Famitsu Online Birth by Sleep Article 12/14/09

Famitsu Online has a new article on Birth by Sleep featuring Mysterious Tower, Radiant Garden, Olympus Coliseum, and the Mirage Arena.  Thanks FF-Reunion!  Translations credit to Heartstation.

The 「One-time Date」 person appears! 『Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep』

●A new fate and bond spun by the keyblade

The story of the 3 Terra、Ventus(aka Ven)、and Aqua、making up the past of the 『Kingdom Hearts』 series in 『Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep』。 We’ll give you the details on things like the King’s activity and new worlds、along with the multiplayer mode。

"Master Yen Sid we have found the King's trail"

"Yes Master Yen Sid I have come seeking your knowledge and judgement"

The world where the King’s master (teacher) the great wizard Master Yen Sid is, of which the mysterious tower also appeared in 『II』。 Here、 aside from Yen Sid、the familiar Disney characters of the King、Donald、and Goofy also appear。

●What’s the name of the little girl who lives in Radiant Garden?

A world that has major importance in the series、Radiant Garden。 Aqua, who visits this world、meets a little girl who is being targeted by an enemy called the “Unverses”。 Having appeared in this place、and helped the little girl and Aqua out of trouble、is the King who was thought to be missing。

"I feel a light from this child / Might that be why she is being targeted"

The little girl’s true character is the heroine of 『I』 and 『II』、Kairi。 Maybe we’ll see a bit of her story from when she was a child? Upon seeing her、Aqua noticed that her heart has no darkness at all but……。

△ is Thunder and ○ is Holy Burst

A scene in Radiant Garden、Aqua and the King fight the Unverses together。 With the “Link Command” Holy Burst、sweep the surrounding enemies with a holy light!

△ is Bind Strike and ○ is Holy Burst

For borrowing the power of your companion who has been separated from you、you can you the special command “D-LINK(Dimension Link)” system。 When you borrow the King’s power、you can damage your surroundings、with holy bullets that you can shoot。

●The man who has inherited a hero’s spirit aims to become a true hero

Olympus Coliseum、the world based on the movie 『Hercules』、 has come to have perfect attendance in the 『Kingdom Hearts』 series。The Olympus Coliseum that appears this time、is before Hercules has become a hero。 A new character from 『Final Fantasy VII』(below、『FFVII』) also appears!

"I need you Phil to become a hero"

The child of the god Zeus、Hercules is to later become a muscular hero。 At this time with his still undeveloped body, he is still far off from being called a hero。 He is under Phil’s training、and aims to become a true hero。

"Hey how about a one-time date?"

Zack, who aims at becoming a hero、wants to become one of Phil’s apprentices!? In compensation for something to Aqua, Zack says his famous(!?) line。

"What was that!"

"There are qualities about you"

While Ven and Zack hit it off due to their innocent personalities、Hades creeps up on Terra with an evil temptation。 With just a bit of gap in timing、their fates are influenced……。

△ is Stopra and ○ is Hero's Pride

With the D-LINK、 you can also borrow Zack’s power。 For the attack called “Hero’s Pride”、 it’s a lively sword attack that’s characteristic of Zack。

●Cooperation and competition give birth to a new enjoyment

In the world for communication、“Mirage Arena”, you can enjoy multiplay。 We will introduce the new fun of Mirage Arena where you can not only play cooperatively、but also competitively、connected single play, etc。

△ is Magna Crush and ○ is Blitz

In “Arena Mode” you can play cooperatively with up to 3 people。 Here、 strong enemies appear one after the other that can only be defeated by putting together the strength of all 3 people。 “Bewitching beings”、 that use the book as a weapon, rise out from the opened book and suck in the 3 people!
In “VS Arena Mode”、 you can compete with up to 6 people。 Aside from playing against every other player、 you can also enjoy splitting into 2 teams。 Settings can be adjust to change the variety of Command Desk you use, the minor rules、 etc。

From top to bottom, left to right: Rule Settings, Time Limit, Number of Players, Individual Combat, Own Deck, 5 Minutes, 6 Players, Team Combat, Chosen Deck. Bottom: Split and fight in 2 teams.

