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Famitsu Online Birth by Sleep Article 12/14/09

Famitsu Online has a new article on Birth by Sleep featuring Mysterious Tower, Radiant Garden, Olympus Coliseum, and the Mirage Arena.  Thanks FF-Reunion!  Translations credit to Heartstation.

The 「One-time Date」 person appears! 『Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep』

●A new fate and bond spun by the keyblade

The story of the 3 Terra、Ventus(aka Ven)、and Aqua、making up the past of the 『Kingdom Hearts』 series in 『Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep』。 We’ll give you the details on things like the King’s activity and new worlds、along with the multiplayer mode。

"Master Yen Sid we have found the King's trail"

"Yes Master Yen Sid I have come seeking your knowledge and judgement"

The world where the King’s master (teacher) the great wizard Master Yen Sid is, of which the mysterious tower also appeared in 『II』。 Here、 aside from Yen Sid、the familiar Disney characters of the King、Donald、and Goofy also appear。

●What’s the name of the little girl who lives in Radiant Garden?

A world that has major importance in the series、Radiant Garden。 Aqua, who visits this world、meets a little girl who is being targeted by an enemy called the “Unverses”。 Having appeared in this place、and helped the little girl and Aqua out of trouble、is the King who was thought to be missing。

"I feel a light from this child / Might that be why she is being targeted"

The little girl’s true character is the heroine of 『I』 and 『II』、Kairi。 Maybe we’ll see a bit of her story from when she was a child? Upon seeing her、Aqua noticed that her heart has no darkness at all but……。

△ is Thunder and ○ is Holy Burst

A scene in Radiant Garden、Aqua and the King fight the Unverses together。 With the “Link Command” Holy Burst、sweep the surrounding enemies with a holy light!

△ is Bind Strike and ○ is Holy Burst

For borrowing the power of your companion who has been separated from you、you can you the special command “D-LINK(Dimension Link)” system。 When you borrow the King’s power、you can damage your surroundings、with holy bullets that you can shoot。

●The man who has inherited a hero’s spirit aims to become a true hero

Olympus Coliseum、the world based on the movie 『Hercules』、 has come to have perfect attendance in the 『Kingdom Hearts』 series。The Olympus Coliseum that appears this time、is before Hercules has become a hero。 A new character from 『Final Fantasy VII』(below、『FFVII』) also appears!

"I need you Phil to become a hero"

The child of the god Zeus、Hercules is to later become a muscular hero。 At this time with his still undeveloped body, he is still far off from being called a hero。 He is under Phil’s training、and aims to become a true hero。

"Hey how about a one-time date?"

Zack, who aims at becoming a hero、wants to become one of Phil’s apprentices!? In compensation for something to Aqua, Zack says his famous(!?) line。

"What was that!"

"There are qualities about you"

While Ven and Zack hit it off due to their innocent personalities、Hades creeps up on Terra with an evil temptation。 With just a bit of gap in timing、their fates are influenced……。

△ is Stopra and ○ is Hero's Pride

With the D-LINK、 you can also borrow Zack’s power。 For the attack called “Hero’s Pride”、 it’s a lively sword attack that’s characteristic of Zack。

●Cooperation and competition give birth to a new enjoyment

In the world for communication、“Mirage Arena”, you can enjoy multiplay。 We will introduce the new fun of Mirage Arena where you can not only play cooperatively、but also competitively、connected single play, etc。

△ is Magna Crush and ○ is Blitz

In “Arena Mode” you can play cooperatively with up to 3 people。 Here、 strong enemies appear one after the other that can only be defeated by putting together the strength of all 3 people。 “Bewitching beings”、 that use the book as a weapon, rise out from the opened book and suck in the 3 people!
In “VS Arena Mode”、 you can compete with up to 6 people。 Aside from playing against every other player、 you can also enjoy splitting into 2 teams。 Settings can be adjust to change the variety of Command Desk you use, the minor rules、 etc。

From top to bottom, left to right: Rule Settings, Time Limit, Number of Players, Individual Combat, Own Deck, 5 Minutes, 6 Players, Team Combat, Chosen Deck. Bottom: Split and fight in 2 teams.

