Tokyo Game Show 2008 BBS Trailer Report

Information reported by attendees of Tokyo Game Show 2008. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

  • The trailer at TGS isn’t very different from the trailer presented atthe DΣS3713 Party.
  • Some gameplay footage of Aqua was shown. She floats and teleports while using the Keyblade without touching it, much like that of Sora’s Final Form from KHII.
  • Cutscenes featuring Aqua in Castle of Dreams as well as the Snow White World is shown.
  • The Unbirths are said to be much quicker than the Heartless and are animated extremely well to be twitchy and nervous in appearance.
  • Trailer Impressions from Game Watch
  • This title takes place 10 years prior to the first Kingdom Hearts. In the closed theater, the names of the mysterious characters that appeared in the Kingdom Hearts II secret movie become clear one after another. One of the characters presented was an old man called Master Xehanort, and though his name is familiar, this is the first time this character has appeared in the series. In addition, the three characters that will play key roles were revealed to be Terra, Ventus,and Aqua. Following the sudden disappearance of Master Xehanort, their story begins. The witch Maleficent who interfered in the adventures of Sora in the first Kingdom Hearts appears as well.
  • Trailer Impressions from The Light In Chaos
  • The trailer was the same as shown at DΣS3713 except these scenes were added.
  • Background Music: Fate of the Unknown

    Castle of Dreams.
    Aqua glances Cinderella running to her carriage, and runs after her.
    Cinderella drops one of her glass slippers.

    In the world of Snow White
    Aqua looks into a mirror and the figure of the evil witch is projected.
    Aqua jumps for a moment and steps back, then plunges into the mirror.

    Aqua’s battle scene.
    Her fighting style seems like floating.
    She does not hold the keyblade, the keyblade attacks as if it knows her intentions.
    Sort of like Final Form from Kingdom Hearts II.
    Her mode changed to something pink, but the name of it is unknown.