DKΣ3713 Days Trailer Report

DKΣ3713 is the name of the special Square Enix party thrown August 2008 for fans to check out what the company is up to. This marked the first time a Larxene and Xaldin became available characters in the 358/2 Days demo. Special thanks to the bloggers who attended the event and reported back! Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

Sources: FF&KH Online, The Light in Chaos, Final Eclipse, FF7AC Reunion, Howling Moon, 速報@保管庫, Square Enix

BG MUSIC: The Other Promise
The trailer begins with these lines: “I can’t remember, something important.”

Axel: “Do you know why the setting sun is red?”

Twilight Town’s clock tower.
Two finished sea salt ice cream sticks are placed.
Axel: “It’s because among the countless colors comprising light, red travels the greatest distance.”
Roxas: “You’re just showing off, Axel!”

In front of Sora’s pod in room inside the Twilight Town mansion.
Namine: “Regardless of how I assemble the memories, they begin to flow out… If another memory is connected, it can’t return to it’s original source.

The white room where Organization members gather.
Xemnas: “Ladies and gentleman, today is a day that should be commemorated.”
Xemnas: “A new member has joined us.”
Xemnas: “…It is the 14th.”
The 14th member moves to the center and smiles.
She wears a black hood, but from what can be seen. her face is that of a girl.

In a forest.
The King meets a black hooded man in the forest.
He looks mysterious, he’s also wearing a black hood.
For a moment the man removes his hood, the King looks surprised and takes out his keyblade.

Gameplay scene.
Battle scenes from singleplay mode and multiplay mode are shown.
The multiplay result scene is shown where the players (2~4) are shown in Organization XIII chairs.

In front of Sora’s pod in room inside the Twilight Town mansion.
Diz: “If he is lacking a few memories, will he have a problem waking?
Namine: “In his case, it is an important key if he’s going to wake up.”
Diz: “Namine, what do you foresee?”
Namine: “If its connected to another memory, surely she can’t endure it.”
Diz: “She…?”

Front Gate of the Beast’s Castle.
(This might be after Riku and the 14th fight.)
The 14th collapses in pain, she is holding the Kingdom Key.
Riku closes in on her and lifts her hood, she resists.
He lifts one eye of the blindfold to see her face.
Riku’s expression changes to surprise.
Riku: “Who are you? Why do you have the keyblade?”
14th: “Why are you dressed like a member of the Organization?”
Riku walks away from her, towards the castle.
Riku: “So no one interferes with Sora’s sleep.”
Her keyblade is sticking out of the ground.
Riku picks it up and hurls it toward her.
Riku: “What you have… That keyblade must be a fake.”
14th: “Don’t tell me that! You’re deceiving too!”
Riku: “Indeed, maybe I’m the one who doesn’t exist.”

Xion flees. Riku does not look like Ansem yet.

In front of the Twilight Town mansion.
The 14th member’s keyblade is shown for a second.
Her hood is obstructed, and her face flashes for a moment.
Her hair color is dark blue, it looks like the hair of Aqua.

Axel: “You’re gotta be kidding! Don’t make a fool out of me.”
The 14th member turns to yell at Axel.
Appearing in his hands are his chakrams covered in fire.
Axel and the 14th are confronting one another.
Axel: “I’ve decided. No matter how many times you escape, I will bring you back.”

In Twilight Town mansion’s white room.
The 14th comes to Namine’s side.
Namine: “I wanted to meet you, Xion.”

The trailer ends as the 14th is about to remove her hood.