smacking Lucifer’s face. During the action command sequence Ven holds on tight to Lucifer as he runs around and the player must press the shape buttons as they appear on screen correctly in order to attack. So X button, Triangle button, etc. until Lucifer gets dizzy, then you can unleash a bunch of attacks.

The most unfortunate thing about Ven is he seemed quite weak in comparison to Terra and Aqua, but I suppose that just fits his character as a “rookie” type. He is agile and quick though, which makes nice for avoiding enemies. He’s also the least flashy, though he has his share of sparkly attacks.

Terra – Enchanted Dominion

The demo opens with a view in front of some rock walls that appear to be shaking somewhat, and then a bright yellow ball of energy with some dark purplish plasma in the middle appears and Terra in a full suit of armor walks out of it. As he walks away from it his armor fades in a flash and he appears in his regular clothing. He’s very alert and notices those darn Unverse Master Xehanort mentioned (the katakana spelling has changed accordingly), commencing a cutscene where you must fight a few sets of the Unverse.

Afterwards one sneaks behind Terra and we follow him to the bridge outside of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. There we fight more Unverse, everything from bat like creatures, to fatty blues, to pink flowered guys. My favorite part about fighting with Terra is very powerful; when he hits the enemies it feels good to do some major damage. He swings wide and doesn’t have much finesse, but who cares as long as he gets the job done.

Once all the Unverse on the bridge are taken care of, Terra enters the castle and the boss fight with Spinning Wheel initiates. This by far had the best battle music and was really a lot of fun. The area is spacious and the Spinning Wheel moves around a lot and has many points to attack. Every once and a while he’d drop a wheel and sure enough would drop down in a strike nearby it, but that was easy enough to avoid. Terra’s Shoot Lock attack was called Star Burst, and looked a lot like pin missiles attacking the targets. Since the Spinning Wheel had so many targets, taking advantage of the Shoot Lock function made it easier.

I had time afterward again to try the Arena out, this time with Aqua. Unfortunately it didn’t make taking out all the Unverse that appeared there any easier. I was unable to wipe out everything and died in the process, now practically positive this mode was meant to be played with more than one person. I tried this demo out at the Sony booth, just to see if it was any different than the one at the Square Enix booth, hoping maybe to see it on the PSP go. Turns out it was exactly the same except you weren’t ushered into the Open Theater afterwards and you could probably play the demo longer if you wanted. No PSP go trial plays.

Please check out the photos of the Kingdom Hearts junk from the event too!

Tokyo Game Show 2009 016 Tokyo Game Show 2009 017 Tokyo Game Show 2009 018Tokyo Game Show 2009 020Tokyo Game Show 2009 019

You can see in the last photos, the free CD sampler the Square Enix Music stand gave away contained a track called Sinister Sundown (Take 0) from PIANO COLLECTIONS KINGDOM HEARTS 2nd Album. If I had a CD player I would upload it, unfortunately my laptop doesn’t have a CD drive. I’ll post more about it when I find more info.

Nomura Illustration + More

A new original illustration of Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days signed by Tetsuya Nomura himself was recently distributed! Those receiving the illustration applied through a magazine promotion and a few were lucky to get one! Thanks FF7AC Reunion!


In other news, with the next episode of Kingdom Hearts Coded releasing in a few days, I’ve compiled a new page for HEARTSTATION.ORG containing all the tidbits from the series that overseas fans want to know but may end up missing due to the lack of localization.

Coded Spoilers!

I figured most people won’t mind being spoiled about this series since there is no guarantee it’ll release in English, but even so, read at your own risk! Remember this is the only new compilation game that takes place after Kingdom Hearts II, so it’s the closest thing to Kingdom Hearts III at the moment!

We also have the most recent article on Kingdom Hearts Coded and Mobile translated and archived, completely available in English now! So please check it out!

Also, thanks to The Light in Chaos, we have a cute new screenshot of Kingdom Hearts Mobile to share.


Manga Update + Ultimania Scans

Kingdom Hearts II manga Vol. 5 by Shiro Amano will be releasing August 22nd in Japan. It doesn’t say much for English speaking fans who are still waiting for Tokyo Pop’s release of the 3rd Volume. Along with the English release of the novels, will they ever come? We’ll keep you updated if news ever arrives. Thanks The Light in Chaos!

358_ultimania 010-1.png_700 358_ultimania 018-1.png_700 ultimania 000.png_700

Click here to view the whole Ultimania Gallery!

I spent a few hours last night scanning pages out of the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Ultimania, including all of the playable character’s profiles that list all their weapons plus information on their different combos. The Ultimania Gallery already had scans of the artwork from the book plus the in between CG illustrations, so don’t forget to check all 77 pics!

None of the pictures have watermarks in order to view clearly, but please don’t repost them other places without a link back to HEARTSTATION.ORG! After all the time I spent scanning and editing, I’d appreciate it very much.

And on a last note… I am leaving tonight and will be traveling for the next month and a half, so I won’t have as much time to spend working on the site. I will do my best to keep up to date though, so please look forward to it!