Jump Festa 2009 Demo Impressions

Translated reports based on bloggers who attended Jump Festa 2009 on December 20 2008. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

Arika-san from the Light in Chaos blog has played as both Luxord and Demyx in the 358/2 Days multiplayer demo.The first time she wanted to play as Demyx, but another player stole him. So she played as Luxord. He reportedly fights by scattering around cards which gives a wide attack range. He has high magic stats but low mobility, also doesn’t jump very high. She came in first.

When she played as Demyx, she reported that he had strong magic attacks and that using skills like Thunder was very helpful. But since the number of spells a person can cast is limited, she had to be cautious not to run out. When Demyx was idle and not fighting, he sings and dances with his sitar. She regrets that she could not here his voice during the demo.

– The Japanese release date for 358/2 Days has changed from February 2009 to Spring 2009.

– A new illustration featuring Roxas, Axel, Xion, Riku, and Mickey was displayed.

– Luxord and Demyx were introduced as playable in the multiplayer demo.

– The single player missions were the same as at Tokyo Game Show 2008

  1. Axel in Twilight Town
  2. Xaldin in Beast’s Castle
  3. Xigbar in Halloween Town

– 358/2 Days was the only Kingdom Hearts game to feature a new trailer.


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