Tokyo Game Show 2008 BBS Demo Impressions

Information reported by attendees of Tokyo Game Show 2008. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

The above video is some footage of Birth By Sleep taken at TGS. It is of the playable demo, where you play as Terra as you advance through the Enchanted Dominion.

Even more footage thanks to BPtv! The attendee playing the demo talks about how Kingdom Hearts appeals to both men and women, and about the characteristics of the battle system. The button mashing of the past games is replaced with a slightly more complicated and challenging method of attack using the circle and triangle buttons. Also, the Shoot Lock mode is clearly executed.

  • Even more Birth By Sleep gameplay footage, this time from IGN. While the clip may be short, it is currently some of the best quality footage we have seen thus far from TGS!
  • The Playable Demo seems to be the exact same one from the DΣS3713 Party
  • Ven’s modes were: Cyclone, Speed Rave, Firebreeze, and Thunder
  • You could not repeat a mode consecutively.
  • The items Ven searches for were a white ribbon, lace, and one among two pieces of cloth.
  • In Ven’s level you ride a ball of string, it’s kinda scary.
  • Thunder mode is a temporary name for the official name of the mode. (The blogger forgot the name of it)
  • Ven’s techniques: Attack, Cure, Rush, Fire, Thunder, Fire Blitz, Strike Raid, Final Break, Zero Graviga
  • When playing as Ventus, in the Thunder mode, you could temporarily use techniques like Strike Raid and Zero Graviga. The finishing moves in normal mode was cure and regular attacking.
  • When playing as Terra, it seems the main finishing move in normal mode was a freeze attack.
  • Fatal Mode is an attacking system based on dealing heavy blows.
  • Demo Impressions from Game Watch
  • In the demo, Terra and Ventus were playable options. Terra’s level was in Sleeping Beauty’s world, known as Enchanted Kingdom. Ventus was featured in the Cinderella world, called the Castle of Dreams. The operations are simple and it’s easy to enjoy the battle actions, it is less choppy than before. The gameplay also has an impressive sense of speed. The ‘command gauge’ raises whenever an enemy is defeated, and when it is full especially strong attacks become available. Also, the Shoot Lock mode is now activated by pressing both the L and R buttons, positioning the camera’s viewpoint to better attack. The shooting element is strong and especially enjoyable.
  • Famitsu Interview with Nomura
  • ──If 358/2 Days was emphasizing Xion, then was Birth by Sleep emphasizing Aqua?Nomura: Aqua’s battle scenes were exhibited for the first time to the public, her movement is fast and easy to overlook. So that you don’t lose sight of her, concentrate and try to keep your eyes on her. Frankly speaking, since its hard to see clearly, she is teleporting in the battle scenes. Because the teleportation occurs instantaneously, it’s hard to catch sight of. (Laughs)