VS Arena Mode Rule Settings screen。 When setting everyone to Chosen Deck、 the max number of players is 3。 Also、when set to the “Own Deck” rule、players drop their commands when they receive a full attack。 If picked up、 you can use it as your own attack。

Top left: Sq Eni, Sq Eni Smash, Can Link; Middle left: Finish, Can Link; Bottom Left: Finish, Can Link; Top Right: Finish, Connecting; Middle Right: Rock Smash 1, Can Link. Bottom: Choose who can D-LINK

You can D-LINK with friends you’ve met in Mirage Arena! You apply the D-LINK、 and upon using it in Single Play、 the friend can use their Deck Commands as they were set。

Left column: Sq Eni, Number of Links used, Time, Number of Enemies Killed, Number of times HP turned 0. Right column: Number of steps, Collected Munny, Most Used Command Style, Fatal Mode, Fire Blazer. Bottom: Air Arts

Upon meeting with the friend you did a D-LINK with again in Mirage Arena、 you exchange data、 and you gain experience points to your Finish Command。 The more you use the D-LINK、 the more experience points you get each time you meet。

※For details check the weekly published Famitsu 2009/12/24 issue (which released 2009/12/10)!


358/2 Days Manga + Scans

This week the newest issue of Shounen Gangan released with the Chapter 4 of the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days manga. It also featured an article on Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts coded. I’ve taken photos of the article and provided translations for the manga, please check them out.

s012 s011

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Page One

Marluxia: So you’ve finally come, Keyblade Hero

Marluxia: Welcome to Castle Oblivion

Marluxia: I am Number 11. of Organization XIII, Marluxia

Marluxia: I am the leader presiding over this castle

Page Two

Marluxia: There’s nothing I want to fight over, I just want to borrow your power

Marluxia: Ugh, What are you doing? Stop that!
Axel: Now to gather up a report… Such a bother

Axel: Castle Oblivion was destroyed by the Keyblade Hero

Page Three

Axel: As for the members, all of the ones above me were annihilated

Axel: And now for my plan… Hurry back and eat some ice cream

Axel: I wonder if Roxas will be there…

Page Four

Xigbar: Ohoh man… This world is humid!

Xigbar: Let’s get this over with before my armpits get sweaty

Xigbar: What an idiot

Roxas: Mm…

Page Five

Roxas: Annihilation… Something that’s been erased huh…

[Flashback to Chapter Three]

Xigbar: One of the guys that went to Castle Oblivion was annihilated

Saix: I heard according to the Dusk report he was wiped out

[End flashback]

Xigbar: Uhuh, you disappear

Xigbar: After that, nothing’s left

Roxas: Is it mean… we couldn’t meet again?

Page Six

Xigbar: You got a problem with something?

Xigbar: Let me put it to you straight

Xigbar: Half the members have been annihilated, but with you and Poppet around, it’s not a problem

Roxas: Poppet?

Xigbar: I’m talking about Xion, kiddo

Xigbar: (What’s it matter anyways?)

Xigbar: Right now she’s collecting hearts… You better give it your all too, seeing as you are using the same Keyblade

Page Seven

Xion – In top shape on her own

CHAPTER 4: There’s a problem

Shiro Amano

Original Plan: Nomura Tetsuya

Page Eight

Xion: Strange…I’m moving my body on my own

Xion: Mission complete…

Xion: …

Page Nine

Xion: The Keyblade…

Xion: The same as Roxas

Page Ten

Roxas: “You got a problem with something?”

Roxas: Xigbar’s mechanical stare was piercing right through me

Xigbar: Hey!

Roxas: !!

Page Eleven

Xigbar: Concentrate, kiddo

Roxas: Sorry…

Roxas: It’s just… I do have a problem

Roxas: We’re friends

Page Twelve

Roxas: Ugh!?

Roxas: Wha… What is this?

