Re:Riplai Interview BBS Section

Re:Riplai was a special ‘mook’ (book magazine) released by Square Enix through Famitsu Publishing company at the end of 2008 which contained numerous articles and interviews with developers working on the company’s latest titles, including all three new Kingdom Hearts titles. These interviews came directly from my own copy. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep with Director Tetsuya Nomura

Q. Why does Maleficent know about “Kingdom Hearts”?

A. She is influenced by contact with a certain person. It’s a main part of the story to look forward to.

Q. Sora and company appear too!?

A. Though he is unrelated directly, please wait to see how the story leads to where Sora and company follow it up.

Q. The person wearing the full-faced helmet, have they appeared in the previous games?

A. Have they appeared… Have they not appeared… I can’t yet reveal their true character.


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