Birth by Sleep Famitsu August 27 2009

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August 27th Famitsu KH Birth by Sleep Special

“The distant past—sleep gives birth to a hidden destiny”

In the Kingdom Hearts series’ newest addition, Birth by Sleep, players can control the three protagonists Terra, Ventus, and Aqua, enjoying three separate storylines. These three travel the worlds in search of Master Xehanort. The events of the past before KH1 are revealed.

Terra – A young man who wields the keyblade. The oldest among the trio, serving as their leader. A brother-like presence to Ven. Possesses a cool, composed personality, but hides a passionate side that would fight hard in order to protect his friends.

Ventus – Preferred nickname is “Ven”. Being the youngest in their trio, he is always interested in things happening around him. Though he greatly resembles Roxas, their connection is as yet unknown.

Aqua – One of the knights chosen by the keyblade, learning under the same master as Terra and Ven. Extremely serious demeanor, and the most level-headed of the trio. Constantly worries about her two friends, and takes care of them.

“Cinderella reaches her dreams with the help of the trio”

One of the Kingdom Heart series’ appeals is that it takes place in the numerous worlds of Disney works. Cinderella’s world “Castle of Dreams” will appear for the first time in BbS. Terra, Ven, and Aqua meet Cinderella at separate times, and by assisting her in going to the ball, end up being pulled into the storyline we are so familiar with. There are screenshots of Ven and Aqua at the same size as Jaq the Mouse, suggesting there must be a gimmick allowing them to shrink.

Cinderella – A young woman who believes she will one day be happy. Abused by her stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella performs all the chores in her house. Though she dons a magic dress and meets a prince at the ball, the magic cast on her was soon reaching its time limit… One of the seven princesses of Kingdom Hearts.

Fairy Godmother – A fairy grandmother with a magic wand. Impressed by Cinderella’s sincere belief in her dreams, she casts magic on Cinderella that will last until midnight. She has made an appearance in previous KH games.

Jaq – The leader of the mice that live in Cinderella’s home. In debt to Cinderella for treating him so kindly, he tries to help her in any way he can.

Lucifer – Cinderella’s stepmother’s sly-looking cat. Not only does he get in Cinderella’s way, but he also threatens the small birds and mice that are so important to her. Cinderella’s loyal dog Bruno is his mortal enemy.

Prince Charming – The country’s prince. Meets Cinderella at the ball and falls in love at first sight. After finding Cinderella’s glass slipper, he vows to find her and marry her.

Ven’s story

The palace has decided to host a ball. Cinderella is so busy with the housework that her family has pushed upon her, and she has no time to prepare a dress. Ven decides to search for materials to make the dress along with the mouse Jaq, but all of the sudden, Lucifer appears in the room…


Ven: “Cinderella looks so busy.”

Cinderella: “Thank you so much.”

Terra’s story

Terra decides that “a heart of pure light” is the key to finding Master Xehanort. On his search, he senses the light within Cinderella’s heart…


Terra: “So believing in your dreams was what placed the light in your heart.”

Aqua’s story

While tracing Ven and Terra’s footsteps, Aqua eventually finds herself in the castle. Mistaken for Cinderella, she ends up trying on the glass slipper… Aqua too gets to experience the climax of Cinderella’s famous story?

“Aqua, as Cinderella!?”


Aqua: “My name is Aqua. You know who Ven is?”

Grand Duke: “Mademoiselle! Senorita! Please, do not depart!”

Prince Charming: “You came back for me.”

Grand Duke: “Then by all means, try it on.”

Also, there is a scene where Terra and Aqua reunite. Terra, who searches for Master Xehanort, Ven, who chases after him, and Aqua, who worries about the two of them. Though these three journey separately, there are times when they meet and exchange information.

“The two friends worry over Ven’s well-being…”


Aqua: “Ven went chasing after you, but are you sure you don’t know what’s going on?”


Fairy Godmother: “Don’t be silly; I wouldn’t visit someone who didn’t believe in their dreams.”

Fairy Godmother: “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!”

Cinderella’s Sister: “Mother! You’re actually letting her go?”

Cinderella: “My… what a beautiful dress this is.”

“Stitch and the trio form the bonds of “ohana”!?”

