358/2 Days Manga + Scans

This week the newest issue of Shounen Gangan released with the Chapter 4 of the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days manga. It also featured an article on Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts coded. I’ve taken photos of the article and provided translations for the manga, please check them out.

s012 s011

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Page One

Marluxia: So you’ve finally come, Keyblade Hero

Marluxia: Welcome to Castle Oblivion

Marluxia: I am Number 11. of Organization XIII, Marluxia

Marluxia: I am the leader presiding over this castle

Page Two

Marluxia: There’s nothing I want to fight over, I just want to borrow your power

Marluxia: Ugh, What are you doing? Stop that!
Axel: Now to gather up a report… Such a bother

Axel: Castle Oblivion was destroyed by the Keyblade Hero

Page Three

Axel: As for the members, all of the ones above me were annihilated

Axel: And now for my plan… Hurry back and eat some ice cream

Axel: I wonder if Roxas will be there…

Page Four

Xigbar: Ohoh man… This world is humid!

Xigbar: Let’s get this over with before my armpits get sweaty

Xigbar: What an idiot

Roxas: Mm…

Page Five

Roxas: Annihilation… Something that’s been erased huh…

[Flashback to Chapter Three]

Xigbar: One of the guys that went to Castle Oblivion was annihilated

Saix: I heard according to the Dusk report he was wiped out

[End flashback]

Xigbar: Uhuh, you disappear

Xigbar: After that, nothing’s left

Roxas: Is it mean… we couldn’t meet again?

Page Six

Xigbar: You got a problem with something?

Xigbar: Let me put it to you straight

Xigbar: Half the members have been annihilated, but with you and Poppet around, it’s not a problem

Roxas: Poppet?

Xigbar: I’m talking about Xion, kiddo

Xigbar: (What’s it matter anyways?)

Xigbar: Right now she’s collecting hearts… You better give it your all too, seeing as you are using the same Keyblade

Page Seven

Xion – In top shape on her own

CHAPTER 4: There’s a problem

Shiro Amano

Original Plan: Nomura Tetsuya

Page Eight

Xion: Strange…I’m moving my body on my own

Xion: Mission complete…

Xion: …

Page Nine

Xion: The Keyblade…

Xion: The same as Roxas

Page Ten

Roxas: “You got a problem with something?”

Roxas: Xigbar’s mechanical stare was piercing right through me

Xigbar: Hey!

Roxas: !!

Page Eleven

Xigbar: Concentrate, kiddo

Roxas: Sorry…

Roxas: It’s just… I do have a problem

Roxas: We’re friends

Page Twelve

Roxas: Ugh!?

Roxas: Wha… What is this?

Roxas: Augh…

Roxas: My head…

Xigbar: Hey!

Page Thirteen

Xigbar: What’s going on, kiddo!?

Roxas: What’s happening…?

Roxas: This…

Page Fourteen

Xemnas: 6 days have passed since you came here

Page Fifteen

Xemnas: The time has come

Xemnas: Sora

Roxas: Sora? I’m not Sora, who are you?

Page Sixteen

Xemnas: My name is -

Page Seventeen

Xemnas: Is he awake?

Saix; It’s a circumstance of the plans at Castle Oblivion

Saix: At this instant Xion is collecting hearts

Saix: Well then, I’ll be off, Lord Xemnas

Page Eighteen

Xemnas: …

Xemnas: So you’re still asleep…?

Saix: …


“What in the world do those words mean?”

Continued in Volume 1 2010, on sale December 12

The Episode 6 of Kingdom Hearts coded will take place in Hollow Bastion and we will see Goofy and Donald join Sora for the first time! Pete and Maleficent also return after their appearance in Agrahbah in Episode 5.

I wanted to thank everyone for your patience while I work on getting HEARTSTATION.ORG back up and running. Everything that could possibly go wrong has, but I am confident that we will be back with even more content by the end of the month. So please continue waiting just a while longer, thanks again!


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