Roxas: Augh…

Roxas: My head…

Xigbar: Hey!

Page Thirteen

Xigbar: What’s going on, kiddo!?

Roxas: What’s happening…?

Roxas: This…

Page Fourteen

Xemnas: 6 days have passed since you came here

Page Fifteen

Xemnas: The time has come

Xemnas: Sora

Roxas: Sora? I’m not Sora, who are you?

Page Sixteen

Xemnas: My name is -

Page Seventeen

Xemnas: Is he awake?

Saix; It’s a circumstance of the plans at Castle Oblivion

Saix: At this instant Xion is collecting hearts

Saix: Well then, I’ll be off, Lord Xemnas

Page Eighteen

Xemnas: …

Xemnas: So you’re still asleep…?

Saix: …


“What in the world do those words mean?”

Continued in Volume 1 2010, on sale December 12

The Episode 6 of Kingdom Hearts coded will take place in Hollow Bastion and we will see Goofy and Donald join Sora for the first time! Pete and Maleficent also return after their appearance in Agrahbah in Episode 5.

I wanted to thank everyone for your patience while I work on getting HEARTSTATION.ORG back up and running. Everything that could possibly go wrong has, but I am confident that we will be back with even more content by the end of the month. So please continue waiting just a while longer, thanks again!

Birth by Sleep Scans + More

Last week’s issue of Famitsu Weekly contained a multi page spread on Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and here are scans from it. Most of the images have been shown previously in online articles in the like, featuring Snow White and Peter Pan. There was also a spread on the Shoot Lock system as well as an interview with Co. Director Tai Yasue discussing the multiplayer mode.

Japan126 Japan127 Japan128 Japan129 Japan130 Japan 131 updated today with more screenshots featuring the finishing moves of Terra and Ventus as well as screenshots highlighting the Dimension Link system, these are the attacks that function like summons. Please check them out below! Thanks to for the heads up!


Click here to view the new screenshots in our gallery!

Gameplay of a the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep at Tokyo Game Show 2009 is now on Youtube thanks to IGN and Thanks to for the update!

And lastly, our affilates at KH-Vids.Net have been working on a fan dub of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and have recently released a promotional video of the production, which can be seen below. Please make sure to check it out!

Birth by Sleep Famitsu Article

Along with it’s recent feature at Tokyo Game Show 2009, more details about the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep multiplayer system are revealed in the latest article from Read it translated below thanks to gold_panner! Please do not repost translations without crediting HEARTSTATION.ORG.

Multiplayer Information and the Springing Birth by Sleep

‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Snow White’ worlds are also unveiled!

‘Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep’: an action RPG in which players can enjoy the story of three heroes, Terra, Ventus and Aqua. The original story that unfolds in Disney worlds, a characteristic of the series, is powered up even further. With old favourites such as ‘Peter Pan’, and first-time appearances such as ‘Snow White’, players can enjoy every bit of the charm of a Disney production to their hearts content. This time, we unveil information on these worlds, the battle system, and something that has been kept secret until now: multiplayer!

You shouldn’t associate with a petty pirate like Hook

I think my friend dropped that. Could you please leave it with me?

In Peter Pan’s world, Neverland, Captain Hook is plotting something again. It also seems like Peter Pan is looking for something. The blue crystal that Tinker Bell has in her hands seems to be a jewel; perhaps this is what he is searching for. In a new film clip, it was called a ‘star fragment’…

You guys don’t want the pirate’s treasure!?

That will be your treasure.

The ones Terra is speaking to are the Lost Boys, appearing for the first time in the series. They are boys who have gone astray from their parents, and do not age. At present, they are buddies who take orders from Peter Pan, and pass the time having fun in Neverland. What kind of role will they play, we wonder?

If they’re a friend of yours, Ven, then we wouldn’t expect them to do such a thing.

We were changed by Snow White’s purity.

If you can heed my wishes, I’ll let you use this mirror to find the whereabouts of Xehanort.

