Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
For Playstation Portable

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Japan Release Date: Winter 2009
North American Release Date: TBA

???????? “Connections of the heart.”

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep takes place 10 years prior to the story of the first Kingdom Hearts. Terra, Ven, and Aqua are apprentices to an unknown Keyblade Master on a mission to stop Master Xehanort and his apprentice from collecting the Princesses of Hearts. Maleficent also shares this goal and appears to influence the three apprentices. The secret video played at the end of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ titled “Birth by Sleep” features all five characters in what has been alluded to being the tragic ending of their story.

The player will be able to choose between each of the three characters scenarios individually, allowing for great replay value. The three characters start in the same opening scene, but from there each of their unique stories unfolds. By choosing one character before another, new information may be revealed about them that would not be explained in their respective scenario.

The battle system is a great mix of distinctive attacks and combos, highlighted by the ability to customize their list of skills much like you could customize a deck in Chain of Memories. Each character’s attacks are unique and generally play up their strengths, like Terra’s selection featuring power heavy choices.


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