Famitsu October 2007 BBS Section

This is the interview transcript coming off the scans of an older Famitsu article released after Tokyo Game Show 2007. To see the full article, please browse the Translated Scans section. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

Director: Tetsuya Nomura
Co-Director: Tai Yasue
Producer: Yoichi Yoshimoto

—The Osaka team is diligently working on the development of Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories?

Nomura: Actually, development of BBS started earlier, but we had to interrupt its development in order to improve Re:CoM from it’s original plan.

—Then the plot made from before, that image is a reflection of the Kingdom Hearts II: FM+ Secret Movie?

Nomura: Yes.

—Is there special meaning behind the names of Terra and the other characters?

Nomura: The meaning of Terra is earth. Ven has the same feeling as saying wind. But Ven is a nickname, his real name is longer.

—The figure and age of the old man called Master Xehanort is different than the Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts II. Also what are the connections between the character resembling Roxas and Roxas?

Nomura: Because the mysteries about who the characters are is the heart of the story, I think i’ll let you imagine the various ways they’re related.

—The Keyblade Master that the three characters study under has not appeared in the previous games?

Nomura: That’s right.

—The story will center around these three character’s progress?

Nomura: Yes. It is a considerably complicated story that becomes serious. Daisuke Watanabe is in charge of the scenarios, he’s good at it. By the way, Watanabe is also supervising the other two titles. As for the game play system, the story is played through the 3 character’s respective points of view.

—In other words, there are 3 scenarios where each individual story unfolds?

Yasue: Yes. Because each of their personalities and abilities are unique, I think the gameplay for each is different. It almost feels like making three games. (Smiles).

—In Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM, there were two scenarios, one for Sora and one for Riku. Will this be similar?

Yasue: The individual scenarios won’t be played in order, after completing one character’s story, more unsolved puzzles will become available for the others.

—Kind of like zapping?

Yasue: It’s different. The system isn’t like the previous games.

—How is the battle system coming along? The Secret Movie and the battle with the Lingering Sentiment was very cool! (Smile)

Yasue: That part is hinting, because it’s the last image. (Smiles). While valuing the characteristics of the KH series is important, we are in the midst of building a new system.

Nomura: Perhaps the gameplay of these three announced titles is closest to the former series. The Growth System is the most original idea adopted thus far.

Yasue: “Like a tree!?” he says. (Smiles) It’s quite original, and shocking. It grows with some people, and…

—!? Is an option for connect play on the PSP being set up?

Yoshimoto: It’s still in the midst of developing more, but cooperating play and competing play on the PSP has countless options to consider, therefore I’m excited.

Nomura: Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days has a completely different multiplay concept.

Yoshimoto: Various ideas emerge, and hurdles rapidly rise, but having fun overcoming these hardships is like a tradition for the KH series. (Smiles).

Nomura: (Smiling) Even if all the mysteries of the story become clear, the game is full of various elements that are enjoyable to play. Please expect a follow-up report.