Tokyo Game Show 2008 Days Trailer Report

Script from Tokyo Game Show 2008 trailer. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

358/2 Days Trailer Script

Background Music: The Other Promise, drammatica version.

Opening quote: “Can’t remember it anymore, something important”

Namine: I wanted to meet you
Namine: Xion

Roxas: It’s the 255th day

Axel: What’s that?

Roxas: It’s the 255th day since I entered into the Organization

Axel: You’ve memorized the number of days?

Namine: Regardless of how the memory fragments connect
Namine: If they begin to leak outside
Namine: Not all of the memories will return
Namine: At the point where they flow out
Namine: If it’s connected to another memory
Namine: It can’t return to it’s original location

Diz: Namine
Diz: What do you foresee?

Namine: If it’s connected to another memory
Namine: Surely she can’t endure it

Diz: She?

Xion: Do I not exist?

Axel: What are you going to do, Xion?

Xion: I…
Xion: I want to be together with the two of you

Roxas: Well, then come back

Xion: But
Xion: I can’t return as it is now
Xion: How can two people to be the same?

Saix: Your worthless friendship
Saix: Or the annihilation of Roxas
Saix: Which one is more important to you?
Saix: To restore our original selves
Saix: For the sake of our goal

Xion: May I ask you?
Xion: About the girl who was always together with Sora

Riku: You mean Kairi?

Xion: Kairi…
Xion: The girl who resembles me

Riku: Sora, he cares a lot for her.

Xion: I’m sorry

Xion: But
Xion: I can’t disappear now
Xion: Because I have an important friend

Riku: Even so, think about it Xion
Riku: You should return to your true self

Xion: My… True self?

Roxas: I’ve been searching this whole time for you with Axel
Roxas: Let’s go back together

Xion: I can’t go back

Roxas: Why?
Roxas: Wha-

Xion: Don’t go easy on me
Xion: Axel

Axel: You gotta be kidding!
Axel: I’ve decided
Axel: No matter how many times you escape
Axel: I will bring you back

Namine: Sora

Diz: Has it stopped completely?

Namine: Yes

Diz: We have no time to lose

Diz: You understand what this means?

Riku: Yeah

Xion: Who…
Xion: The heck…
Xion: Am I…?

Releasing February 2009.