Nintendo Dream – Play Impressions

The original Japanese impressions came from June 2009 issue of Nintendo Dream. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.


Report on the play style of each member of Organization XIII. Initially the player can choose from each member of Organization XIII to play. At this time, since the ROM we used was a nearly completed version of the game, we are reporting on how each character plays.

I. XEMNAS – A certain meaning with the wickedest character?

Though we were not able to play as Xemnas, according to Mr. Hasegawa his movement is heavy but his attack range is wide and brutal to nearby enemies. He seems to be a character that becomes a point in multi-play.

II. XIGBAR – The role of providing cover fire in multi-play

He gave players trouble with his Gun Arrows in Kingdom Hearts II because his long distance attacks could be done freely, making him ideal for back up support. However, when you defeat an enemy from a long distance, the troubling issue is that other characters are likely to snatch up the dropped prizes. To aim for the top in the result standings you’ll likely need a strategy. His Gun Arrows shoot out multiple bullets at once, it’s a flashy attack.

III. XALDIN – The wide range attacker that swallows up allies

His weapons are the Lances which boast impressive moves, even his normal attacks seem like special ones. If you enable the 4 player mode setting to “Attack Allies”, he is very dangerous. The Lances he manipulates have such a wide range that he won’t miss even if your aim is a little off. If you don’t want to get in the way of your allies, maybe you’d be better off fighting a little ways from them on your own. Though his movement is sluggish, his attack range and offensive abilities make him attractive.

IV. VEXEN – His ice style limit break is strong!

Since he swings around a shield to attack, his range is somewhat short. Since you can respond to an enemy attack with the shield, if your intention is to defend yourself, there isn’t a more reliable character. His limit break that sends pillars of ice flying forward is very powerful. Because it is an attack that can take down enemies in one blow, you’ll want to use it in the case of emergency. Vexen’s limit break sends pillars of ice flying.

V. LEXAEUS – His movement is slow, but the power of a single blow is far superior

Though his movements are heavy according to his appearance, the biggest surprise comes from the time before he releases an attack. There is an interval if you hold the A button, he stores energy and then releases a harsh attack at once. So even though he isn’t any good for attacking and moving quickly, his high offensive abilities become handy when battling against bosses and large enemies. His powerful attacks are suitable for attacking large enemies with high HP.

VI. ZEXION – He has a good limit break that can attack wide range

Though we wondered what kind of attacks a weapon like the Lexicon would do, the impression is that his attacks are regular with the exception that the reach is more or less short. During his limit break he does not move from his spot and since the damage it deals afflicts a wide range of enemies and sends them flying into the air, we get the feeling the skill is very useful. His limit break is an indiscriminate attack type that shoots out dark balls.

VII. SAIX – He is the ruthlessly attacking type and is easy to use

Like Xemnas, information on Saix has not been publicly revealed yet. If you think about how he was in Kingdom Hearts II, his standard form of attack came from the Claymore sword he uses. Perhaps his limit break will involve going into Berserk mode and releasing violent attacks? The violent side of Saix will be shown off in this title.

VIII. AXEL – Doing combos and using limit break is easy with him

We got the impression that he is overall well balanced and easy to use. The combos are especially easy to use, and depending on the partner, doing combos in rapid succession would probably be sufficient. During his limit break it is possible to shoot fireballs in rapid succession. Even if you’re a long way off from the enemy, it’s alright since it’s easy to use too. Shooting his fireball attacks are easy to do, his style is suitable for beginners.

IX. DEMYX – There can be different uses of combo attacks

He is a unique character who uses a stringed instrument much like a guitar called a sitar as a weapon. He is an easy to use character with a balance of good abilities. You can alter the combo by pressing a button during the attacks and they’ll diverge into 2 patterns. A situation may arise when using the different combos will be necessary. The figure fighting with the sitar is very cool!

X. LUXORD – The card attacker with long reach!

Since he fights by throwing cards, it’s his characteristic to have a long reach of attacks. It seems you can launch an enemy into the air if you hit them with the cards. If you collaborate with everyone, the enemy Luxord launched into air can be barraged by the other’s attacks. Luxord aims at his enemies and releases the cards upon them. He’s a logistical support type?

XI. MARLUXIA – He has attacks that work 360 degrees without blind spots

Marluxia fights swinging the scythe, though his attacks appear slow, the single blow of his scythe sweeps the entire circumference, clearing the few behind blind spots too. Because his limit break will damage neighboring enemies at a stretch too, he can easily cope with being surrounded by enemies. His attacks not only swing across the front, but it turns around all 360 degrees.

XII. LARXENE – She seems to make quick sport of enemies with her fast movement

Though the knife attacks she uses have a short reach, she can attack immediately with great speed so the impression of having a disadvantage is not received. When playing in multi-play, since her movement is very fast, she can gather up more prizes then the other players, making her considerably advantageous. Even though she uses knives, she doesn’t attack by throwing them.

XIII. ROXAS – He has quick speed and is easy to use

His play style resembles that of Sora from the main Kingdom Hearts series. He is easy to use and his movement speed is fast. As for his limit break, it is a so called ‘system of dancing wildly’. Though a magnificent attack can be initiated by repeatedly hitting the button, there is the issue of your attacks not hitting the enemy if you move out of range, therefore make sure to aim carefully. Since the feeling of operating him is the same as Sora, he is easy for Kingdom Hearts fans to use.

XIV. XION – Will she be possible to use in multi-play?

We’ve seen the figure of Xion in story mode, but it is not yet decided whether she is a usable character at the moment. If she can be played, assuming her weapon is a Keyblade like Roxas, will her type likely resemble him? We’re anxious to know what her limit break would be like. Xion’s vibe seems more agile than Roxas, is her movement quick?