DKΣ3713 BBS Demo Impressions

DKΣ3713 is the name of the special Square Enix party thrown August 2008 for fans to check out what the company is up to. This marked the first time a playable demo of Birth by Sleep was available for the attendees to try. Special thanks to the bloggers who attended the event and reported back! Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

Sources: FF&KH Online, The Light in Chaos, Final Eclipse, FF7AC Reunion, Howling Moon, 速報@保管庫, Square Enix

You can choose Terra and play in the Enchanted Kingdom or choose Ven and play in Castle of Dreams.

Terra in Enchanted Kingdom (Sleeping Beauty)

After the start screen, no logo is shown.
Terra: “Is it the unbirths Master spoke of…?”
A battle with a large flock of unbirths (the blue enemies) occurs. Sometimes they escape off the map and Terra must chase them down. After the unbirths are defeated, a scene where the logo is shown appears. It seems Enchanted Kingdom is the name of the Sleeping Beauty world.

The next area is on top of a bridge, a castle is in front so Terra proceeds there. Unbirths appear, but it isn’t necessary to defeat them all in order to proceed into the castle.

When you enter the castle, a boss battle ensues. The enemy is called the Wheel Master, it’s huge and mechanical like. You can attack it with normal moves and use the circle button to recover from repeated attacks. Stopping Terra and leaving him still in battle allows him to regain HP. I was unable to defeat him, so I escaped the battle. A “thank you for playing” message appears afterward.

Ventus in the Castle of Dreams (Cinderella)

The logo appears first. Ven is smaller, similar sized to the mouse. Jaq the mouse and Ven talk, and the mouse assigns Ven to collect material to make Cinderella’s dress. The proceeding level looks like a maze while searching for the items.

Mouse: “It’s the king of the castle.”
Mouse: “All the daughters of the country are invited to the ball being held tonight.”
Ven: “Does Cinderella get to go too?”
Mouse: “Well…”
Mouse: “Madame Tremain is wicked, she said without a dress, Cinderella couldn’t go.”
Ven: “It’s that guy that called upon Cinderella a while ago.”
Mouse: “Right, it’s Cinderella’s dream to go to the ball.”
Mouse: “Everyday, she has to do the cleaning and the laundry, it’s like another world to her.”
Ven: “I know the feeling.”
Ven: “Alright! Let’s help make her dream come true!”
Mouse: “How will we do that?”
Ven: “We’ll make a dress!”
Ven: “We’ll look for the materials inside the house and tailor one for her.”
Mouse: “Good idea!”
Mouse: “Well then, there is some white ribbon, pink thread, and white lace in the lower dressing room.Any of it will be good, so look for at least two.”
Mouse: “I’ll sew the dress right here.”
Mouse: “Ven! Keep an eye out for Lucifer!”
Ven: “Lucifer?”
Mouse: “He’s a ferocious cat!”
Mouse: “Take very soft steps around him.”
Ven: “I got it, be careful.”

After finding two among the white ribbon, pink thread, and white lace, there is a boss fight with Lucifer.

Terra and Ven’s Abilities

Shoot Lock

You can use this special attack by pushing the circle button while holding down the R button. Terra’s is called a “photon charge” and Ven’s is called “star burst”.

The circle button advances like this: Fighting > Blitz > Burst > Finish.

The triangle button combos include: Firaga Storm | Aerial Slam | Thundaga | Cure | Confusion

Terra’s attacks are very power orientated, he goes through the enemies one by one. Fighting, with the exception of magic is clearly most effect. One other ability is “Freeze” where the enemy is surrounded in ice, and can be crushed with regular attacks. It causes a lot of damage. Another is “Confusion” which effects multiple enemies. Keep an eye on the triangle button for additional techniques.

In FATAL MODE, a new technique called the “Lock Breaker” is described as being a fierce attack that drives enemies into the earth. Sort of similar to an attack from Lexaeus. In normal mode, his techniques range from “Barrage”, “Fire Blaze” (A standard fire attack), and “Thunder Mode” (A standard thunder attack).

Ven’s style of fighting is faster than Terra’s, using aerial attacks and such. Also, his special techniques are more characteristic of Sora’s. His attacks are distinctly non-magical. He uses abilities like:

Strike Raid – Tossing the keyblade and striking the enemy twice depending on the location.
Final Break – Fly above and attack the enemy over the head, attacking additionally with the triangle button.
Sonic Rave – A high speed stabbing attack.
Neo Graviga – Similar to a graviga attack.

In Ven’s form of FATAL MODE, other than normal attacks, he uses special techniques like “Cyclone” (A fire attack like a tornado), the Finish move is exactly like that of a tornado. He also uses “Speed Rave” (A high speed fire attack), and “Fire Blaze”.


The operation of the battle system is similar to that of KHI and KHII. Shortcut commands and camera control buttons are currently unconfirmed. You move the up and down buttons on the control pad to choose which technique to use and then select it with the triangle button. One of every skill is listed, and when it’s used the charge initiates. The COMMAND gauge increases by doing normal attacks, when it becomes MAX the mode changes. In the MAX mode the selectable techniques change.

Putting the FOCUS mode to use. Within a limited time, you must focus on the enemy before attacking it with the circle button, it has quite a hectic feeling about it. If you lift off the R button midway, the focus breaks and the enemy will attack you and the mode cancels out.