358/2 Days Cutscene Gallery

The following footage contains spoilers. All the cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days are available in Theater Mode after you beat the game once. The original recordings of these clips come from KH13.com and translated/subtitled in collaboration with . Please do not repost without crediting to HEARTSTATION.ORG and KH13.com.

01 Opening

02 Xion’s First Appearance

03 Shore of Darkness

04 ‘The Lingering Man in a Black Coat

05 Xion’s Defeat

06 Namine and Diz

07 The Reason the Setting Sun is Red

08 Confusion of Memory

09 Riku Looking After Xion

10 Roxas Passes By

11 Xion’s Dream

12 Capture of Xion

13 Axel and Saix

14 Xion and Riku

15 Riku’s Determination

16 Mickey and Riku/Ansem

17 Roxas Leaves the Organization

18 Xion and Namine

19 Xion and Axel’s Confrontation

20 Xion Attacks

21 Annihilation of Xion

22 The Winning Stick

23 The Skyscraper Battle

24 Roxas and Riku

25 Riku, Becoming Ansem

26 After the Fight

27 The First New Day

28 To the Usual Spot