DKΣ3713 BBS Trailer Report

DKΣ3713 is the name of the special Square Enix party thrown August 2008 for fans to check out what the company is up to. This marked the first time a playable demo of Birth by Sleep was available for the attendees to try. Special thanks to the bloggers who attended the event and reported back! Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

Sources: FF&KH Online, The Light in Chaos, Final Eclipse, FF7AC Reunion, Howling Moon, 速報@保管庫, Square Enix

BG MUSIC: Fate of the Unknown

The Wastelands.
Master Xehanort is pleading.
Xehanort: “Those that submit to darkness are not qualified to wield the keyblade.”
Xehanort: “Already, that man is a monster infused with darkness.”
Xehanort: “Defeat the darkness and correct my mistake!”

Ven is shown on the island shore.
He is looking downward with a despondent expression.
Ven: “We’re “friends”, therefore I wanted to ask something.”
Ven: “Erase me.”

Castle courtyard.
Aqua is dancing about with a keyblade, Ven and Terra are watching.
Ven looks toward a staircase, someone comes from the entrance, and the three gather.

Castle of Dreams.
Ven is running around holding a blue ball of yarn.
Lucifer pounces on top of Ven.
From atop a desk, Jaq the mouse throws things at Lucifer
Jaq yells, “Watch out! Run away into the house!”
Lucifer targets the mouse instead and attacks.
Jaq: “Ahhh!”
The mouse falls from the desk.

Sleeping Beauty’s World.
In a bedroom of a castle where Princess Aurora sleeps.
Terra and Maleficent are talking beside her.
Maleficent: “Those who do not have any darkness, seven of pure light――”
Maleficent: “If I gather them, I will be in possession of all the worlds.””

Within Cinderella’s Castle.
Aqua: “Is there a clue of Master Xehanort?”
Terra: “He is interested in hearts of pure light.”
Aqua: “A heart of pure light…”
Terra: “We’ll chase the light too.”
Terra: “Master Xehanort should appear if we do so.”

The dialogue is different depending on what blog reported it, but it all essential means the same thing.

Alternate version:

Terra: “That guy is after hearts of pure light.”
Terra: “If we look for those pure of heart, we’ll find him.”

Snow White’s World.
In the forest.
Snow White: “Oh! Who are you?”
Terra: “Aren’t you surprised?”
Snow White’s face looks a little confused.
Snow White: “Why?”
Terra: (I can feel the pure light…)
Terra: (After all, does this girl have a heart of pure light?)

In a dark place covered in thorns.
Ven: “It’s a lie…”
Aqua: “Don’t be fooled, Ven!”
Aqua runs toward Ven.
Aqua: “Terra isn’t like that, you know that!”
Maleficent watches the two from above.
Maleficent: “But the truth is harsh to hear.”

The Wastelands.
Terra: “…I have a ‘friend'”
Terra: “Answer me, Xehanort. What have you done to his heart?!”

Among a thorny bridge.
(Probably Sleeping Beauty’s world.)
Aqua: “I’ll ask again.”
Aqua: “Was what you said to Ven a lie?”
Maleficent: “It was all true.”
Maleficent: “Terra succumbs to darkness in order to gain power.”
Aqua: “Get out of here!”
Maleficent turns into a dragon and attacks Aqua.