With Axel in Twilight Town

The original footage of this video came from Re:Riplai, a Square Enix compilation book & DVD. I translated it, added the subtitles and cropped the footage so it was easier to watch. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

Axel: Well now, today’s mission is to suppress a specific Heartless…

Axel: Alright, let’s take care of this quickly

Search for the big Heartless that appeared in Twilight Town

Pushed the control panel switch

Axel: OK! Let’s go, Roxas!


Axel: Hey Roxas, did you hear me?

Roxas: Huh? Oh, yeah..

Axel: Oh man, you really are messed up huh?

Roxas: Mm…

Axel: Looks like we found our target

Axel: Let’s go Roxas! Don’t be careless!

Suppress the Guard Armor

Axel: Roxas! Fight fight fight! Just as expected, you really can use that keyblade!

Roxas: All that? It wasn’t a big deal

Axel: Heh, you’re just being a little modest

Axel: Anyways! Now for our reward for today’s mission

Roxas: Huh?

Axel: Come along now. The special place, you remember it?

Axel: Here we are, our reward!

Roxas: … Ice cream?

Axel: Do you remember the name of this ice cream?

Roxas: Umm…

Axel: Sea salt ice cream… I told you before
Get it memorized

Roxas: It’s salty…
But sweet

Axel: Heheh, Roxas
You said the same thing last time

Roxas: Really? I can’t remember very well.

Axel: How’s it been since then? Are you gradually getting used to the Organization?

Roxas: I… I don’t really understand it
The only thing we do everyday is go on a mission from the castle,
then we return again to the castle

Axel: Well…

Axel: Hey… Roxas

Axel: After our next mission, let’s come here again and eat ice cream

Going back and forth from the castle and the missions gets boring, doesn’t it?


I guess so