CLOUD Message Days Section

The second volume of the Square Enix special book 「CLOUD message」has officially hit Japanese shelves. The book contains articles on all three new installments to the Kingdom Hearts series. They also contained short interviews with Director Tetsuya Nomura, Co. Director Tai Yasue, and Producer Yoichi Yoshimoto. Thanks to The Light in Chaos for typing up the Japanese text from the articles, it made translating it much easier. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.


How do you express “KH 358/2 Days” in a word?

Nomura: A painfully sad story and bold system.

Hasegawa: A Kingdom Hearts everyone can play together.

Yamamoto: Careful scenarios! Crisp action! A cool collection!

—What does “KH 358/2 Daysmean for you?

Nomura: Day after day of trial and error.

An encounter with new friends.

Yamamoto: Because of the new experiment with the multiplayer interaction, it was about keeping the action itself in mind and sustaining a conventional feeling on the DS hardware

How is “KH 358/2 Days” different than other games?

Nomura: I think with the stand alone story characteristics and the systematic nature of the multiplayer, the ways people will enjoy the game differ depending on the player.

Hasegawa: You can play as members of Organization XIII!

Yamamoto: In multiplayer mode, everyone will run about and play together, it’s a fresh idea!