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Jump Festa ’10

As usual SQUARE ENIX will be at Jump Festa and this year SE will have several different booths including one for Birth by Sleep and one for KH Mobile.  They will be showcasing videos for both games and attendees will be able to play a demo of Birth by Sleep.

Also available at Jump Festa will be Christmas card sets featuring Final Fantasy XIII and Birth by Sleep.  SQUARE ENIX Members (Japan) will be putting up Christmas cards as an exchange item for those who are unable to attend the event.  Thanks FF-Reunion!


Official KH Birth by Sleep and KH Mobile Site Updates

The official Birth by Sleep site has added two new worlds to the WORLD section:  Dwarf Woodlands and Never Land.

Picture 2

Snow White says "If you're a friend of Ven's then you wouldn't do that sort of thing right?"

The description tells of the Queen who is angered by the Magic Mirror telling her that there is someone more beautiful than her and is after Snow White’s life.  Snow White runs away to the forest where she encounters the Seven Dwarfs and lives with them, but the Queen’s evil magic is still to be dealt with.  The characters introduced here are Snow White, The Queen, the Magic Mirror, and the Seven Dwarfs.

Picture 3

Peter Pan says "Light? What are you talking about?"

Never Land makes another appearance and the description tells us of Peter Pan who leads the kids on an adventure with the pirates and his important friend Tinker Bell who gets capured by Captain Hook in the middle of it all.  The characters introduced here are Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, and Captain Hook.

And a minor update for us who have no access to KH Mobile, the official site has put up the rankings for the KH Card Struggle and KH Rhythm Parade mini games.

Neverland in Birth by Sleep + More

New scans from the latest issue of V Jump feature new screenshots from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, revealing Peter Pan’s world of Neverland. It’s a small image, but you can see Ven with Tinkerbell as well as Peter and the Lost Boys. Below that, there is an image of Terra, Ven, and Aqua wearing their armor with a caption revealing details on a new mode where up to 3 people can join in a “joint struggle”. This also marks the reveal of a new Kingdom Hearts world, the Mirage Arena!


Also, the Episode 4 of Kingdom Hearts coded was distributed today. The episode features an adventure in Olympus Coliseum and we’ll be updating with more details from that soon. The V Jump scan also reveals that Episode 5 will take place in Agrahbah. Thanks!

There’s also a new post in Message from the KINGDOM featuring information on the Episode 4 plus some details added to Kingdom Hearts Mobile. Here’s the translation below.

2009/9/17 20:51
New Episode of KH coded Distributed!

Starting today, Episode 4 of Kingdom Hearts coded has begun distributing!


Hercules: What I felt at that time, I wanted to believe it was strength only you possess.
Cloud: Hmph… You’re a curious guy.

Sora comes to Olympus Coliseum and joins the hero Hercules in investigating the disaster occurring there.

However, the Coliseum becomes complicated like a labyrinth…

The Avatar Kingdom has been decked out for fall starting today.

Among that, a new item called “friend doll” has been added!


The friend doll is a companion item that follows along your own avatar’s actions.

There are many types available, like Moogles, Heartless, Nobodies, etc.

With your friend doll, you too will stay one step ahead of the trends!


Lastly, our affiliates at are still taking auditions for their upcoming project, the Fan Dub of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Here is a promotional video created by the project’s organizer, Mike. Be sure to check it out!

New Message From The KINGDOM + More

The official Kingdom Hearts staff blog Message from the KINGDOM has updated with information on the Kingdom Hearts Mobile mini game “Rhythm Parade”. You can read the translation below. Kingdom Hearts Mobile is an avatar based cell phone feature for Docomo customers which is Japan only.

2009/9/15 00:15
Notice from KH Mobile

Hello everyone!

Have you already checked out the rhythm game “KH Rhythm Parade” from Kingdom Hearts Mobile that started distributing the other day?


The avatar you made can parade around with other avatars to the classic tunes of Kingdom Hearts in an adorable battle. Since the mini game performs ranking at periodic intervals, please make sure to practice until the ranking begins!

