Jump Festa 2009 Trailer Report

Translated reports based on bloggers who attended Jump Festa 2009 on December 20 2008. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

358/2 Days Trailer Impressions from The Light in Chaos & FF&KH Online:

BGM: Passion -after the battle-

Voiced scenes.

Xion: Who the heck am I…?

Destiny Island.
Roxas is standing on the shore and picks up a shell.

Roxas: Xion…

Twilight Town.
In the pod room Sora sleeps.

Namine: If it’s connected to another memory, surely she can’t endure it
Diz: She?

Beast’s Castle.
It looks like it immediately follows the DKS3713 scene.
Riku defeats Xion, she is fallen over, the keyblade that left her hand disappears.
Xion: You say this keyblade is a fake…? Don’t say such a selfish thing!
Xion moves to grab the abandoned keyblade.
Xion: Hyaa–!
Riku avoids her attack and deals a blow to her side.
Xion: Augh…
Riku: Here’s some friendly advice, get away from those guy’s base immediately
Riku: If you do, you can be together with those two people
Riku starts to walk away.

Destiny Islands.
Riku and Xion are talking beside the paopu tree.

Xion: Do you hate me for taking away your friends?
Riku: No… But I’m sad
Xion: I’m sorry, but I can’t disappear now

The King and Riku (as Ansem) appear in the forest.
Riku puts on the blindfold and regains his original appearance.

Destiny Island.
Axel, Roxas, and Xion are together by the paopu tree.
Xion: Do I not exist?
Axel: What are you going to do, Xion?
Xion: I… I want to be together with the two of you
Roxas: Well, then come back
Xion: But… I can’t return as it is now
Xion: How can two people be the same?

Twilight Town forest outskirts.
Xion is being detained by Axel.
Axel: Xion! … What are you doing?
Xion: I’m… I’m going back to where I belong
Axel: At first, I thought that was the best thing to do too…
Axel: But… I couldn’t accept that. There had to be something else

I assume these lines are in the same scene, but the bloggers weren’t specific.
Axel: Even if I become a dusk, it’s fine
Xion: At any rate, I’ll still be erased

The World That Never Was.
Saix: Your worthless friendship or the annihilation of Roxas
Saix: Which one is more important to you?

Castle Oblivion (Destiny Island world)
Roxas: Huh?
Zexion: Surely you knew this would happen
Riku: Why would I know that!?
Riku is standing behind Roxas.
It’s very similar to the scene in Chain of memories, except that Roxas is present.

Twilight Town, the clocktower.
Axel and Roxas are waiting for Xion.
Axel plops himself down beside Roxas.

Roxas: Still… It’s getting late
After Roxas mutters, Axel stands up.

Twilight Town, open tram space.
Roxas is on his own and Xion turns the keyblade on him, then Axel enters.

Roxas: Wait!
Xion points the keyblade toward him.
Roxas: !!
As they are about to fight, a chakram flies out and Axel appears.
Then Axel and Xion begin fighting.
Roxas: Cut it out!
Xion: Hya–! Ha–!
She fights back against Axel, they don’t hear Roxas’s voice at all.
By the way, Axel fights in complete silence.
Roxas looks to the sky.

Roxas: Stop it!
Also, Roxas does not have his keyblade.

-Battle scenes-

Twilight Town clocktower.
Roxas and Xion are there, she is wearing her hood.
Xion stands up.
Roxas: Huh?
Xion removes her hood, Roxas looks surprised.
Xion: My power, it’s going to be fulfilled very soon. Like a vessel overflowing with water, now my memory is full of memories of Roxas. To Roxas… How do I appear now?

The title appears, coming this Spring.

Not voiced scenes, not in any particular order.

Beast’s Castle.
Xaldin (So it seems): The master turned into a monster?
(It’s probably part of the mission in Beast’s Castle)

Blogger forgot where.
Xion finds a seashell.

Xion: This, it was put here for me.
She puts the shell to her ear.
Xion: I can hear it… Yeah, I can hear the sound of the waves.

Twilight Town.
Roxas: Xion can use the keyblade too.

White Room.
Axel: There’s nothing here.
Xion: Lies! My secret is here

Blogger forgot where.
Roxas: If Xion and I are special Nobodies, (blogger forgot)

Blogger forgot where.
Roxas and Xemnas are talking.
Roxas: What’s wrong with ___?*
Xemnas: It’s an important Organization member, I’m going to take a rest now.

*Blogger just lists ??? for the person

The World That Never Was Castle.
Xion is alone in a room and appears to be crying on a bed.
Xion is sitting with her knee pulled up.
Xion: What should I do…Riku?

Blogger forgot where.
Axel (So it seems): Recently it’s Xion who has escaped.

Olympus Coliseum, Xigbar and Roxas.
Xigbar: We’re also entering the tournament
Roxas: Huh? I’m entering too!?

Continuance of the Coliseum conversation?
Roxas: Demyx! What are you doing here?
Demyx: What, I’m here to help you out! Anyways, that Xigbar guy sure is strong!

Xemnas and Saix stand over Roxas sleeping in a bed.
Saix: As I thought it seems to be the influence of Namine
Xemnas: Is he waking up?
Saix: ???

Xemnas: Axel, Xion, Roxas. They have shifted again (???)

Roxas gathered up seashells and brought them to Xion.

The World That Never Was Castle.
Xion: I… It wasn’t me?
Xion looks downward in sadness.

Twilight Town.
Roxas: Xion uses the keyblade too.
Xion: Roxas too?

Twilight Town white room.
Namine and Xion are together.

Xion: What should I do?

A mission where Xion is wearing her hood is shown.
The first appearance of multiplayer mode with Demyx and Luxord is also shown.
Olympus Coliseum.
As Roxas fights on his own, Sora seems to bear the damage he takes too.
On the top screen Roxas fighting Heartless and this HP display is shown.
On the bottom screen, Sora is shown without the HP display and Heartless.

In the battle scene where Roxas and Sora overlap, there
was a Shadow heartless with Sora. However, since his movements don’t match Roxas’s exactly the same, so he often misses the Shadow.

??? (Facing Roxas): Xion is different from you

Twilight Town.
Roxas: The members in Castle Oblivion are being annihilated–
Axel: It’s because I’m strong


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