Famitsu Online Article 2nd October 2009

Link with Disney Character Friends in “Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep” 


The exciting Direct Hit Battle System

‘Birth by Sleep’ is an action RPG in which Terra, Ventus and Aqua run about in Disney worlds.

In-battle the ‘command style’ changes, and so, the system is one in which the technique and action changes sharply. This time will be about confirming the second level of this command style!

Attack enemies with circle and triangle button, and as you deal damage, the command gauge rises. When this has reached max, and the conditions are fulfilled, the command style changes. In the occasion that the command style change conditions are not fulfilled, a strong finish move becomes unleashable, and after setting the technique in motion, the command gauge returns to zero.


This is a Terra-specific command style, “Fatal Mode”. It makes the direct attack type techniques are more powerful than normal. By the way, change the command style, and the gauge design also changes. From here, full the gauge up even more, and…


Fill the command gauge in Fatal Mode again, and fill the conditions, and it changes to the second level command stage! The finish move ‘Rock Breaker’, in which attack power increases even more, attacks by making huge rocks push up at wide-ranged enemies.  


Here is Ven’s level two Command Style, “Cyclone”. It’s a finishing move that, while spinning, attacks the circumference, even if it hits a wall or something, it rebounds. There are many kinds of Command Style, and there are many finishing moves, too. You can enjoy a battle rich in change.

●Borrow Friend’s power with Dimension Link!

        When the D-LINK gauge is at full-tank status, you can set the ‘Dimension Link’ in motion, and begin to borrow the power of strong-hearted Disney Character friends. While it’s in motion, other than the Deck Command that can be brought up by the triangle button changing into a special technique, individual rich finishing move is sent out in proportion to the number of ‘symbols’.  

In the bottom right of the screen, a few gauges are displayed. The blue gauge amongst them is the D-LINK gauge. The D-LINK gauge fills up by collecting the blue ‘prizes’ that are dropped when enemies are defeated.


Symbols are an item that you can acquire from defeating enemies while linking. Collect them, and a link character window is displayed nearby. In Cinderella’s case, they are tiara and glass slipper symbols. It means that objects connected to original works become the symbols.


If you can obtain up to two symbols per one character, the technique changes depending on how many symbols you have collected. The techniques differ from when you have between zero and one symbol, and when you have two. And, the finishing moves that can be used when linking with people like Stitch or Cinderella, are on a system that works by being started by hitting the button with good timing.


While linking, not only the Deck Commands and such change; the status also rises. The effect of this bonus is put into motion by collecting symbols. In the case of the photo above, with one symbol it is ‘attack up’, and when you have collected the second, a state called‘CP2 Doubled’ effect is added.

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