Tokyo Game Show 2007 BBS Trailer Report

The footage comes from Khronnus, I edited the video to isolate the trailer. I also did the translations and subtitling. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

I believe this is the video played at Tokyo Game Show 2007. The opening scene where Terra and Ven chat about their friendship is missing. It is NOT THE SAME trailer played at Jump Festa 2008. The following scenes appeared at Jump Festa 2008, and do not appear in this video.

  • Action sequence where Ven is shown as playable
  • Mickey training with Yen Sid, Donald, and Goofy
  • Ven in Cinderella’s World
  • Terra with Maleficent

(This first scene was not caught on the video.)

A conversation scene between Terra and Ven is presented.
Terra is sitting on a rock, Ven is standing.

Terra: Sometime ago you rescued me, right?
Ven: Rescued? It was the natural thing to do, because we’re friends.
Terra: Right

Saying as much, Ven begins to laugh. Terra jumps down from a rock, and places a hand upon Ven’s shoulder.

Terra: Thanks, Ven

Terra confronts the old man from the KH2FM+ secret movie at the wasteland.

Xehanort: I believed you’d find your way by now――
Xehanort: Cross the wall between the light and darkness, to me
Xehanort: I’m tired of waiting for you, Terra

Terra: …I have a “friend”
Terra: Answer me, Xehanort. What have you done to his heart?!

Terra summons a keyblade into his right hand.

An encounter between Xehanort and Ven at Olympus Coliseum.

Xehanort: Long time no see.

Ven: Who are you?  As for having met you…

Xehanort: Seems that you’re losing it.
Xehanort: However, you haven’t lost it permanently. In order to obtain it, give up.
Xehanort: Now recover everything, and discover the truth!

In between these cutscenes they show the footage of playing the game as Terra.


Destiny Island

Terra stares towards the sea as the sun sets at two boys sword fighting near a grove of trees.
They appear to be Sora and Riku.

Ven and the character wearing a black helmet and armor (The person who appeared in the secret of KH2FM +) are there.
The mysterious character throws back Ven.

Xehanort: Those that submit to darkness are not qualified to wield the keyblade.
Xehanort: Already, that man is a monster infused with darkness.
Xehanort: Defeat the darkness and correct my mistake!

In a rocky place like Radiant Gardens

Terra: I don’t care about being master. This power, I use for my friends!!

Destiny Island

Ven stares at the shore as the sun sets.
He is looking downward with a despondent expression.

Ven: We’re “friends”, therefore I wanted to ask something. Erase me.