In Snow White’s world, Ven and Aqua co-operate with the seven dwarves for the sake of Snow White. On the other side, it looks like Terra is doing dealings with the Queen, who is after Snow White’s life. In the same world, in the regular storyline, the three quarrel: an unexpected development?

Aqua, who has been sucked into the Queen’s mirror. Here, a battle with this magic mirror which baffles by using many kinds of attacks, disappearing at will, and making clones, unfolds. Amongst the lined up masks, the real one must be there…

Individuality Abounds in Shoot Lock technique

Shoot lock, a strong technique that fires a powerful attack at a locked-on enemy. Activate Shoot Lock mode by holding down the L+R buttons, and lock on to the enemies by working the analogue stick! In that state, hit the circle button, and a refreshing, special move that can wipe out many enemies is released. Let’s showcase each of the three’s different Shoot Lock techniques!

The Shoot Lock technique that Terra uses is called ‘Star Burst’. Countless bullets of light are fired from the keyblade, and shoot the enemies down one by one! If the number of lock ons is maxed, extra input commands become possible. In Terra’s case, bash the circle button, and a finish move is unleashed!

The Shoot Lock that Ven fires is called ‘Photon Charge’, a move which slashes the locked-on enemies over and over. Max the number of lock ons after slashing, and a circle button icon is displayed. Successfully hit the button, and it flows into a finish move in which pillars of light rise up.

Aqua, who has many showy moves, has a Shoot Lock called ‘Rainbow Shower’, which involves shooting seven-coloured light. The seven-coloured light, fired from the keyblade at once, chases after the enemy. When piled up in the middle of a shrinking circle, hit circle button with good timing, and as a finish, even more light zooms around.

Multiplayer Using Wireless LAN Function!

Using wireless LAN function, you can enjoy multiplayer! Enter ‘Mirage Arena’, a world for communication use, and your character becomes an armoured warrior, and you can enjoy various contents. And, it is still undecided whether we will be able to formed parties ad hoc for connected battles, through the PS3.

Choose which contents to play with on an exclusive computer terminal. And, multi- and single-play are completely compatible. The items gained, and the degree of character growth can be carried over.

In the Arena, one of the connected contents, co-operate to defeat enemies. By rescuing trapped comrades, and reviving those fallen by mashing the circle button, the co-op component is fully loaded.

Tokyo Game Show 2009 Day 1

Footage from the event is still minor, but thanks to an inclusive article on, many details from Tokyo Game Show 2009 dealing with Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts coded were revealed. Here’s a translation of their most recent article on the show. Please do not repost translations without crediting HEARTSTATION.ORG.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Latest trailer begins with Aqua, of the 3 main characters, giving goodluck charms made up of seashells to Ven and Terra. Continuing, a new character that looks like a samurai appears. Terra and Aqua are shown in a scene explaining the “Master Qualification Exam”, will the two of them take the test to become masters? Nearby Master Xehanort is there as a so called “guest”. In the scene Master Xehanort explains a lesson to Terra, at this point in time Master Xehanort is respected by everyone.


Master Xehanort has been revealed publically before, but gathering from this image, there seems to be a sense of madness exerted from him…

Many previously revealed scenes are shown consecutively, and then a scene that looks like a board game in every aspect is shown. Cinderella rolls some dice and the game advances exactly like a board game. In the past, this game’s director Tetsuya Nomura mentioned “A growth system that’s quite different from other systems, maybe you could call it a mini game…?” Could this be what he was talking about!? Moreover, Vexen in a white robe, as well as the two soldier like figures of Xaldin and Lexaeus are there as one might think their human forms appeared before they were in Organization XIII. Also, in the same booth guests could try out the multiplayer mode, as well as observe plenty of new worlds like Peter Pan and Cinderella.


The 3 person multiplayer scenes were publically revealed. It happens in Peter Pan’s world, though the scenes seem to be different than what has appeared in the past titles.

Additionally, the masked Keyblade user who appeared with Master Xehanort is given a voice for the first time. Ven is shown in his mysterious armor like what the “Lingering Sentiment” wore in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, he rides the Keyblade with Stitch, flying into space. Anyways, there were many astonishing scenes shown in rapid succession. The release date announced at the end is for January 2010 in Japan.


