Famitsu Article March 22 2009

Famitsu.com updated with a new article on Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days containing new screenshots and information on the limit break and panel battle systems. The translated article with screenshots is below. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

A New Battle System Confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days!

● New battle system and customizable components revealed

Maneuvering covertly during Kingdom Hearts II, the mysterious group known as “Organization XIII” stood in the way of the main character Sora. Belonging to this organization and playing a vital role connected to Sora, Roxas is the main character of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. In this title, he changes while carrying out duties for the Organization and he starts to question the particulars of the Organization. Is part of that behavior shown in the newly revealed event scenes?! Additionally, the world of Peter Pan “Neverland” is revealed, as well as new information on the battle system!


Roxas: We’re just like humans!
Can’t you trust your comrades?!


Roxas: Who is Sora?

The things he observes on a day to day basis and the things he feels slowly change Roxas. He also seems to know of “Sora” from somewhere. As for Roxas, he’s drawn into the the mystery of his own existence.
Roxas: What…? This…?
Having appeared in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, “Castle Oblivion” is the place where Sora’s memories were tampered with. Lead by Axel, Roxas comes for the first time, but then suddenly strange things start happening to him.
Xion: What should I do? Riku…
The newest Organization member Xion is troubled by the meaning of her own existence. With no one to rely on, not even Roxas or Axel, she alone carries these troubles.
Hook: Ugh!! Darn it! Heartless again!!
Captain Hook with a claw hand and the old pirate Smee. They are looking on a small island for treasure of Neverland and find a treasure chest. But all they found inside were Heartless!
Roxas: Huh, what’s this?
It’s shining…
The familiar figure of Tinker Bell in Neverland. She comes across Roxas and sprinkles shining powder on him. Is she telling something to Roxas and company at the same time?
With the effect of the sparkling powder Tinker Bell sprinkled, Roxas is able to fly around in the sky freely. Battles can take place in the sky, Axel flutters about in the same area cooperating to defeat the Heartless.

● A Limit Break that defeats enemies in a pinch

When the player pushes down and holds the A button at the same time the HP gauge is low and the character is in critical condition, you can invoke the “Limit Break”, a special finisher system familiar in Final Fantasy VII. While exceeding usual speeds and increased offensive abilities, you can annihilate neighboring enemies at once.

There is a time limit when invoking the “Limit Break”. When it’s being used, a white bar appears on the HP gauge. It ends when the white bar is exceeded. Additionally, Limit Breaks can be used when playing with the members of Organization XIII during multiplayer mode.

● Linking panels is the key to the customize features

In this title, you can improve a character’s weapon and abilities by arranging the panel slots. In the panel screen, there are things called “link panels” which enable a frame to have plural panels. What you put inside the frame of the link panels determines what kind of strengths and abilities you customize.

The yellow line has a frame for the link panel. When you fit the “Dodge Rush” panel into the “Dodge Roll” unit, it changes into a technique that is evasive and also blows off enemies. Since the link panels with the same effect may differ in shape, you must consider the arrangement well.
Improve the character stats with the panels. If a “LV UP” panel is attached to the link panel of “LV2 Up”, the level goes up accordingly with the arranged number. Those who are confident in their skills can choose not to increase their level.
Even in the same link panel, the ability enabled when panels are added might change. For example, in the link panel for “Reflect Guard”, if the panel for “Reflect Guard” is put in on it’s own, the ability is enabled. However, if a “Thunder Guard” panel is added to the same link panel, the conditions for the
guard ability with an electric shock is enabled.