DKΣ3713 Days Demo Impressions

DKΣ3713 is the name of the special Square Enix party thrown August 2008 for fans to check out what the company is up to. This marked the first time a Larxene and Xaldin became available characters in the 358/2 Days demo. Special thanks to the bloggers who attended the event and reported back! Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

Sources: FF&KH Online, The Light in Chaos, Final Eclipse, FF7AC Reunion, Howling Moon, 速報@保管庫, Square Enix

This time both single mode and multiplay mode are playable.

Single Player Mode

This time, you can choose between teaming up with Axel in Twilight Town, or teaming up with Xaldin in the Beast’s Castle.

First off, in the last demo the Beast’s Castle was not playable. Xaldin feels like dealing with Roxas is a nuisance, so they seem little frustrated in the story.

Two people stand in front of the Beast’s Castle.
Xaldin: “I feel many heartless inside the castle.”
Roxas: “You understand it?”
Xaldin: “You don’t understand it to some degree? Don’t drag me down.”

The right route to follow goes like this: Bridge > Garden > Entrance Hall > West Wing (Boss Fight). The East Wing contains numerous treasure chests. There aren’t any particular events or puzzles, the battle is the main focus. The boss is a Darkside, only it’s arm and chest can be attacked. It seems that this is the first time the double jump ability is available. Even with a double jump, it’s still hard to reach. Xaldin stabs the spears recklessly, sometimes it even appears to look like he aims for Roxas. After the boss fight, an event scene occurs and the Beast’s roaring can he heard.

Roxas: “What was that?!”
Xaldin: “Sounds like the master of this castle.”
Roxas: “Let’s get out of here!”
The two of them stand in front of the Beast’s room.
Beast: “I remain this in this form, even though almost all the rose petals have fallen!”
Xaldin: “The relationship between his form and the rose is interesting.”

The background music playing in the Beast’s Castle is: “Waltz of the Damned”, “Dance of the Daring”, and “Destiny’s Force”.

In the other mission you meet Axel in Twilight Town, starting in front of the clock tower at the station.

Axel: “Well… Looks like today’s mission is defeat a specific heartless.”
Axel: “Let’s get this over with quickly.”
Axel: “Alright, let’s go.”

The route goes: Station Square > Underground Passageway > Back Alley > Vacant lot (Boss Fight). The underground passageway has several corridors, but it is necessary to find a switch in order to open the shutter exit.

The boss is a Guard Armor, the head is can’t be locked on to. You can attack the arms and feet, sometimes when it hits back you can use the break ability. (Aerial recovery?) Once it becomes only the body, it repels hits with a spinning attack and reflection guard. Your chance to attack it is when it leaves an opening. After defeating the boss, an event scene takes place. Roxas is looking downward, he seems out of it.

Axel: “Since the job’s done, let’s go to that place for a reward.”
Roxas: “That place?”

Axel: “You’re still not used to the Organization, huh?”
Roxas: “Everyday is the same. Go on a mission and then return to the castle.”
Axel: “Alright then, we’ll come here again, to break the monotony of traveling between missions and the castle.”
Roxas eats the sea salt ice cream.
Roxas: “It’s salty, but sweet.”
Axel: “We talked about the same thing last time.”
Roxas: “Oh, we did?”
Axel: “This place and this ice cream, commit it to memory.”

The background music for Twilight Town is: “Lazy Afternoons”, “Sinister Sundown”, and “Destiny’s Force”.

Multiplayer Mode

This time you were able to select from: Xigbar, Xaldin, Saix, Axel, Roxas, and Larxene.

From the Light in Chaos:

I’m playing as Roxas. The mission is in Twilight Town, but the content is different from before. The route goes: The Forest > Tram (Boss Fight). The boss is shown on the map, but before you fight it, you must defeat the heartless in the area.

A new type of weak heartless appears called a Mega Shadow. Roxas’s body is bigger than the Mega Shadow’s. Also, taking down it’s HP is easy enough by attacking.

The boss is also a new heartless called the Vanishing Lizard. While attacking it, sometimes it will vanish and move to another location on the map. It seems there are several points it chooses from to appear randomly.

In the end, everyone rushes toward a corridor (of darkness?) to find out the results. The chairs revolve downward, I came in last! I did not seem to score any points from the boss fight. By the way, the characters respond to the other peoples results. For example, if Roxas gets first place, Axel will praise him a little on the screen.

Things in Common from the Last Demo

In the key placement from last time, you locked on by pushing the R button twice and L was used exclusively for shortcuts. You can set up to four short cuts. There were treasure boxes scattered about everywhere, but you could only hold the item inside if you had room. It was also necessary to use the drawing function of the lower screen. I didn’t recognize this and dropped a few potions. Also, when you pick up items that were not identified in a mission, they appear as “??????????”. The commands are what we’re used to, “Attack” and so on. Before you examine something like a treasure box, be sure to check for enemies first.

Additionally, as Xaldin explained in the single play mode, when you have a partner you may attack each other. However no damage is taken, only the character’s reaction is shown. It’s unconfirmed if it happens in multiplay mode as well.

At the time of this event, the characters did not have voice acting beyond the likes of Chain of Memories style, so it was a little lonely.