Tokyo Game Show 2008 Days Demo Impressions

Report back from attendees of Tokyo Game Show 2008. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

  • Marluxia and Lexaeus were added to the multiplayer mode demo.
  • In single player mode, when Roxas is attacked with a Blizzard spell, he becomes frozen. It is undetermined whether or not being attacked during this frozen state helps it end faster.
  • In single player mode, when caught by a Search Ghost (heartless), for a moment Roxas is unable to move and his HP will slowly be reduced.
  • The camera view in both modes can be changed to look up, down, left, and right by dragging the stylus on the lower screen.
  • In the world select screen, the level of difficulty is indicated by each world.
  • 358/2 Days Demo Impressions From The Light in Chaos
  • Multiplayer mode
    Playing as Marluxia.

    He had the greatest HP and offensive abilities, a high critical attack percentage, but his movement is slower, especially in large areas. The stats can be read on the upper screen, while the selection is made on the lower one. I wonder if his fault is that his attack range is too wide and he hits the other players?

    Because the levels were the same as last time, the contents of the demo felt slightly more polished. I attacked too aggressively and they were slightly sluggish, so I wasn’t able to use potions quick enough and suffered damage as a result. But as the offensive strength indicated, his attacks caused a large amount of damage.

  • 358/2 Days Demo Impressions From The Light in Chaos
  • Singleplayer mode
    Place: Halloween Town
    Boss: Dual Blade

    At first you start as Roxas and you must find Xigbar. You encounter him in the main plaza area of the level. There is an indication of where to approach on the map. If you go from the bottom of the stairs, toward the area around the coffin, you’ll find Xigbar. After that, Xigbar joins Roxas in the single player mode.

    The next encounter is in front of the bridge leading to Oogie Boogie’s home. There is are big snow crystals inside ice cubes scattered about. You have to watch out because they are powerful and have a large attack range. After defeating them, the Dual Blade boss appears. It has powerful attacks, causing you to freeze if you’re hit, so avoid them and attack when it’s guard is down. The demo ended after defeating it.

    Seems this time instead of being supported by Axel or Xaldin, the role is reversed and Roxas is supporting Xigbar. Well, at least Roxas wasn’t a “drag” again.

  • Famitsu Interview with Nomura
  • ──The sale date was announced to be in February 2009, the trailer seemed to be all about Xion this time.
  • Nomura: This time we wanted to emphasize Xion in the trailer. People who like Kingdom Hearts will be thinking as they watch, “Huh? That scene!?” Maybe they’ll think “Have we shown too much?”, but the core parts are still unrevealed. I wanted the trailer to make the viewer’s imagination run wild.