Since there are other various mini games, please make sure to check them out.


Our affiliates KHInsider have scanned two new articles featuring Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and coded, they’ve also provided translations so please visit their site to check them out.

scan_gangan_2009_oct famitsu_090910_coded

More information about Cinderella’s World and Deep Space is revealed for Birth by Sleep, including detailed character summarizations. The article on coded mentions that the Episode 4 which takes place in Olympus Coliseum will be distributing in September sometime, but it seems quite late since it hasn’t distributed yet.

The official Square Enix Photo Report blog on Tokyo Game Show 2009 has updated and you can read more about that at our event blog.

Nomura Illustration + More

A new original illustration of Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days signed by Tetsuya Nomura himself was recently distributed! Those receiving the illustration applied through a magazine promotion and a few were lucky to get one! Thanks FF7AC Reunion!


In other news, with the next episode of Kingdom Hearts Coded releasing in a few days, I’ve compiled a new page for HEARTSTATION.ORG containing all the tidbits from the series that overseas fans want to know but may end up missing due to the lack of localization.

Coded Spoilers!

I figured most people won’t mind being spoiled about this series since there is no guarantee it’ll release in English, but even so, read at your own risk! Remember this is the only new compilation game that takes place after Kingdom Hearts II, so it’s the closest thing to Kingdom Hearts III at the moment!

We also have the most recent article on Kingdom Hearts Coded and Mobile translated and archived, completely available in English now! So please check it out!

Also, thanks to The Light in Chaos, we have a cute new screenshot of Kingdom Hearts Mobile to share.


Translated Scans and Other Updates

Remember the four page article on Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days from Famitsu’s issue last month? I’ve finished editing the last two pages while my partner gold_panner did the translations, you can check out all four pages below.

apr23-1t apr23-2t apr23-4t apr23-3t

I’ve also added the translated short story Roxas–Somewhere in Time from the Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ Special Book Another Report to the novel section thanks to her as well, don’t forget to check it out.

03The June issue of Dengeki DS&Wii will be featuring Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days including an interview with director Tetsuya Nomura plus a signed illustration as a bonus! I’ll post scans of the issue once it’s released, I wonder if the interview will be different than the one in Nintendo Dream?

The Japanese blog テイルズ@日本語でおk is also reporting that next week we’ll receive information on Saix as well as the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days introductions of the King, the Beast, and Bell from Beauty and the Beast.

The Light in Chaos blog also posted a scan featuring an ad for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, as well as the announcement for new Organization XIII avatars for Kingdom Hearts Mobile. The avatars are released and you can see pics of them below. It is mentioned in the Mobile directories that distribution for Kingdom Hearts coded will begin soon, but still there is still no official dates for when the next episodes will be available.

blog image0004 image0007 image0006

The Square Enix Calendar is listing the release date for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Ultimania on June 25 2009. The Ultimania is similar to a game info/guide book, they have been released for each Kingdom Hearts game released so far, for examples click here.

The Official Japanese website for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days updated with character profiles and introduction videos on Larxene and Lexaeus, as well as two new wallpapers, three new event scenes, and more system videos. I’m assuming that by the time the game releases in 15 days, the website will contain profiles on all 14 members!

The homepage for the Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection updated with a new video featuring the making of the album with Yoko Shimomura. Visit the main site to watch it.

358/2 Days Official Site Updates

The official site for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days updated just now with two more character profiles on Xaldin and Luxord, as well as a few videos in the System section. The videos outline about the different mission modes plus character introduction videos for Xaldin and Luxord too, featuring their weapons and limit breaks.

Click here to visit the site!

We’ll add the videos to the Downloads section after I’m done with the maintenance on it. In other site news, we are now affiliated with the Kingdom Hearts Wiki! Like many other Wikipedia type sites, the KH Wiki contains nearly anything you would want to know about the Kingdom Hearts series, check it out!