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Here is a translated version of the Official Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Site built be Square-Enix. As the website continues to update, I will continue to keep this page updated. Please do not repost without crediting to Heartstation.

A wallpaper of Roxas is available under the Download section, as well as a story summary, and character profiles on Axel and Roxas. The information have been translated below. The background music is a custom mix of the title ‘The Other Promise’.

After visiting the site a few times, you’ll notice the Organization member on the left side changes randomly. The image changes from Xemnas to Roxas, unfortunately no shots of the 14th member were seen.




Twilight Town

As usual, Roxas and Axel stare from the clock tower at the evening sun.

After they’ve finished their tasks, the two meet on top the clock tower,

share ice cream, and talk together about the matters of their day.

“You know why the setting sun is red? Light contains lots of colors, but red

has the longest wave length and reaches the farthest.”

“What are you so proud about, Axel?”

They without hearts have repeated conversations that lack compassion.

They spend everyday like this, little by little these members of the

Organization begin to form a friendship since that day.

Newly entering the Organization is “the 14th” nobody. In Kingdom Hearts II,

“the 14th” did not appear, neither did the story of Roxas’ time in Organization XIII.

It is told at last.



The nobody born from Sora. He is a new member to join Organization XIII whose role is to carry out the assigned missions. Number 13.


He is in charge of educating the new Organization member, Roxas. He lacks a heart, but during the times he’s with Roxas, he looks happy.


She is introduced as member No.14 into Organization XIII. Similar to Roxas, she is one of the few wielders of the Keyblade. Probably since it’s a common feature between them, she seems to get along with Roxas well, and opportunities to hang out with both Roxas and Axel increase. Triggered by events during missions, she comes to gradually doubt her own existence.


Xemnas: “Do you desire significance?”


The boy with no memories and no name

appeared in front of the haunted mansion

of the dusk city, Twilight Town.

Xemnas: “You are a new person.”

Appearing in front of that boy

was the one called Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII.

He bestowed the name “Roxas” to the boy.

Roxas: “Again, a dream of that guy.”

Then about 1 year later—


Roxas awakens inside his room in Twilight Town.

For the past few days, he’s been having mysterious dreams.

He is spending the remainder of his summer vacation

with his friends. Then mysterious events surrounding

Roxas begin to occur one after another.

Axel: “The wielder chosen by the Keyblade.”

Axel, a member of Organization XIII,

appears before Roxas.

He approaches him,

incessantly trying to make Roxas remember something,

but he is unable to remember anything.

Roxas: “Am I feeling Sora…?”

As such things continue,

Roxas comes to have doubt about his own existence.

Roxas: “What will happen to me after this?”

And so Roxas is lead to arrive at the mansion,

where he would come to know the truth about his existence…


Axel: “So… Are you already Marluxia’s puppet?”


A member of Organization XIII,

Axel is the life of the Organization.

He often goes to Castle Oblivion,

a place controlled by the Organization.

There he comes to meet the Keyblade

wielder Sora and his fellow companions.

Axel: “If Sora disappears,
it could be dangerous for the Organization’s plans too.”

The plans of Marluxia,

the person in charge of Castle Oblivion,

were thwarted by Sora and company.

Axel alone returns from Castle Oblivion

to the other Organization members,

having harvested some kind of feelings from Sora.

Axel: “The wielder chosen by the Keyblade.”


Axel left Organization XIII to recapture his close friend Roxas,

so he entered into the virtual Twilight Town and

urged Roxas to recall his memories.

Axel: “I’ll meet you in the next life.”

However, the memories of Roxas won’t return,

and in the end Axel has received commands

from the Organization to erase Roxas.


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