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New Sora and King Mickey Play Arts

Two new Play Arts will be releasing in April of 2010.  One is the Kingdom Hearts II version of King Mickey:

And the other is the Christmas Town version of Sora from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+:

They each cost about $40 and are available for preorder at Kotobukiya.  Thanks FF-Reunion!


Kingdom Hearts Merchandise + Disney Company

Square Enix has revealed two new sets of merchandise for Kingdom Hearts fans to enjoy while awaiting the upcoming release of the newest title, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Get ready to accessorize with new keychains as well as Volume 2 of the Mobile Mascot straps! Thanks to ReBirth Wings for the info!

Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mini Stuffed Keychains

Release Date: December 2009

CGD-5029 CGD-5030

Sora & Roxas

Kingdom Hearts Avatar Mascot Straps Volume 2

Release Date: January 25, 2010

CGD-5102 CGD-5100 CGD-5103 CGD-5101 CGD-5104

There is also news to report for Disney fans concerning the company’s contract with Square Enix. According to Dengeki Online, Square Enix confirmed today that they will now be selling Disney games and software domestically in Japan in order to increase the company’s sales. However software on Microsoft platforms will not be included in this deal.

According to this deal, Square Enix will sell Disney Interactive‘s latest game, “Stitch! DS Ohana and Rhythm Big Adventure” releasing December 3 2009 in Japan. Square Enix commented about the contract saying, “By using the best knowledge from our gaming industry, it’s possible to contribute to Disney’s software sales.” Please do not repost translations without crediting HEARTSTATION.ORG.

Also Disney fans! Have you heard the news about the Epic Mickey project? It sounds like this mysterious title from Warren Spector will be releasing on the Wii platform! Check out more details on!

Recent News

The Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep trailer being featured at Tokyo Game Show 2009 will be cut into two versions, a short version to be played at the Square Enix Open Theater and a longer version being played near the exit of the Square Enix booth where the demo is available. Hopefully both versions will surface online quickly!

The dates for Jump Festa 2010 have been announced! The event will take place December 19th and 20th 2009, at the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo. While there are no announcements on what games Square Enix will be featuring at the event, it will likely be Birth by Sleep and coded.

For future references, HEARTSTATION.ORG‘s coverage of events like Tokyo Game Show and Jump Festa will now be logged in HEARTSTATION.ORG’S Event Blog. I’ll post complete summaries here, but since news from such events usually comes erratically, it’s best to follow the Event Blog for up to the minute updates as the events take place.


Lastly, the new voice actor for Mickey Mouse has been revealed. The former Hallmark illustrator Bret Iwan will now be replacing the recently passed Wayne Allwine as the voice of Disney’s most beloved character. According to sources, Iwan has recorded several spots as the famous character already, although none are believed to have been released yet. It’s also said that Iwan competed nationally for the role, so congratulations to him!

Disney Expo + No More Utada?

Disney has announced that it will be holding a fan expo not unlike gaming conferences or anime conventions, called “D23 Expo” occurring this fall at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. While this isn’t Kingdom Hearts related directly, many of us are Disney fans as well and I thought you’d like to know about it. Let me know if you plan on going! Thanks to HEARTSTATION.ORG visitor Axel for the tip! Click here for more info!

d23Among the centerpiece events of the D23 EXPO will be an extraordinary, exclusive opportunity to get early glimpses of several all-new Disney feature films. Only at the D23 EXPO will guests preview a wide range of upcoming movie events, including THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, RAPUNZEL, DISNEY’S A CHRISTMAS CAROL, TIM BURTON’S ALICE IN WONDERLAND, TRON, TOY STORY 3, PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME and THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE. Walt Disney Pictures will present these special sneak peeks in a state-of-the-art cinema built especially for the D23 EXPO.

The four-day “D23 Expo” will be held Sept. 10-13 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif.

The event will feature sneak peeks of new Disney films, celebrity appearances, props from past Disney shows, an eight-room “Disney Dream Home” and various products.

Publicist John Singh said tickets go on sale Wednesday. From the Associated Press.

In other news, a recent interview with Kingdom Hearts theme singer Utada Hikaru revealed more about the business she’s done with Kingdom Hearts and working with Disney, and perhaps revealing more about the future of the series? Check out the quotes below:

5efbdc85-23dd-482c-81a4-214eb3464715–Are you going to be involved in the soundtrack for Kingdom Hearts III?

Utada: I don’t think so, I don’t know. Probably not.
Mr. Utada: We said no to Disney.
Utada: Ohh…

–You turned down Disney?

Mr. Utada: Yeah. Because they don’t pay.

–Because they don’t pay, yeah. My parents work for Disney World, so I’m sure they’d be in agreement with you on that.

Utada: They can have a drink over that [all laugh].

–Okay, so going back a little bit, the fact that Exodus was released in English also in Japan, was that a conscious decision? Was there ever any pressure either on your label over there, or from other people to say, “Well, if you do Japanese versions of
these songs, they’ll be so much more accessible, many more people will get to that?”

Utada: Uh-huh. Well, from the beginning, yeah…before doing that contract, I’d done a few songs where I had to translate, like for Kingdom Hearts, I had to make an English version of the song “Hikari,” which became “Simple and Clean,” and then also for Kingdom Hearts II, I had to make the Japanese version which was the song “Passion” and then the English version that was “Sanctuary,” and that was so hard, it’s just—and it felt strained—and as a result, I’m happy that I worked hard to do those, because those English versions are really good and “Simple and Clean,” I think, is a really good song, and people…most of the people that know me here, they know me for that—but it’s not ideal for me as a writer, to…because, actually, I changed the melodies for “Simple and Clean” and “Hikari,” because when you change the language you’re singing in, the same melodies don’t work—and as a writer, it’s just very frustrating to have, like…I wrote these melodies for Japanese words, and to have to write in English for that, it’s just not right. And then, so, for this, uh, this contract with Island Def Jam, in the beginning I separated it to this English language album, and I don’t do Japanese translations. I just, my integrity as an artist just would not take that, could not take that.

The interview was with JETAANY.ORG, and the whole thing is available to read online here. Thanks to HEARTSTATION.ORG visitor Kevin for the tip!