DKΣ3713 Edition of Famitsu PS3 Days Section

Thanks to FF7AC Reunion for typing up the transcript of the interview with Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura featured in the special DKΣ3713 edition of Famitsu PS3 magazine. Apparently these interviews were the only focus on Kingdom Hearts featured in the special magazine, the majority of it relating to Final Fantasy XIII. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.


—This time the trailer revealed the name and voice of the 14th member!

Nomura: The timing of revealing her voice to the public was a mistake. (Smiles) In fact, it was not intended to be released. It’s because her voice becomes a hint.

—Riku has officially seen the face of Xion, did he recognize it?

Nomura: As of now, it’s a secret.

—So the two met at the Beast’s Castle?

Nomura: Seems so, doesn’t it? Roxas is the hero this time, Sora doesn’t have any active involvement with the Disney characters. But for example, look at Belle and the Beast, they’re interested in discovering what love is; the players will learn about the character’s hearts. Roxas learns various things from the Disney characters and before long he becomes doubtful of the Organization.

—Axel yells at Xion, “I’ll bring you back no matter how many times it takes”, but why does the word “you” refer to multiple people?

Nomura: That’s still a secret as well. But Axel’s determination here of “bring you back no matter how many times it takes” is connected to when he said he would bring Roxas back in Kingdom Hearts II.

—The keyword “memory” also appears, but what in regards to this?

Nomura: The catch copy* of this game is “I can’t remember, something important”. Though in the original Kingdom Hearts the concept was to “illustrate the heart”. In regards to the relationship between one’s heart and one’s memory, it is intimate. In this game the main characters are nobodies who don’t have hearts, therefore the theme of memories is featured.

*A ‘catch copy’ is in copywriting, large text that appears in ads or brochures to catch the reader’s attention.