Official KH Birth by Sleep and KH Mobile Site Updates

The official Birth by Sleep site has added two new worlds to the WORLD section:  Dwarf Woodlands and Never Land.

Picture 2

Snow White says "If you're a friend of Ven's then you wouldn't do that sort of thing right?"

The description tells of the Queen who is angered by the Magic Mirror telling her that there is someone more beautiful than her and is after Snow White’s life.  Snow White runs away to the forest where she encounters the Seven Dwarfs and lives with them, but the Queen’s evil magic is still to be dealt with.  The characters introduced here are Snow White, The Queen, the Magic Mirror, and the Seven Dwarfs.

Picture 3

Peter Pan says "Light? What are you talking about?"

Never Land makes another appearance and the description tells us of Peter Pan who leads the kids on an adventure with the pirates and his important friend Tinker Bell who gets capured by Captain Hook in the middle of it all.  The characters introduced here are Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, and Captain Hook.

And a minor update for us who have no access to KH Mobile, the official site has put up the rankings for the KH Card Struggle and KH Rhythm Parade mini games.


4 responses to “Official KH Birth by Sleep and KH Mobile Site Updates

  1. jacob greene

    When is the site coming back up? This is getting ridiculous! First KHN now you guys too? Guess ill stay with KHI, peace!

    • tsukinokrystal

      We’re really sorry for the inconvenience. Olivia is doing all she can right now in her current situation. We’re hoping it’ll be back asap!

  2. jacob greene

    lol just kidding! Best KH site ever!

  3. i Hope the Forums comes back!
    I must learn to speak better english xD
    It was verry funny in the forum^^

    me and my team wish very good luck for the future :D

    greetz from Germany
    RevI (Kevin)

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