Famitsu Article January 11 2009

Famitsu.com updated with a new article on Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days featuring some screenshots, most of which were also shown in Shonen Jump’s February issue. The translated article with screenshots is below. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

The Secrets of Organization XIII Revealed in 358/2 Days?

Fighting against their tragic fate.

The shadow of Sora, the main character of Kingdom Hearts II, Roxas is the leading role of this title. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Three Five Eight Days Over Two) is a RPG that revolves around the year Roxas spent as a member of Organization XIII. This title highlights not just the daily life of Roxas and the 14th member Xion, but also their suffering…

  • Axel: You’ll gradually discover, Xion

Xion turned her face away from Roxas’s words and aimed her keyblade at him. Then Axel hurl’s his weapon toward her and they begin to fight. Roxas tries to stop the two of them, but… The three of them seem so close, what could have happened?

  • Roxas: (What I have? Is it my place to stay in the Organization? My place is…)

On the Organization XIII missions, Roxas visits various Disney Worlds. Seeing an hearing the various events taking place in them, he gradually begins to question his own existence and doubt the Organization. Surely his doubt grows little by little over time.

  • Saix: The whereabouts of Namine, the concealed room, the place Xion was born—

In Kingdom Hearts II he confined Kairi, here Saix appears to be secret maneuvering. This title explores the actions of the members in the Organization. His contact with Axel is particluarly unusual, what in the world are they conspiring? His expectations may shock the fate of Roxas and his two companions.

  • Axel: Mmm, that girl made a mistake in the first place. If she presses the switch*, she’ll be out.

Being his senior and in charge of educating him, Axel comes to have a good understanding of Roxas. During their frivolous conversations, Axel tells Roxas about various things. Often the topics of their conversation have nothing to do wth their missions. That girl he speaks of, does he mean Xion?

*In the context of, “if she keeps pushing her luck, she’ll be out.”

You can play as the members of Organization XIII in multiplayer mode. In this title, you can change weapons which have added abilities. Like in the screenshot, you can see Axel’s chakram taking on various forms.

  • Roxas: Is it the 3 side… of a dice?

One of the various missions Roxas is assigned. On the bottom part of the lower screen is the Mission Gauge, which keeps track of how much you’ve accomplished. It fills as you complete the mission, once it is full, the mission is complete. While investigating the area to complete your mission, you may come across save points. You can save your mission progress at them.

  • Moogle: Moogle shop; buy, sell, synthesize, quit.

It’s a Moogle Shop that sells items in the Kingdom Hearts series. In this title, the Moogle wears the black coat as he works. The menu lists options like “Buy Panel” and “Panel Synthesize”, these panels are unfamilar, will we get used to them?


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