    Stitch appeared as a possible summon during KH2. BbS will feature his world “Deep Space”. Terra and his friends wander into the very spacecraft featured in the opening scenes of the movie Lilo and Stitch. There, they meet the Stitch that had yet to meet Lilo; also known as Experiment 626. The three protagonists participate in battles and even cooperate for certain moves. What kind of chaos will occur!?

    Experiment 626 – An alien created by Dr. Jumba. Possesses an intelligence equal to that of a supercomputer and the strength to pick up 3000 times its weight. Ends up escaping because of its urge to destroy everything in its path. Later meets Lilo in Hawaii and is named Stitch.

    Dr. Jumba – The scientist who created 626 different aliens. Though he calls himself an “evil scientist”, he is in truth a kind person. Currently imprisoned for trying a hand at the prohibited genetic experiments.

    Experiment 221 – An alien, and Experiment 626’s cousin. He enjoys creating electricity, and is able to control it at will. Appears in Stitch! The Movie. Named Sparky by Lilo.

    Gantu – A soldier in the galactic governing body; a seven-meter-tall ocean-based alien. Though he is ordered to leave Experiment 626 on an isolated planet, 626 escapes his grasp.

    Terra’s story

      Upon entering this world, Terra climbs aboard a massive spacecraft. However, this spacecraft happened to be the very same ship transporting Experiment 626 to an isolated planet. Without planning to, Terra ends up assisting Experiment 626’s grand escape.

      “Terra also displays impressive abilities!”

      Aqua’s story

        While chasing after Terra and Ven, Aqua is rescued during a tight situation by Experiment 626. The “bonds” that she speaks of might be the keyword in this world?

        “Forming the bonds of companionship with 626”


        Aqua: “Thank you. You saved me.”

        Aqua: “Could my friends and I become one of your bonds?”

        Ven’s story

          After wandering aimlessly within the spacecraft, Ven meets the captured Experiment 626 and sets him free. It is then that 626 mentions the names of his friends. It seemed that Experiment 626 had interacted with Terra and Aqua before meeting Ven…?

          “Communicating feelings through clumsy words”


          Gantu: “I want more guards! Capture them!”

          Ven: “What!? You know who Terra and Aqua are?”

          Experiment 626: “Ven.. ond..”

          There is also a battle scene featured between Terra and Experiment 221.

          Several of 221’s moves include expelling the electricity stored inside its body, high-speed tackles, and jumping between pieces of machinery.


          Dr. Jumba: “People become insecure when someone with greater power is near by.”

          Dr. Jumba: “No doubt about it; this guy’s the strongest creature in space.”

          ???: “Stay away, everyone!! It’s dangerous!”

          Navigation?: “Navigation is impossible. Please halt hyper drive immediately.”

          Gantu: “You’d better stay put! Got it!?”


          • “The most exhilarating battle system of the Kingdom Hearts series”

          This particular game features an evolved version of the series’ concept; an “easy to play, nimble battle system”. Depending on the way you fight, the “command style” also changes, altering the nature of your moves. This is a big characteristic in BbS’ fighting system.

          • Command Gauge… Left of screen, above Deck Commands.

          The gauge fills as you deal damage to your enemies, either making it possible to unleash a powerful finishing blow, or changing your command style.

          • Deck Commands… Left of screen, below Command Gauge.

          A series of abilities and magic used by pressing the [triangle] button. It is necessary to select the commands for your deck beforehand. After using a certain command, it will begin to recharge and become available again after a certain amount of time.

          • Base Commands… Left of screen, below Deck Commands.

          Basic attacks used by pressing the [circle] button. If the command style has changed, specific style-based combos will become available, and otherwise, the ordinary finishing move is added when the Command Gauge fills.

          • HP Gauge, etc… Displayed in bottom right corner, like previous games.

          This time, there is an HP Gauge, FOCUS Gauge, and a D-LINK Gauge.

          When the FOCUS Gauge fills to maximum, press LR buttons at the same time to initiate “Shoot Lock Mode”, allowing you to target all locked-on enemies for a certain amount of time.

          • “Is it a style change, or a finishing move?”

          When the Command Gauge fills to its maximum level, either the command style will change or a finishing command is invoked.

          The style change is affected by the commands used while the gauge fills. If the commands used fulfills certain requirements necessary in obtaining that style, the command style will change once the gauge is full. After the style change, moves specific to that style become possible to use.

