Famitsu Article December 2 2008

Famitsu.com updated with a new article on the DS title, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It’s very short and contains a few screenshots previously seen in some recent scans. Here it is in context, please enjoy reading it! Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

FAMITSU.COM – The boy who appeared in Kingdom Hearts II, Roxas. This time he is the main character of the action RPG, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. This title follows the daily life of Roxas during his time as a member of Organization XIII, at the same time revealing what the Organization was up to. In this article, we take a look at the mission and cut scenes of Halloween Town.

Xion: “Hey… How could I be the same as you two?”
On Destiny Island, Xion confides her troubles. She feels “different” than Axel and Roxas, and seems to be concerned about it. Her modest desire is to be with the two of them, but it appears that wish does not come true as of now.
Xemnas: “The time is up.”
This is an event scene in the game. According to Xemnas, Member No.1 of the Organization, the group is fully prepared and ready to begin moving forward with their plans. This is the story that leads to Kingdom Hearts II.
Jack: At a very familiar place… Suddenly disappearing… Suddenly appearing…
Speaking of Halloween Town, it’s the Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington. Seems the three lovers of mischief Lock, Shock, and Barrel appear too.
Xigbar: “Hahaha! Saix sent me a really reliable guy!”
Top Screen: Information… Subdue the Dualblade*.Bottom Screen: Area- Suspended Bridge, Mission- Subdue the large scale Heartless.

Roxas is new to Organization XIII, so sometimes the other members are asked to support him on missions. But on the contrary, this time Roxas is the member doing the supporting.

*Dualblade is the name of the enemy Xigbar and Roxas are fighting in the last screenshot.