VS Arena Mode Rule Settings screen。 When setting everyone to Chosen Deck、 the max number of players is 3。 Also、when set to the “Own Deck” rule、players drop their commands when they receive a full attack。 If picked up、 you can use it as your own attack。

Top left: Sq Eni, Sq Eni Smash, Can Link; Middle left: Finish, Can Link; Bottom Left: Finish, Can Link; Top Right: Finish, Connecting; Middle Right: Rock Smash 1, Can Link. Bottom: Choose who can D-LINK

You can D-LINK with friends you’ve met in Mirage Arena! You apply the D-LINK、 and upon using it in Single Play、 the friend can use their Deck Commands as they were set。

Left column: Sq Eni, Number of Links used, Time, Number of Enemies Killed, Number of times HP turned 0. Right column: Number of steps, Collected Munny, Most Used Command Style, Fatal Mode, Fire Blazer. Bottom: Air Arts

Upon meeting with the friend you did a D-LINK with again in Mirage Arena、 you exchange data、 and you gain experience points to your Finish Command。 The more you use the D-LINK、 the more experience points you get each time you meet。

※For details check the weekly published Famitsu 2009/12/24 issue (which released 2009/12/10)!


KH Avatar Mascot Straps vol.2

The SQUARE ENIX Online Shop (Japan) has the new avatar mascot straps.  The new set includes Halloween Town version Sora, Leon, Sephiroth, Vivi, and Axel:

Jump Festa ’10

As usual SQUARE ENIX will be at Jump Festa and this year SE will have several different booths including one for Birth by Sleep and one for KH Mobile.  They will be showcasing videos for both games and attendees will be able to play a demo of Birth by Sleep.

Also available at Jump Festa will be Christmas card sets featuring Final Fantasy XIII and Birth by Sleep.  SQUARE ENIX Members (Japan) will be putting up Christmas cards as an exchange item for those who are unable to attend the event.  Thanks FF-Reunion!

Special Signed Ventus Version PSP and KH Mobile Site Update

A special PSP that was signed and drawn on by Nomura Tetsuya will be given to one lucky person who submits an enquete from the new issue of Dengeki Playstation that will release tomorrow.  Thanks FF-reunion.net!

A drawing of Ventus and signature from Nomura Testuya

And just a little mention for those who are interested that on 12/8 the KH Mobile site put up the rankings for the GUMMISHIP STUDIO, SPIDER SOLITAIRE, and RHYTHM PARADE mini games.

New Sora and King Mickey Play Arts

Two new Play Arts will be releasing in April of 2010.  One is the Kingdom Hearts II version of King Mickey:

And the other is the Christmas Town version of Sora from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+:

They each cost about $40 and are available for preorder at Kotobukiya.  Thanks FF-Reunion!

Birth by Sleep Official Site Update – Action Command and Shoot Lock Command

The official Birth by Sleep site has added two new things to the SYSTEM section.  I went ahead and translated the explanations for the Action Command and Shoot Lock Command:

Birth by Sleep Official Site Update

The Birth by Sleep Official Site was updated again recently with two new worlds (and a new way to explore them) and the revealing of the Kingdom Hearts Edition PSP!

Aqua says "Answer me! What did you hear from Master Xehanort?"

One of the new worlds introduced in the WORLD section is Enchanted Dominion, also known as Princess Aurora’s world.  The description tells of Maleficent who wasn’t invited and cast a spell on the newborn Aurora where pricking her finger in the spindle of a spinning wheel would kill her until she turned 16 years old.  The fairies decreased the severity of it by changing the curse from death to sleep but  it’s a mystery as to when the spell shall befall on her.  The characters introduced here are Princess Aurora, Prince Phillip, Maleficent, and the Three Fairies.

Master Xehanort says "It's not to erase the darkness in the heart but to control with power"

The second world added is The Land of Departure.  The description tells of Ventus, Terra, and Aqua who are aiming to become keyblade masters and train under Master Eraqus.  In the middle of that, strange occurrences happen and Master Eraqus, who knew about the disappearance of Master Xehanort, gives his disciples a decree.  The characters that are introduced here are Master Eraqus, Master Xehanort, and Vanitas.


And the thing we have all been waiting for!  Like 358/2 Days, there will be a bundle pack for Birth by Sleep which will include the game and the PSP.  The release date is set for 01/09/2010 and the price is 22,000 yen (tax included).  Preorder is open on Amazon Japan for those who are anxious and want to use a shopping service.  Play Asia has the bundle pack on their site and should have preorder open in the near future; the game itself is available for preorder there.  If anyone knows of anywhere else that is selling the bundle pack internationally, please let us know!