          Even if the requirements aren’t filled, a strong and effective finishing command can still be unleashed.

          By fulfilling a certain requirement, a finishing command can evolve to be even more powerful. Set the evolved finishing move beforehand to use it as a whole new finish command. These commands can have special effects.

          • “A diverse number of command styles”

          There are many types of command styles, all with different characteristics. Certain styles can only be utilized by one protagonist, while others are shared between two or even three of the protagonists.

          • Magic Wish… An Aqua-specific style. The keyblade floats and can be controlled in mid-air. The finishing move is a ribbon of light that attacks enemies in the general area.
          • Thunder Bolt… A lighting-type command style. Superb when used against water-based enemies and machines!? (Utilized by Ven, Aqua)
          • Diamond Dust… An ice-based command style. An icy aura surrounds the whole body.
          • Fire Blazer… A fire-type command style. (Utilized by Ven, Aqua, and Terra?)
          • Fatal Mode… A Terra-specific style. Strikes the keyblade against the floor, sending shockwaves at enemies. Also, there is a Terra-specific style called “Rock Breaker”…?
          • “The gameplay changes greatly based on the character’s type!!”

          An introduction of Terra and Aqua’s battles, respectively.

          Each protagonist has specific fighting traits, as in Terra’s is power, and Ven’s is speed. Both Terra and Aqua’s fights are shown, introducing their battle characteristics and their opponents at the same time.

          • Terra

          A power-type with a large amount of strength in one blow. He swings his keyblade in large arcs, occasionally with both hands. Despite being power-based, he can still use magic.

          Terra’s battle is against Experiment 221, as well as a different battle versus an Unbirth controlling musical instruments. The Unbirth appears to use drums, a cello, and a trumpet as its weapons. It seems necessary to fight the instruments before being able to deal damage to the Unbirth…?


          “Experiment 221 releases the electricity stored up inside its body to fight. Even Terra is overwhelmed!?”

          “The Unbirths that assault Terra in Cinderella’s world”

          • Aqua

          Skilled at magic, with elegant attacks and movements. Previous scans have shown her teleporting…?

          Battles include Gantu, as well as an Unbirth version of the pumpkin carriage.

          Gantu appears to attack using a laser pistol. Aqua fights with Experiment 626 on her side, and they perform moves together.

          The pumpkin carriage is the same carriage Cinderella rode on, but changed to an Unbirth (the reasons are unclear). Captures Aqua with its large mouth, and deals massive amounts of damage. Escape by hitting the [circle] button repeatedly. Carriage also seems to throw pumpkin-shaped bombs…


          “The pumpkin carriage becomes an Unbirth!?”

          “Captures Aqua in its large mouth”

          “Hit the [circle] button if swallowed!”

          • “There are missions where you cooperate with the Disney cast!”

          In various worlds, there are missions where it is necessary to protect a Disney character. In Cinderella’s world, Terra must protect Cinderella at one point, and Aqua must protect Jaq likewise.

          During Terra’s mission, a special command is displayed when Cinderella is in danger. By using it, Terra can teleport to Cinderella’s side. Press [circle] from there in order to initiate the special command “Last Dance”.

          Time Surpriser is introduced on Aqua’s mission. After initiating the move, press the buttons displayed on screen at the correct timing in order to stop time around you. Aqua will make several copies of herself and attack multiple enemies.


          “Aqua protects Jaq by halting the time around her”

          “The Aqua-specific command Time Surpriser”

          • Confirmed commands
            • Includes all commands besides “Fight” and “Blitz”


            1. Brutal Force
            2. Fire Blitz
            3. Avalanche Attack
            4. Arial Storm
            5. Freeze
            6. Rock Smash I (Finishing move)


              1. Final Break
              2. Rush
              3. Firaga Storm
              4. Zero Gravira
              5. Zero Graviga


                1. Wish Blade
                2. Time Surpriser
                3. Reflect Blitz

                Shared commands/items

                  1. Cure
                  2. Fira
                  3. Blizzara
                  4. Thundara
                  5. Hi-Potion

                  Special commands

                    1. Astro Shoot (Aqua and Stitch’s collaboration move)
                    2. Reflect Pulse (Derivation of Reflect Guard)
                    3. Guard Slash (Derivation of Reflect Guard)
                    4. Last Dance (Available during mission protecting Cinderella)