Famitsu Article February 27 2009

The article announcing the newest release date for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days from Famitsu. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days May 2009 Release Day Announced!

-A tranquil meeting during the twilight, there’s an unusual air of dissonance.

FAMITSU.COM – Having appeared in Kingdom Hearts II with an important role dealing with Sora, Roxas returns as the main character of Kinfdom Hearts 358/2 Days. This time event scenes featuring Roxas and Luxord in Wonderland along with information on the new panel system is revealed. Also, the release date of this title has been decided to be May 2009. We’re looking forward to detailed information on the Nintendo DSi bundle for this title!

Roxas: Still… It’s getting late.
Roxas and Axel have a casual conversation atop the clock tower in Twilight Town. However, they are expecting Xion to be there and she has not appeared. Roxas is waiting for Xion’s arrival and beside him Axel shows a stern expression as if he knows something about her whereabouts.
Namine: Remember it, the promise to Sora.
Namine: It may be that no one knows Sora anymore.
Riku: What’ll happen?
Namine, the girl who manipulates memories, and Riku, the boy with darkness in his heart. Another scene where the two appear to encounter one another. Together, they seem concerned about the condition of Sora, who is sleeping in order to reconstruct his memory.

Luxord: The victory or defeat of the game is decided by whether or not you get a hang of the timing.
Roxas visits various worlds during his missions for the Organization. The stage from Alice in Wonderland, “Wonderland” is one of them. Here Roxas is accompanied by fellow Organization member Luxord, No.10, and they are shown fighting together. Luxord is the Gambler of Fate, his specialized weapon of cards perform various tricks.
You can collect hearts by defeating enemies, the number collected is shown on the left part of the screen. This is the “heart counter” value, perhaps there is a reward based on the number collected at the end of a mission? Additionally, a “chain” occurs when enemies are attacked in succession. When you defeat an enemy in a “chain” combo, you usually earn more hearts.
Unlike the systems in the previous games, the magic attacks start as if at a level like “Blizzard Lv.0” and then as their level increases, they gain more power. The effects of higher ranking magic along the lines of “Blizzara” and “Blizzaga” vary from attack range to casting time. For example, as “Blizzard” is shown in the first screen, the magic shoots a ball of ice that locks on an pursues a single enemy to some extent. “Blizzara” in the second screen shoots a chilling mist that freezes the enemy.
In this title, you’ll be able to freely change the weapons and abilities of Roxas set in the panel system. In the multiplayer mode, the system can be used to customize the members of Organization XIII. Luxord’s cards and Xaldin’s spears change into various forms too, altering the appearance and performance of the weapons.