The mysterious person that appears wearing a body suit like that of motorcycle rider. Though their voice was masculine…

Kingdom Hearts Mobile & Coded

In Kingdom Hearts Mobile, images of the new mini game “Rhythm Parade” which has begun distribution recently appeared. It was a cute image of FF series characters moving alongside with the avatar characters. Kingdom Hearts coded is continuously being publically featured, this time mostly with a focus on Episode 3 and Episode 4 which are distributing now. A boss stage in side scroll style was shown, as well as scenes featuring command battle methods. The high spec images were something you wouldn’t expect from a mobile video game. Also, at the end a man in a black hood appears suddenly in the room of the King (Mickey) and his company. The hood is lifted… And the face that is shown looks like that of Riku from the original Kingdom Hearts! However, the man in the hood says “I am not Riku!” The ending images just call on mystery upon mystery and leave you anxious for more.

Here’s also a small collection of photos from the event. You can see a couple of new images of Birth by Sleep from the demo, as well as the Sora Santa Play Arts and King Mickey Play Arts.

3950262866_8aa6d96d1f_o 3950259934_59d56520c7_o r3095817876

tgs-09-hirai-0209-rm-eng tgs09

Birth by Sleep Updates + More

In our down time, there has been much media on the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Thanks to special guest translator anikoku who will be joining the HEARTSTATION.ORG team, we have some of the latest content from Famitsu magazine to share!

Details from the Birth by Sleep article


Terra – A young man who wields the keyblade. The oldest among the trio, serving as their leader. A brother-like presence to Ven. Possesses a cool, composed personality, but hides a passionate side that would fight hard in order to protect his friends.

Ventus – Preferred nickname is “Ven”. Being the youngest in their trio, he is always interested in things happening around him. Though he greatly resembles Roxas, their connection is as yet unknown.

Aqua – One of the knights chosen by the keyblade, learning under the same master as Terra and Ven. Extremely serious demeanor, and the most level-headed of the trio. Constantly worries about her two friends, and takes care of them.

Click here to read the rest!

Details from the interview with director Tetsuya Nomura

In the beginning of the game, the player chooses which protagonist to play as. You must control this same character until you clear the game. Depending on who you choose, you may see aspects of the storyline that wouldn’t be revealed through playing as the other two protagonists.

Each world has three peoples worth of scenarios to play, and because all the bosses are different, it is the equivalent of owning three games.

Nomura: “Please be careful of spoilers when you’re playing with your friends, as the game can differ depending on the character you’re playing with.”

And to the question of KH3…

Nomura: “What comes next is what comes next. (Laugh)”

Click here to read the rest! has updated with an online article featuring much of the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep content mentioned in the magazine. It also contains 15 high quality screenshots, which have been added to the Screenshot gallery.

Click here to see the rest!

The Prologue as well as Character Bios of the video game novel Kingdom Hearts 2: Vol. 1 Roxas—Seven Days have been added to the Novels section thanks to gold_panner! There is still no word about these novels being published in English officially, so please check out these translations in the mean time.

Also, the HEARTSTATION.ORG Gallery is in the process of being restored, but is back for the most part. I am still working on compiling the rest of the images from the past few months including the 358/2 Days Ultimania scans so please be patient while we complete that.

E3 Press Release + Nintendo Power Scans

Thanks to HEARTSTATION.ORG visitor Aluminumticket for scanning the June issue of Nintendo Power as well as the E3 press release featuring Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The magazine scans contain screenshots from the English version of the game as well as a interview with Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura, check them out below!

cover 2 36 37 38

39 40 41 42 43

44 45 pressv 358booth

New episodes of Kingdom Hearts Coded begin releasing tonight, the official website updated with information on Episode 1. Here’s screenshots below of from the official site. I’ll update with some translations later tonight.

ep1-1 ep1-2 ep1-3 ep1-4